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SNRC Schedule

Below you will find the schedule for the day. If you have any questions (what boat you are in, etc.) just shoot me an email.

Between arrival at the trailer and launch, coaches will go over race plans, answer any questions, and prep you for your races.

6:15AM Arrival for all athletes unless otherwise specified (yes, really)

Take boats off the trailer, rig your boat, find all your oars and seats.

6:30AM Coaches, coxie, and bow person meeting

Senior Women’s Quad

6:00AM Arrival

7:29AM Launch

8:14AM Race (Heat 3, Lane 1)

2:09PM Final

Novice Women’s Eight

6:35AM At the trailer

7:50AM Launch

8:35AM Race (Heat 3, Lane 3)

2:19PM Final

Novice Men’s Coxed Quad

7:17AM at the trailer

8:32AM Launch

9:17AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 5)

2:49PM Final

Senior Women’s Double


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

9:07AM Launch

9:52 Race (Heat 2, Lane 2)


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

9:21AM Launch

10:06AM Race (Heat 4, Lane 4)

3:09PM Final

Junior Women’s Coxed Four

Arrive at trailer when eight finishes racing, or 8:27AM

9:42AM Launch

10:27AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 4)

3:29PM Final

Senior Men’s Quad

9:09AM Arrive at trailer

10:24AM Launch

11:09AM Race (Heat 2, Lane 3)

3:59PM Final

Novice Women’s Coxed Quad

9:44AM At trailer

10:59AM Launch

11:44AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 3)

4:49PM Final

Senior Men’s Double


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

11:43AM Launch

12:28PM Race (Heat 1, Lane 1)


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

11:57AM Launch

12:42PM Race (Heat 3, Lane 5)

4:59PM Final

Mixed Double

11:45AM At trailer

1:00PM Launch

1:45PM Race (Heat 1, Lane 5)

6:09 Final

Straight Finals

Senior Men’s Eight

3:39PM Arrive at trailer

4:54PM Launch

5:39PM Race (Lane 1)

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Racing Preparation and Tomorrow

I’ve mentioned some of this in previous blog post but I am condensing here in a single post so that you are all prepared for tomorrow

Meegan and Mike are the Westdale coaches.   If you need anything then they are your first point of contact.  Anything,  you find Meegan or Mike. Do not wander around and ask the other coaches.  

This means that if you need to know your race time, or boat allocation, you see Meegan or Mike.   Need tools, see Meegan or Mike.   Need to know where you need to be at specific times.   See Meegan or Mike.  Modern hipster conversation. See Meegan

Be at the race course by no later than 6:15 AM.   You need to help bring boats off of the trailer and rig them.   As the largest team at the club the expectation is that you do the largest amount of work.  That is fairness and reality wrapped in a pretty bow.

Bring PHOTO ID.  Bring PHOTO ID.  Bring PHOTO ID.    Health card, drivers license, passport, student card.  One of these will suffice.  In previous years the lack of a photo id means you and your crew are spectators and not participants.  

Bring food, a water bottle (there is a water truck), spare clothes, racing uniform.  Blankets and a tent are always good.   A roll of tollet paper is always good to bring (you’ll know why when you see it).  You need to consider that you need to be self sufficient for at least 12 hours.

  I know you won’t forget your phone as this is an ideal time for some snatched selfies but alas there are no charging stations.  Plan your screen time.

Meegan and Mike will discuss racing plans tomorrow prior to the race.

You need to be at the trailer an hour before your race.   You will push off the dock at 40 to 45 minutes prior to your race.   Do not violate these times.   The crew needs to over the boat, adjust footboards, ensure functioninng cox boxes, check riggers, and discuss the race plan with the crew and coach. 

A cone of silence needs to be enacted.   No loud discussions and the only focus is on the race.   We quietly discuss the race.   This level of silence continues from the trailer, to the dock, on the water from the dock to the starting line, in the race, through the finish line and back to the dock.  Do not be that crew that acts like pirates.

The only voices are the coxie in a coxed boat, and the bow person in a straight boat.   The only time you can break this rule is if you are in imminent danger.   Obstructions that the cox may not see, another crew coming from the wrong direction,  freshwater whales, etc.   Only then can you break the silence.

Respectfully tell your parents that they are not welcome at the trailer.   Either before the race and especially after the race.  Your coaches need your undivided attention.   We want to discuss race plan prior to the race and after the race we need you to focus on the debrief.  After the race the boat goes from the dock back to the trailer and as a crew we collect together and discuss the race.   Do not wander off.  

This may not seem important but in a year or two time after many meters of training and racing you will definitely understand how this improves you as a competitor.  Similar to my ask yesterday.   Continue to perfect your rowing stroke and work as a crew.   Ambiguous, yes! but in a nutshell these are the two important goals to reach for each and every day.

Also it is important to note that Meegan and Mike want to watch your races.   This is why we bring our bikes.   Ensuring orderly boat launches prior to races allows us the opportunity to pedal 4K to the start and then pedal back 4k through the race and then to the clubhouse.  Please do not deny us this opportunity.   Our quads thank you in advance.

However, you may find that we are out watching a race.   Do not panic if you are approaching the one hour prior to the race and we are not at the trailer.   We are peddling furiously back. 

I’m sure there is something that I have missed here but we’ll plan on having coachable moments tomorrow.

PHOTO ID.  PHOTO ID.  PHOTO ID.   Not sure if I previously mentioned this but it is important to bring this with you,