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SNRC Schedule

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Below you will find the schedule for the day. If you have any questions (what boat you are in, etc.) just shoot me an email.

Between arrival at the trailer and launch, coaches will go over race plans, answer any questions, and prep you for your races.

6:15AM Arrival for all athletes unless otherwise specified (yes, really)

Take boats off the trailer, rig your boat, find all your oars and seats.

6:30AM Coaches, coxie, and bow person meeting

Senior Women’s Quad

6:00AM Arrival

7:29AM Launch

8:14AM Race (Heat 3, Lane 1)

2:09PM Final

Novice Women’s Eight

6:35AM At the trailer

7:50AM Launch

8:35AM Race (Heat 3, Lane 3)

2:19PM Final

Novice Men’s Coxed Quad

7:17AM at the trailer

8:32AM Launch

9:17AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 5)

2:49PM Final

Senior Women’s Double


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

9:07AM Launch

9:52 Race (Heat 2, Lane 2)


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

9:21AM Launch

10:06AM Race (Heat 4, Lane 4)

3:09PM Final

Junior Women’s Coxed Four

Arrive at trailer when eight finishes racing, or 8:27AM

9:42AM Launch

10:27AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 4)

3:29PM Final

Senior Men’s Quad

9:09AM Arrive at trailer

10:24AM Launch

11:09AM Race (Heat 2, Lane 3)

3:59PM Final

Novice Women’s Coxed Quad

9:44AM At trailer

10:59AM Launch

11:44AM Race (Heat 1, Lane 3)

4:49PM Final

Senior Men’s Double


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

11:43AM Launch

12:28PM Race (Heat 1, Lane 1)


Arrive at trailer when finished racing quad

11:57AM Launch

12:42PM Race (Heat 3, Lane 5)

4:59PM Final

Mixed Double

11:45AM At trailer

1:00PM Launch

1:45PM Race (Heat 1, Lane 5)

6:09 Final

Straight Finals

Senior Men’s Eight

3:39PM Arrive at trailer

4:54PM Launch

5:39PM Race (Lane 1)

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