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SNRC Regatta – Important Information

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This is extremely important information for everyone to read and understand. Many of you have never raced at this regatta and for the vast majority this is your first regatta ever. It is extremely important that you listen to your coaches at the regatta (before, during, after).

I’ll be updating this blog for the next few days as questions are asked of the coaches and we generate the answers. The following is no special order. Ever point is highly critical to us having a successful regatta.

Bring snacks, water, water bottles, dry clothing, your racing shirts, any needed medical gear. Be prepared to be self sufficient.

PHOTO ID – this is very important. Bring you Student ID card. It may not be needed at this regatta but at CSSRA it will be needed. Alternatively any photo id can be used such as a health card, driver license, or passport.

WHY is this needed? It validates who you are. Regattas in the past have prevented crews from competing if photo id could not be shown. Do not disappoint your crew mates!!

Arrive at 7 AM. Promptly. I will update this time if you are needed earlier than this.

You will be unloading the trailer and rigging the boats that you will be using. Do not be one of those athletes that shows up after this vital activity is done. You are part of a crew and you are expected to work as a crew. A 7/16 inch wrench is part of your racing equipment so bring one.

Please review my previous post on direction to the race course. I have found that the residents of Welland are mostly unaware on where the race course is located. Plan accordingly. Do NOT GPS SNRC Rowing Club. The best approach is to ballpark it with Dain City. That is where the race course is.

COXIES: There will be a coxies and coaches meeting prior to the regatta start. If I need you at the race course earlier than I will make you aware.

COXIES and Bow Seats: Meegan and I will talk to you Saturday morning about the proper course pattern to follow.

Race Etiquette: This could fill pages but here are some

  • 1. the only voice in the crew is the coxie or the bow person. This is very important at the starting gates. Experienced crews never like to hear other crews bickering, talking, or generally being noisy.
  • 2. if an official speaks to you and tells you to do something , you do not argue. Do what they ask.
  • 3. no trash talking with other crews. Silence except for the above rule 1. No matter what
  • 4. follow the course pattern. Meegan and I will educate.
  • 5. Coxie and Bow seat. Know your race number, race name, and the lane you are in.
  • 6. Follow race directions from the umpire boat. Yes there are umpire boats that follow you down the course and give you instructions. Pay attention to what they ask you to do.
  • 7. Be prepared to have to stop in a race. Either due to you potentially colliding with another crew or an official tells you to. A sharp call of “hold water Westdale” should not result in looking around and asking what is going on. You hold water.
  • 8. more to follow as I think about it.

PARENTS, PARENTS: I’m hoping parents are reading this blog and here are some items that I need you to be aware. Athletes, please make sure that your parents understand the following.

Crews are called to their race about 45 minutes prior to the their start time. The coaches ask their crews to be at the trailer an hour prior to launch. At this time it is important that parents are NOT be around the crew or the trailer. This is to allow the crew to go over the boat, bring oars to the dock, and allow the coaches to go over race preparedness. Pleae respect this rule.

After the race, coaches would like the parents to remain away from the trailer and the crews for a 1/2 hour after the race. This is to ensure that the crews have properly brought the boat back to the trailer and the coaches have had time to properly discuss the race with the crew.

Any parent not honouring these rules will be politely reminded about these rules. Respect what the coaches need to do.

Be patient and listen to your coaches. This is not our first regatta.

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