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Summer Rowing and Club Clothing Order

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There were a lot of questions being directed at the lead coaches today about summer rowing. I’ll answer these from my perspective and then you can approach the lead coaches tomorrow about any unanswered questions.

I encourage everyone to consider rowing in the summer and by extension the fall rowing season. It will give you considerable opportunity to improve your rowing abilities. Here are important considerations.

The summer competitive season starts on June 12th and runs through to the major event of the Canadian rowing calendar which is the Royal Canadian Henley and which runs August 2 to 7.

If you are interested in summer competitive club rowing then you need to commit to it. What this means is that if you are planning on being away on weekends or taking time off during the above mentioned period than summer competitive rowing is NOT for you. You must be able to commit to a training schedule that involves in excess of 8 practices a week and racing every weekend. No exceptions.

Also crew composition is based on performance. You earn your spot in a crew through your rowing ability and erg scores. This is not a program where you row with who you want and try out different boats based on your choice. The coaches build boats towards high performance and racing potential.

You need to commit to the summer competitive program by June 12th. Do NOT leave this to the last minute.

If the above has not scared you away than you need to purchase a Leander unisuit for racing. This is time sensitive and needs to be done by Sunday May 29th. Put your order in NOW.Here are the details:

iTeam order instructions

  1. http://www.regattasport.com
  2. Click ‘iTEAMS’ link in the header & “Home” in the subheader
  3. Click “Register” then proceed to create your personal account.
  4. Once step 3 is complete, click the “iTeams” header & “Home”
    link again.
  5. Select Leander Boat Club from the drop box.
  6. Password: LBC2022
  7. Place order!

At this point if you have read this far you now realize that summer competitive is not a drop-in program. If you want to come out a few days a week and improve your rowing ability than consider the bantam program as your suimmer activity. This is a more casual program and gives more opportunity for flexibility. Please review the following carefully and ask me or Meegan for clarification.

Summer Rowing Programs at
Leander Boat Club
Junior Competitive Bantam
Start Date: June 12, 2022
2km erg piece Start Date: June 13, 2022
Upgrade to Spring/Summer: $270.00
Upgrade to Full Year: $550.00
*Full-year includes winter training
*Fees do not include entry fees and
Leander Uniforms
See above for uniform ordering details
*Uniform order due by May 29, 2022
● Practice 6 mornings per week
● Availability for practices will play a
part in crew selections
● Regattas on weekends
● Top crews will compete at Royal
Canadian Henley (August 1st – 7th)
● Flexible commitment show up and you will be assigned a boat by a coach)
Monday-Friday 4:00 pm-6:00 pm
● Train to Compete
Train to Train

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