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Mother’s Day Lineups

Event 6 – Sr M4x (Ben, Connor, Adam, Michael)

Event 10 – Sr W4x (Hannah, Claire, Emerson, Giselle)

Event 18 – Sr W4+ (Giselle, Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly)

Event 20 – Sr 63kg W1x (Hannah) 

Event 23 – Sr M4+ (Mateos, Nate, Lucas, Calvin, Alec)

Event 24 – Sr W1x (Emerson)

Event 28 – Sr M2x (Connor, Ben) & (Michael, Adam)

Event 35 – Sr W2x (Emerson, Claire)

Event 40 – Mixed 4x (Claire, Ben, Connor, Hannah)

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This Week’s Boatings

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to post this. Below are the boatings for this week:


Workout for Mike and Meegan’s groups: 75′ steady state w/ 20 stroke bursts @ rate 26 every 5′

Workout for Kalen’s group: 60′ steady state and tech work

Jenny – Emerson, Claire, Giselle, Hannah (w/ Meegan)

Wolter – Ben, Adam, Michael, Connor (w/ Mike)

Kent – Kate, Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly (w/ Kalen)

Stank – Mateos, Lucas, Calvin, Alec, Nate (w/ Kalen)


Workout: 3x2000m @ rate 28 in singles and doubles, 26 in fours

Mama – Hannah

Buena Vista – Kate

Gage – Claire, Emerson

Jackson – Ben, Connor

Trojans – Adam, Michael

Stank – Giselle, Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly

Kent – Mateos, Lucas, Calvin, Alec, Nate


Workout for Mike and Cayley’s groups: 30′ @ rate 20, 20′ @ rate 22, 10′ @ rate 24, 5′ @ rate 26

Workout for Kalen and Meegan’s groups: 2×19′, 4’/3’/2’/1’/2’/3’/4′ @ rates 20/22/24/26/24/22/20

Go for Gold – Emerson (w/ Cayley)

Wolter – Claire, Ben, Connor, Hannah (w/ Cayley)

Buena Vista – Kate (w/ Mike)

Trojans – Adam, Michael (w/ Mike)

Stank – Giselle, Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly (w/ Meegan)

Kent – Mateos, Lucas, Calvin, Alec, Nate (w/ Kalen)


LOADING: Please bring a 7/16th wrench, we will be derigging our boats and loading them onto the trailer.





I will post the crews for the Mother’s Day regatta soon. We do not currently know what times each race will be and what shells we will be using, but I will keep you updated.

If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out. See you all in the AM!