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Training Through the Rest of this Week

We are in the last few days of the season with CSSRA this weekend.   It is important to understand what we are doing the rest of this week.   Please read carefully.

PHOTO ID. Absolutely needed. PHOTO ID. Absolutely needed. On every day you go to the course.


tomorrow is the last on the water practice at Leander.   You need to be prepared to do a number of tasks tomorrow.

  First and foremost tomorrow practice is extremely short.   You need to have your boat launched and on the water by 5:15 AM.   If you do not then you and your crew  do not go out.   This means you must be down by at 4:50 AM to make this occur. 

Also you know your boat assignments so please do not be asking the coaches questions.   Close to 20 minutes each day (and we’ve timed this) is spent answering questions for which you already know the answer or you were not present when the issue was discussed with your crew. 

Any questions tomorrow will automatically exclude you and the crew from practicing.  Above all do not approach us with requests to row a double,quad, single, or any other boat.   You have a crew.   If you do make such a request than you and your crew will not go out.

You will be derigging tomorrow and loading the trailer.  No exceptions.   Boat, riggers, and oars need to find their way on the trailer.   This is not a new exercise to perform.  You have done this through a couple of regattas.   Do this as a crew and ensure that you have put all equipment necessary for you to race on the trailer.

The Westdale coaches will be having a short 15 minute meeting with you tomorrow morning

Thursday and Friday:

There is an opportunity to practice Thursday and Friday at the course. The first requirement though is to rig any and all boats that you will be using for racing. If you are racing then you are rigging.

The practice times are between 4 to 7 pm but the coaches need to confirm this. You can only practice as a crew that is racing. Do not ask to row another boat. Do not ask……..

The coaches are still determining how we’ll coordinate for practice and rides. We’ll update you tomorrow morning.


We have a lot of racing on Saturday. The coaches will have their hands full marshalling crews to the docks for races. We have a number that are very close together. Be very prudent with the questions that you ask. You may not get an answer.

You are expected to be at the race course on Saturday. There is no opportunity to sight see, or go off the island. Expectations are that you are at the course preparing to race. This mean in the shade, hydrating, off your feet, and resting. If out in the sun, standing around for long periods of time, or just walking around than you are not prepared to race.

In a post tomorrow the coaches will detail the schedule for Saturday such as when you need to be at the race course.