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Leander Boat Club Swim Test

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Your last opportunity to take the swim test is this Saturday April 23rd. Details are below.

If you possess a Bronze Cross, or Lifeguard Cerification, then you do not need to take the swim test. What I do need is a image copy of your certification.

As stated before this test is mandatory and must be taken. The coaches will need to stop boating athletes if they have not taken the test.

The test consists of floating in the deep end of the pool for 10 minutes, putting on a lifejacket, then pulling yourself out of the pool (not by the ladder).

You need to wear leggings, or tights, and a long sleeve shirt. Similar to what you would wear when training on the water.


Central Memorial 93 West Avenue S, Hamilton, ON L8N 1S1


Saturday, April 23rd at 10:15 AM.

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