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CSSRA Entries

Event 3: Sr 63kg W2x (Kate/Giselle)

Event 7: Mixed 2x (Hannah/Ben)

Event 10: Sr W4x (Giselle/Jaalanne/Jola/Yohanna)

Event 16: Sr M1x (Connor)

Event 20: Sr 63kg W1x (Hannah)

Event 23: Sr M4+ (Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec)

Event 28: Sr M2x (Michael/Adam)

Event 35: Sr W2x (Emerson/Claire)

Event 40: Mixed 4x (Claire/Emerson/Connor/Ben)

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Hamilton City Champs Entries

Hey guys! Here are the entries that have been approved for cities this Saturday. There are some wacky lineups, and not every boat we wanted to race got a race, but all your coaches and organizers did their best to get everyone multiple races and create the most enjoyable day possible.

M1x – Connor (High Maintenance)

W1x – Hannah (Fuse), Emerson (G4G)

M2x – Connor&James from BT (Bishop Ryan), Adam&Michael (TBD)

W2x – Emerson&Claire (Seeker), Kate&Giselle (Sully)

W2- – Hannah&Kate (Sully)

Mixed 2x – Connor&Mia from St Mary’s (Bishop Ryan)

W4x – Hannah/Kate/Claire/Emerson (Jenny)

M4x+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec (Tice)

M4+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec (Miller)

W4+ – Giselle/Hannah/Emerson/Claire/Kate (TBD), Mateos/Yohanna/Jola/Jaalanne/Tilly

Mixed 4x – Claire/Emerson/Connor/Hannah (Jenny), Michael/Adam/Kate/Giselle

Mixed 8+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec/Yohanna/Tilly/Jaalanne/Jola (TBD)

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Dock Cleaning schedule

Hi Westdale athletes,

Your highschool team captains have put together an amazing dock cleaning schedule for you guys! My apologies I am a little late posting it but here it is:

From May 22-27 westdale is responsible for cleaning:

The black dock on Tuesday

Black dock Wednesday

White dock Thursday

White dock and black dock on Saturday

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