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Athlete Training Resources

Please see the following documents for training guidelines, weight and core circuits, and other supplementary information that will be useful for rowing:

Glossaries (also useful – and highly recommended – for Parents!):
Rowing Glossary
Exercise Science Glossary

Technique Guidelines:
Coach’s Explanation – Basic Rowing Stroke & Technique

Video on Common Technical Errors & How to Fix Them:

0:22 min: Errors with Arms & Hands
—0:27 min = Poor Grip/Over-gripping the handle
—0:50 min = Breaking the Arms at the Catch
—1:14 min = Chicken Wing Arms
1:35 min: Drills for Arms & Hands
2:26 min: Errors with the Back
—2:30 min = Lunging at the Catch
—2:55 min = Over-reaching at the Catch
—3:12 min = Lifting with the Back at the Catch
—3:30 min = Too Much Layback
3:56 min: Drills for Back
4:22 min: Errors with Legs
—4:27 min = Bending Knees Too Early on Recovery
—4:53 min = Rushing the Slide
—5:13 min = Over Compressing
—5:41 min = Shooting the Slide (“Shooting the Butt/Bucket”)
6:10 min: Drills for Legs

Training Guidelines:
Categories of Intensity, Erg Work Outs, Mental Prep, and Nutrition
Nutrition Guidelines from McMaster Varsity Dietitian
Nutrition & Training Guidelines Package

Racing Guidelines:
Racing Preparation – FAQs and Tips for Success

Weights & Core Circuits:
Westdale Rowing – Weights Training – Intensification Phase (2015)
Westdale Rowing Weights Regime – Day 1 & 2
300 Circuit
Alternate Core Circuit

Strengthening, Stretching, and Physio Exercises (includes videos):
Westdale Rowing Strengthening & Stretching Exercises

Water Resources:
Coxing & Bowing Package – WSS 2014 Ammended

Coach and Athlete & Goal Setting:
Westdale Men’s Rowing Team – Indoor 2014&2015 Plan

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