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Boatings Tuesday and Wednesday

Here are the boats for the next two days. I’ll let you know coaches when I find out.


Workout 1 (Fuse, Jackson, Gage, Sully, Bees Knees): 2x(12×1′ at >30 30″ rest) 3′ rest between pieces

Workout 2 (Waxman, Kent): 30” on 3 min off

Fuse – Hannah

Gage – Emerson & Claire

Sully – Kate & Giselle

Bees Knees – Connor

Waxman – Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly

Kent – Mateos, Nate, Calvin, Lucas, Alec

Michael & Adam TBD


Workout: 3x2000m at race pace (ask your coach what rate they want you at)

Same boats as Tuesday