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Cities Draw

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are some details for cities:

Be there for no later than 6 am.

First race starts at 8 am so please be ready.

What to bring:



-Multiple changes of clothes



-Water bottle




Launch will take place on the beach!!!

EventEvent numberTimeLane 1Lane 2Lane 3
8:00SeniorsSt. Mary’sWestdale Novices
4+ against novicesBrandon/Atticus/Maddie/Mia/Olivia/Isabella/Jenna/Nicole/EllaJola, Jaalanne, Tilly, Yohanna, Nate, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Mateo
mens 1x8:10SaltfleetWestdaleMac
mens 4x+8:20BTWestdale
James//Aiden/Madison/ tessa/coxieNate, Lucas, Alec, Calvin, mateos
womens 1x8:30WestdaleSt MarysWestdale
mixed 2x8:40BTSt. Mary’sMixed
mixed 2x8:50St. MarysMixed
womens 4x9:00WestdaleMac
mens 2x9:10BTWestdaleSt. Mary’s (LWT)
Womens 2-9:20St. MarysSeniors
Harley BeeSeeker
Womens 2-9:30WestdaleSt.Marys
mens 4x9:40BTSTM/saltfleet
Womens 4+9:50WestdaleWestdaleSt. Mary’s
womens 2x10:10St. Mary’sSt. Mary’s LWT
womens 2x10:20BTWestdaleWestdale
Mens 4+10:30WestdaleMac
Mixed 4x10:40St. MarysWestdaleWestdale
8+11:00SeniorsLBC Juniors
8+ against juniorsBraden/Ben/Sam/Elizabeth/Claire/Hannah/Emerson/Emma/Giselle


-Emma šŸ™‚

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Dock Cleaning schedule

Hi Westdale athletes,

Your highschool team captains have put together an amazing dock cleaning schedule for you guys! My apologies I am a little late posting it but here it is:

From May 22-27 westdale is responsible for cleaning:

The black dock on Tuesday

Black dock Wednesday

White dock Thursday

White dock and black dock on Saturday

Open photo

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General Regatta Information

Hi Westdale Athletes,

This is just some general information about regattas:


For the mother’s say Regatta there are many signs that will direct you or your parents on where to park. When you get on to Henley island just keep following the signs and eventually they will bring you to a big parking lot in front of the boat club. As Meegan mentioned in the previous post, parking is $5.


  • Parents typically go to an area where tents are set up along the race course. To get there all they need to do is enter the opening to the St. Catherines rowing club and turn left. The parent’s tents are located on the far left side of the race course.
  • It can get very cold with the wind so definitely bring sweaters and blankets!

Here is a very helpful list created by Emerson’s parents:


-$ for food trucks/swag/food/cooler

-LOTS of water (there is sometimes a water truck but in case there isn’t definitely come prepared with lots of water! )



-Umbrella (s)

-Toilet paper

-Hand sanitizer



-Sleeping bag






-Battery pack


-Reading glasses


Bring lots of food!!! Regattas are typically long, tiring days of racing so bring what you need to fuel yourself for the day! Remember that many of you are racing more than once so you need to have the energy to do so! I would recommend bringing lots of snacky foods and a lunch. I would also bring energy drinks such as Gatorade in order to quickly recharge after races.


When you arrive at the boat club there will be an athletes entrance where you will see all the trailers. You can walk over there and find the Leander trailer. Bring everything you need to race with you so that you have it there when it’s time to launch.

-Bring your ID!!! You need this to race!

-You also need to race in a unisuit so make sure you bring one!!!!

-Bring sunscreen and sunglasses as well as a hat or visor for on water (especially if you’re stroke or bow! )

Here is a very helpful list created by Claire:

– Food items (snacks, lunch, more and more snacks. Healthy options with lots of protein and calories are best)
– A chair
– Sweater
– An extra pair of undergarments for EVERY race and then one whole outfit to drive home in (you WILL get soaked every race)
– Hat
– Sunscreen
– WATER, water and more water
– A long sleeve that you can wear over your uni for sun protection
– rain gear if possible (just in case Iā€™d bring an umbrella or rain jacket)
– Trash bags or plastic bags for all your wet clothes
– ID
– Book, homework, game (something to do)
– Money- you may want to buy swag or food etc, I recommend bringing some no matter what.
– Sunglasses
– Toilet paper
– Hand sanitizer
– Bandaids
– wrenches
– Deodorant (just bring it.)
– Towel
– You may want a light blanket or picnic blanket to lay on for a nap

Food items athletes tend to have:

Gogo Squeeze

-Baby carrots



-Pita and hummus

-Juice boxes or gatorade

-nut granola bars


-Dried fruit

Race course:

Super straight forward at this regatta! We will go over it with all bow seats and coxies tomorrow!


-Make sure you know what time you are racing at and make sure you and your crew are completely prepared. It will be a very busy day so please communicate as crews to make sure your boat is rigged on time and that you are ready to go as soon as your category is called!

