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Important Regatta Information

Please make sure you read this entire post, as it applies to athletes.

I need all 6 athletes racing at Mother’s Day to email me 1. Their date of birth 2. Their RCA number. Please get this to me ASAP. Once I’ve received this info from all 6 athletes I will send out an email with the boatings for Mother’s Day.

For all athletes, I will be posting the regattas we will be attending this season below. Mike and I need to know ASAP if you cannot make it to one or more of the races. Please email both of us if you can’t, telling us in person is not enough.

Mother’s Day Regatta (Seniors Only): May 8th

South Niagara Invitational: May 21st&22nd

Hamilton City Championship: Date TBD, most likely either May 28th or 29th. We will let you know as soon as we find out

CSSRA: June 3rd, 4th, & 5th

If you need to contact a coach about any issues this week (missing practice, have questions, etc.) please email me at meegan@westdalerowing.com. If you cannot attend a regatta, please email both me and Mike at headcoach@westdalerowing.com

Thanks, Meegan

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Update on Practices This Week

In my previous post I indicated that we can go 6 days a week. A number of you have asked if this is mandatory. My comments on this is that you need to take every opportunity to get on the water training.

You should plan on rowing Monday to Friday next week. Saturday will be optional for the novices but mandatory for the Seniors. I would also like the Novice Mens Coxed Quad to seriously consider going out on Saturday morning.

Also as I’ve stated before please check the boatings as I will be doing different crews during the week. One change will be the Novice Womens Quad going into the Novice Eight and the inagural rows for the 63kg womens quad.

Send emails if you are unavailable to meegan@westdalerowing.com