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In a decision that was about as difficult to make as any, I’m going to have to step aside from Westdale Rowing. My freelance career has happily gotten busier. Unfortunately, the flip side of that is that busy freelancing means more work in Toronto, making coaching early mornings in Hamilton unsustainable. Add to that, 90% of my regular work shifts locally are late night, and this became the only option.

I will be forwarding a document with some recommendations to Mike, Victoria and Madison who will hopefully all be able to continue on. And if Meegan and Lucas are able to help in the spring, the program will be in GREAT hands!!

While there are still hills to climb and successes yet to achieve, I believe that we’ve made some progress over the last number of years. It’s been a great pleasure to watch the development of our athletes from raw novices into accomplished, dedicated rowers with a passion for their sport. But there’s something more than that. Sport DOES shape in some way, who we become as human beings, and to watch our athletes compete and carry themselves, to mature into leaders before our very eyes, to be able to manage their lives and balance the rigours of study, rowing and “life” to an astronomically high level, has been pretty amazing.


Tom Beshoff

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Hope exams are going well. I’ve been asked by Ms. Tonogai about the pictures posted on Twitter. I know Mike posted a couple, but some were posted under ‘Westdale Athletics’ and we don’t know who that is. She wants to use some of them as part of the wall mural and would like permission. Anyone who knows, please contact me (or Ms. Tonogai)

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Well done top everybody who pulled 2Ks today—there were numerous PBs achieved—in fact, 10 of the thirteen who pulled set personal bests!!

GEON: PB by 2.1 seconds
SEQUOIA: PB by 0.1 second
MADDY D: PB by 9.8 seconds
RYANN: PB by 11.7 seconds
LIV: PB by 11 seconds
DAVIN: PB by 18.3 seconds
LACHLAN: PB by 3.2 seconds
QUIN: PB by 25.5 seconds
EMMA: PB by 14.4 seconds
GRACE: PB by 5.3 seconds

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I will be at the club on FRIDAY (JUNE 7), at 4PM for those who wish to pull a final 2K for the high school season. This is highly recommended because in most cases, PBs are smashed by MANY seconds, given the fact we’ve been focusing on speedwork on the water for so many weeks. It is a GREAT way to head into the summer, regardless of whether you plan on rowing or not.

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As with every other year, it amazes me how quickly it all comes to an end suddenly. I said to my wife this morning, that it feels like I’ve been on a train going 200 kilometres and hour for the past 7 weeks, and I suddenly jumped off it last night!

It was a fun night last night, and I want to thank you all for the very generous gifts at the end of the night! Many of you came up to me and thanked me for the work we did, but I want to turn that around and thank the athletes. I’ve often said that we provide the road map, but it’s the athletes who undertake the journey and do the hard yards. As you reflect on your seasons, remember the things that make this sport great: fitness, discipline, pushing yourself to a higher level, competitive spirit and working as part of a team. These are ALL attributes that will come into play to help you, either in the coming years as you advance through high school, or as you leave these walls and venture out to bigger and better things.

For those not graduating, let’s move up to the next level starting in November.

For those graduating, it’s been my honour to have coached you, and I can’t think of a better group of five athletes to have been mentor and coach to than Fiora, Katie Mac, Becca, Maddy B and Chloe. Some of you may have noticed that I shake a lot of people’s hands at regattas and even get the occasional hug. Those same people are people I learned from and have known for decades….and they’re watching to see how I’m passing on their knowledge to you. When we walk down to the dock, I know many of you feel like you’re in a fishbowl. You are. But so are we, because our athletes are a reflection of us and of our coaching methods. MANY of those folks have commented on how well you row, how professional, well-mannered and disciplined not only you guys have been, but your predecessors. You are a tremendous source of pride to us in how you’ve conducted yourselves as Westdale Warrior rowers and I will miss you all immensely.

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The final day of the season! Three finals for Westdale: SW638+, JM664X and JM4X.

SW638+ and JM664X will go out for a row at 5:45, then weigh in immediately afterwards. JM4x will appear at 9am.

Race times:

SW638+: 9:12am (Meeting 8:10am)

JM664x: 11:06am (Meeting with Mike about 10:05)

JM4x: 12:18pm (Meeting with Mike TBA)

All rowers please be there to help with trailer loading as the day progresses. We would like to get this done as quickly as possible. All boats except those being raced, have been de-rigged. Bring tools and help!

We will unload and rig at Leander at the end of Sunday prior to the year end party. Time TBA.