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Westdale Unisuit Orders and Instructions

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In our meeting yesterday I mentioned that every team member needs to order a unisuit for our outdoor racing season. A unisuit is the standard racing uniform and it is a necessity. Crews are required to have matching outfits and without one not only will you not be able to race but your crew as well.

Please ensure that you order promptly as this is time dependant. Do not expect to be able to order these in March. The order window is very narrow.

There are multiple options for other clothing items that can be ordered.

Please see me, or the teacher reps, if you are concerned about the financial cost of the unisuit.

There is a sizing guide on the Regatta Sport website. I will also bring to practice this week sample of unisuits to view.

iTeams Order Instructions

  1. http://www.regattasport.com
  2. Click ‘iTEAMS’ link in the header & “Home” in the subheader.
  3. Click “Register” then proceed to create your personal account.
  4. Click the “iTeams” header & “Home” link again.
  5. Select TEAM from the drop box.
  6. Password: Westdale23
  7. Place order!

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