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Entry Fees!!!! and an Ask from All of You

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Some of you have asked about the entry fees for the regattas that we are going to. I have not done the entries for CSSRA as of yet but I can provide you with the details on the SNRC and Hamilton City Championships

The SNRC regatta scheduled for this weekend required entry fees of $1080.

The Hamilton City Champs required entry fees of $580.

This means the two regattas required a grand total of $1660.

How did the entry fees get paid? For some this may be a mystery but for others (namely me) it is not a mystery. I have covered the fees through my own personal funds.

This is necessitating that I ask each and every one of you to reimburse me $60. The breakdown is $40 for SNRC and $20 for the City Champs.

You can either pay me directly by cash, cheque, or via etransfer to coachroche@bell.net

Any questions, please get back to me. I’m sure that some of you do have questions.

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