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Westdale Unisuit Orders and Instructions

In our meeting yesterday I mentioned that every team member needs to order a unisuit for our outdoor racing season. A unisuit is the standard racing uniform and it is a necessity. Crews are required to have matching outfits and without one not only will you not be able to race but your crew as well.

Please ensure that you order promptly as this is time dependant. Do not expect to be able to order these in March. The order window is very narrow.

There are multiple options for other clothing items that can be ordered.

Please see me, or the teacher reps, if you are concerned about the financial cost of the unisuit.

There is a sizing guide on the Regatta Sport website. I will also bring to practice this week sample of unisuits to view.

iTeams Order Instructions

  1. http://www.regattasport.com
  2. Click ‘iTEAMS’ link in the header & “Home” in the subheader.
  3. Click “Register” then proceed to create your personal account.
  4. Click the “iTeams” header & “Home” link again.
  5. Select TEAM from the drop box.
  6. Password: Westdale23
  7. Place order!

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Important Meeting on Monday, December 19th!

Hello everyone!

There will be an important meeting held afterschool in the mindfulness center this coming Monday, December 19th.

Agenda items will include (but are not limited to)
– The training schedule for the rest of the indoor season
– Indoor regattas
– What to expect as we transition to the on-water season in the spring
– Team building events

See you there!

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A Successful Llama Hug and Training Next Week

Congrats to everyone that took came out today. Our annual Hug A Llama race day was very successful. Lots of llama facts and more than a few pictures. One small llama was spotted but no real llamas.

The following teams raced and competed:

  • Vincunas from Heck
  • Llamas on Fire
  • Speed Glamas
  • Crias on Ergs
  • Humming Llamas
  • Wooly Alpacas without Boundaries

For our training next week we will be going on Monday and Tuesday. Odd choice of training days but there are various different events at the school that limits our days.

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It is Back!!!! Hug a Llama Day is Thursday.

After a multi year hiatus due to COVID our annual holiday event Hug A Llama Day is back. Mark Thursday on your calendar and come prepared to train.

Today we are doing 4 x 10 minutes with 2 minutes rest. SPM is a two minute cycle 20 22 24 26 28

Thursday though is our big event. We will be breaking into teams of experienced athletes and novices and racing against each other. However, everyone needs to also come prepared with three (3) facts about llamas. You may be challenged on your knowledge of llamas and a lack of knowledge about llamas will result in a time penalty.

Extra bonus time points to anyone that comes dressed as a llama, brings a llama facsimile (such as stuffed toy), or a hand drawn picture of a llama. You can also get bonus points if you share your 3 llama facts with someone outside of the rowing program. Just need to prove that you did it.

Prizes to the top three teams.

I really need to see everyone at practice on Thursday. We need to get our training more consistent and the novices need to start learning from the experienced athletes.

There is limited training time between now and the Christmas break. When we are back from the break we will be ratcheting up the training frequency and intensity. That combined with the indoor racing season gives us opportunities for getting faster.

Onward Llama glama!!!