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South Niagara Invitational

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This weekend (May 20th&21st) we will be attending the South Niagara Invitational at the South Niagara Rowing Club, in Welland. Below is all necessary information:

Location: 270 Colborne St., Welland, ON

ID: For this regatta ID is required. You can use either student ID or government issued photo ID. Please have a physical copy, a picture on your phone is not enough.

Driving directions and parking: Here are a few resources to help you find your way to the course and find parking upon arrival


Weigh-ins: All coxies and athletes competing in a lightweight/midweight event must weigh-in. If you race as coxie/lightweight athlete both days, you must weigh-in both days. Weigh-in scales are open from 6am to 9:30am both days, and crews must weigh-in all together and with a coach.

Arrival and departure times: Athletes are asked to arrive two hours before their first race, however 6:30am is the earliest arrival time (meaning if you race at 8am you will only be arriving 90min before your race). Athletes are asked to stay on Sunday until the trailer is done being loaded and the most senior Westdale coach in attendance gives everyone the OK to leave.


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