Super excited for you all to race tomorrow!

-Emma šŸ™‚

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Final details of the Chili Cook Off

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are a few important details I forgot in the last post:

  1. We need everyone helping out to come at least 20 minutes before the event (3:40 at the latest) .
  2. We need to have a meeting tomorrow after practice with all of you so please don’t leave right away.
  3. Please send me the names of everyone you have sold tickets to! We need this for sign in purposes at the event! My email is emmashimizu15@gmail.com .
  4. Please make sure your crock pot, ladle, dessert plate and salad bowls are labelled with you or your parent’s name!
  5. Please send all funds to Cayley by tomorrow with the names of the people you have sold tickets to! Her e-transfer email is leander.clerk@gmail.com .

Thanks everyone! Let me know if you have any questions!

-Emma šŸ™‚

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4 Days away from the Chili Cook Off

Hi Westdale athletes,

We are officially 4 days away from the chili cook off! I promise this event will be super fun and I want to thank all of you for working hard to sell tickets and signing up to help on the day of!

Since we are days away there are a few things we need all of you to do:

  1. We NEED all volunteer positions to be filled. Here is the link, please sign up :

Volunteer sign up sheet

2. All volunteers must arrive at least 20 minutes before your shift starts. Set up crew please come for 2:30- 2:45ish.

3. Everyone please e-transfer or give cash collected to Cayley. Please send her this money by Saturday at the very latest. Her email is leander.clerk@gmail.com . Come talk to me if you have any questions or concerns.

4. Thank you everyone who has signed up to bring food for the event! We have met our goal ! We will be sending out an email to parents but if you could all also spread the word that we need all food at the event at least 15 minutes early (3:45 at the latest) that would be fantastic !


Event is on Sunday May 7th at Leander Boat Club from 4pm-7pm

Thanks everyone!

Emma šŸ™‚

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Chili Cook Off Update

Hi Westdale Athletes,

We are one week away from the chili cook off. This means we really need to know how many tickets everyone has sold and what everyone is able to help out with on the day of. I know we keep sending forms out but I promise these will be some of the last.

Volunteer sign up sheet with time blocks:

*Everyone must sign up for at least 2 tasks. We especially need people for the raffle booth and clean up crew.


Ticket sales sheet:


Food sign up:


At this time we have 9 chilis, 9 desserts and 5 salads. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up! For those of you that haven’t, we would really appreciate if you could sign up under any of the categories! We are hoping for 12 chilis and desserts and 7-10 salads!

Thanks everyone! And again if you have any questions just reach out to either me or Claire!

-Emma šŸ™‚

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Week of the 17th-22nd

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are the boatings for this week:


Sr men’s 4x:

Connor, Ben, Michael, Adam

Boat: Wolter

Sr women’s 4x:

Emerson, Claire, Kate, Hannah

Boat: Jenny


Sr men’s 4x:

Connor, Ben, Michael, Adam

Boat: Wolter

Sr women’s 4x:

Emerson, Claire, Kate, Hannah

Boat: Jenny

Novice 8:

Jola, Jaalanne, Matilda, Nate, Lucas, Alec, Calvin, Giselle or Yohanna

Coxie: Giselle, Yohanna or Mateos (you guys can alternate, we just need 2 of you everyday.)

Boat: Patterson

Coaches for the week:

Mike, Kalen, Emma (I will only be coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on as I will also have practice in the mornings )

Please note:

Each coach is now assigned a specific motor so please make a coach boat with motor assigned to your coach.

The motors for the Westdale coaches are:

Mike- B

Meegan- 10

Kalen- 11

Emma- S


-Emma šŸ™‚

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Practice tomorrow

Hi Westdale Athletes,

My apologies there have been some changes.

Updated boatings for tomorrow :

Connor and Ben – Jackson

Emerson and Claire – gage

Nate/Lucas/Alec/Calvin/Jaalanne – Tice Coxie: Giselle

Hannah/Kate- sully

Edit: Apologies it is a 6 am arrival time tomorrow.

See you all tomorrow!

-Emma šŸ™‚

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Chili Cook Off Poster and Ticket form!

Hello Westdale Athletes!

Here is the poster for the Chili Cook Off designed by Hannah! This poster has a QR code to a google forms that will allow people to purchase tickets online and enter to bring a chili, dessert or salad. If you have access to a printer and can print some of these out and start distributing them that would be fantastic. We can also organize a day to put them out as a team. The more advertising we can get for this event the better as we would really like to cover entry fees for you guys.

Here is a link to the form as well:


You can start sending this form out to teachers, friends, family and this is how they can purchase a ticket. I will keep trying to get physical copies of tickets as well.

If everyone could also keep signing up for volunteer tasks that would be great!


Let me or Claire know if you have any questions!

-Emma šŸ™‚