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Hamilton City Champs Entries

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Hey guys! Here are the entries that have been approved for cities this Saturday. There are some wacky lineups, and not every boat we wanted to race got a race, but all your coaches and organizers did their best to get everyone multiple races and create the most enjoyable day possible.

M1x – Connor (High Maintenance)

W1x – Hannah (Fuse), Emerson (G4G)

M2x – Connor&James from BT (Bishop Ryan), Adam&Michael (TBD)

W2x – Emerson&Claire (Seeker), Kate&Giselle (Sully)

W2- – Hannah&Kate (Sully)

Mixed 2x – Connor&Mia from St Mary’s (Bishop Ryan)

W4x – Hannah/Kate/Claire/Emerson (Jenny)

M4x+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec (Tice)

M4+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec (Miller)

W4+ – Giselle/Hannah/Emerson/Claire/Kate (TBD), Mateos/Yohanna/Jola/Jaalanne/Tilly

Mixed 4x – Claire/Emerson/Connor/Hannah (Jenny), Michael/Adam/Kate/Giselle

Mixed 8+ – Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec/Yohanna/Tilly/Jaalanne/Jola (TBD)

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