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Time Trial Results

Gage – Run 1: 9:42.2 ; Run 2: 8:55.7 ; Run 3: 9:27.3

Wolter – Run 1: Time not recorded ; Run 2: 8:21.6 ; Run 3: 9:13.8

Hannah – Run 1: 10:14.9 ; Run 2: 9:10.4 ; Run 3: 9:36.2

Trojans – Run 1: 9:57.0 ; Run 2: 9:53.4 ; Run 3: 10:02.1

Kent – Run 1: 12:32.2 ; Run 2: 13:36.4 ; Run 3: 14:14.7

Please note that times for most crews at the club were slower than usual this week. We will see improvements as we gain more experience and the water warms up.

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Saturday + RCA Numbers

Hey everyone,

Tomorrow’s practice has been changed from the ‘goose chase’ workout to 3x1500m timed pieces. Also, if you believe your boat and/or oars need to be adjusted, I will be staying late tomorrow to fix equipment. Just shoot me an email if you have an issue in mind.

On another note, we are planning on putting Mother’s Day entries in ASAP. I’m currently missing RCA numbers for two athletes, and date of birth from one. Please get this info to me ASAP. If you have filled out the regatta attendance form completely, this does not apply to you.

Currently only one athlete has informed me they cannot attend Mother’s Day. If you cannot attend and you have not informed me, please do so now.

Don’t hesitate to reach out (meegan@westdalerowing.com)


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Final details of the Chili Cook Off

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are a few important details I forgot in the last post:

  1. We need everyone helping out to come at least 20 minutes before the event (3:40 at the latest) .
  2. We need to have a meeting tomorrow after practice with all of you so please don’t leave right away.
  3. Please send me the names of everyone you have sold tickets to! We need this for sign in purposes at the event! My email is emmashimizu15@gmail.com .
  4. Please make sure your crock pot, ladle, dessert plate and salad bowls are labelled with you or your parent’s name!
  5. Please send all funds to Cayley by tomorrow with the names of the people you have sold tickets to! Her e-transfer email is leander.clerk@gmail.com .

Thanks everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!

-Emma 🙂