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Hello Rowing team. This is Ms. Younes. Apologies for not being in the practice with you but I had to stay home since a family member got Covid and I take care of them.

The Shirts and the shorts were ordered. We need to start collecting the money since it takes me weeks to collect something from you guys…. we need to pay before we receive them… if they were cheap I would pay for them but we are talking more than a thousand dollar here ;).

So if you ordered a shirt only it will be $22 this is including tax, I tried to bargain for you but this is the best price for technical shirts with the logo…. it is a nice logo by the way. check the picture below.

If you ordered Shirt and ergo shorts it will be $65 this is including tax … these shorts are mid price and we can modify the waist (which is a better option… 3 dollar cheaper shorts with no ability to modify the waist).

I will send you the instructions how to pay…. and to whom …. (just wanted to check with Coach Mike first)

I’m still waiting for your RCA#... you need it to be able to compete… I know that some of you are still waiting for the number… please check it frequently and send it to my email myounes@hwdsb.on.ca

Thank you and have an awesome rowing season 😉

M. Younes

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