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Banquet Wednesday June 22nd

Hello everyone!

This Wednesday is the westdale rowing banquet, happening at Stonewalls. The address is 339 York Blvd, Hamilton, ON L8R 2X9. Arrive around 6, order food if you want, and we will give out awards starting around 7. I hope to see all of you and your families there 🙂

If you have any questions feel free to email me.

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2ks + Banquets

Hello again everyone,

I’d first like to congratulate everyone who pulled 2ks yesterday at the school. We saw lots of PBs and fast times! For those rowing competitive this summer, a reminder that you need to pull your 2k this Sunday at Leander. Arrive at 7am to warm up, test begins at 7:30am. Anyone who wants help coming up with a plan for their 2k can reach out to me by email and we can work something out. I will be there Sunday morning to cheer you all on.

On another note, it’s banquet season! June 15th is the school athletic banquet, being held at Leander. Doors open at 5:30pm, awards start at 6pm. A week later on June 22nd, there will be a Westdale Rowing banquet at the Stonewalls restaurant. More details to come, but please RSVP to ashimizu@cogeco.ca. Feel free to bring your parents/family, but please include in your RSVP how many people you are bringing. Hope to see you all there to celebrate a great season!

If you have any questions about anything feel free to email me.

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Heritage Day Parade

Hey everyone, here is a message from the club about the Ancaster Heritage day parade:

Hi Members,

We are excited to announce that for the first time in a number of years, we are participating in the Ancaster Heritage Day Parade, AND we are looking for volunteers. In past years, we have had a number of masters, juniors, and seniors help decorate the trailer and either walk beside the trailer or sit on the trailer throughout the duration of the parade. The parade will be from 10:00am-10:45am on June 11th and we are asking that all volunteers meet at 8:00am to get set up. Any seniors that are pulling a 2k that morning will have a later arrival time.

This year we are looking to have a boat on the trailer as well as a number of oars, two ergs, and hopefully a good number of bodies too! We will have flyers to hand out to people with program information, as well as treats to hand out to children.

Below is a sign up form for volunteers so please if you are available on June 11th, sign up and help promote the club!


An additional email will be sent only to those who have filled out the form with their email, with the meeting address. Let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you in advance,
Ian and Heidi

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Post-Season 2Ks

Hey everyone,

I will be running a 2000m test this Thursday at the school around 3PM. For those of you who aren’t rowing competitive this summer, I would recommend completing this erg test to see how much you have improved since your first one a couple months ago. Let me know if anyone is interested in attending.


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Saturday Recap + Sunday Info

Hey everyone,

Fantastic job today by all crews. You really made Mike and I proud, and we are so excited to see how the program progresses not only tomorrow, but over the coming years.

We’ve got three races left tomorrow – the Sr women’s 63kg double, novice men’s coxed quad, and novice women’s 63kg coxed quad. Any athlete that needs to weigh in (anyone rowing in the 63kg category + coxies) must arrive at the course for 6:30AM. If any of those athletes need a ride, please email me and we will get that sorted. As for the novice mens quad, please arrive by 9AM. See below for race times:

Senior Women’s 63kg Double

Race time – 8:20AM

Lane 6

Novice Men’s Coxed Quad

Race time – 12:06PM

Lane 7

Novice Women’s 63kg Coxed Quad

Race time – 1:40PM

Lane 6

Great racing so far, and let’s finish this weekend strong. Go Westdale!

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CSSRA Thursday/Friday Practice & Saturday Arrival Times

Hello everyone.

Mike and I will be down at the course (Henley Island) running practices both Thursday and Friday from 4pm-7pm. We need to get all Westdale boats rigged before Saturday, so if you won’t be down at the course before then please make sure someone is rigging your boat. If you need a ride either day, you can email me (Meegan@westdalerowing.com).

For Saturday, we would like all crews down at the course at least 2 hours before their race, for weigh-ins, or for the first race of the day, whichever is earliest.

We ask that all eight athletes weighing-in arrive at the course at 7:15AM, ready to weigh-in at 7:30AM. This applies to all coxies, and both 63kg boats.

The first Westdale race of the day is at 9:12AM. We expect EVERYONE to be at the course by then. Please support all your teammates throughout the day of racing.

Below is the schedule for the day, including arrival times for those who need to be there earlier than either of the above listed times.

Senior Women’s 63kg Double

7:15AM Arrival

9:12AM Race

Senior Men’s Quad

8:00AM Arrival

10:06 Race

Novice Women’s Eight

8:40AM Arrival

10:42 Race

Senior Women’s Quad

9:00AM Arrival

11:06 Race

Novice Women’s Coxed Quad

9:00AM Arrival

12:24PM Race

Novice Men’s Coxed Quad

9:00AM Arrival

1:48PM Race

Senior Men’s Double

9:00AM Arrival

2:06PM Race

Novice Women’s 63kg Coxed Quad

7:15AM Arrival

2:54PM Race

Senior Women’s Eight

9:00AM Arrival

3:36PM Race

Senior Men’s Eight (LAST RACE OF THE DAY)

9:00AM Arrival

3:48PM Race

If you need any clarification about which boat you are in or anything else, feel free to email me.