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Hey everyone! I hope you’re all getting excited for a great weekend of racing. I’ve got a couple more notes.

First, we’ve got an athlete looking for a ride to the course. Please shoot me an email if you could help out!

Next, please please PLEASE bring ID. You cannot race without it. It needs to be either school ID, or government issued photo ID (Health card, drivers license, passport).

The forecast for tomorrow is rain. Please bring rain gear, extra dry layers for after each race, and garbage bags to put your gear in to keep it dry.

There has been some changes to the roads around the course, please read this message from the South Niagara Rowing Club:

“As result of the on-going and ever changing reconstruction of Canal Bank Rd, which some of you may already be aware of, we are unable to provide an Athlete Drop off area or general parking off of Canal Bank Rd (by the Boathouses) as the entrance to these have been completely blocked off with jersey barriers. The associated Athlete Drop off and general parking for accessing the Boathouse area will be available at the WIFC parking lot on the North Course which is accessed off of Townline Rd (for any of you who have not attended our Head of the Welland regatta). We have also expanded our parking capacity in the Colborne St parking lot and Athlete Drop off Area #2 and Shuttle stop remain unchanged. Note: The VIP lot at the Finish Tower will be available for Restricted Parking only for this year.


We understand that this relocation to the WIFC parking lot on the North Course is not ideal but it is the reality we are faced with for this year. We ask that everyone use the existing walking paths on the North Course, the pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Canal Bank Rd and Townline Rd and the sidewalk along the west side of Canal Bank Rd when walking over to the Boathouse area.Please advise your athletes to refrain from walking on the roads as these are major roadways and we want everyone to stay safe.”

I’ve attached new maps below.

Lastly, the regatta officials have asked that we launch 50min ahead of races instead of 40min. I will post an updated schedule ASAP. All arrival time will not change, but warmup, equipment check, and launch times will move back 10 minutes.

See you all tomorrow!


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