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CSSRA Thursday/Friday Practice & Saturday Arrival Times

Hello everyone.

Mike and I will be down at the course (Henley Island) running practices both Thursday and Friday from 4pm-7pm. We need to get all Westdale boats rigged before Saturday, so if you won’t be down at the course before then please make sure someone is rigging your boat. If you need a ride either day, you can email me (Meegan@westdalerowing.com).

For Saturday, we would like all crews down at the course at least 2 hours before their race, for weigh-ins, or for the first race of the day, whichever is earliest.

We ask that all eight athletes weighing-in arrive at the course at 7:15AM, ready to weigh-in at 7:30AM. This applies to all coxies, and both 63kg boats.

The first Westdale race of the day is at 9:12AM. We expect EVERYONE to be at the course by then. Please support all your teammates throughout the day of racing.

Below is the schedule for the day, including arrival times for those who need to be there earlier than either of the above listed times.

Senior Women’s 63kg Double

7:15AM Arrival

9:12AM Race

Senior Men’s Quad

8:00AM Arrival

10:06 Race

Novice Women’s Eight

8:40AM Arrival

10:42 Race

Senior Women’s Quad

9:00AM Arrival

11:06 Race

Novice Women’s Coxed Quad

9:00AM Arrival

12:24PM Race

Novice Men’s Coxed Quad

9:00AM Arrival

1:48PM Race

Senior Men’s Double

9:00AM Arrival

2:06PM Race

Novice Women’s 63kg Coxed Quad

7:15AM Arrival

2:54PM Race

Senior Women’s Eight

9:00AM Arrival

3:36PM Race

Senior Men’s Eight (LAST RACE OF THE DAY)

9:00AM Arrival

3:48PM Race

If you need any clarification about which boat you are in or anything else, feel free to email me.