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We will be staying indoors on Tuesday. There’s supposed to be a mix of snow and rain, which can make things a bit slippery. A group of novices will be on the ergs, with experienced rowers doing stairs and House of Victory.
The goals of the indoor sessions are to go further than you did the day before. Maintain a pace that you can sustain for 30-45 minutes WITHOUT STOPPING!

Remember that our first yoga session is Wednesday morning with Jenna in the upper gym. Due date for the $50 winter fee is Friday, but payment can be made starting Tuesday.

The rest of the week is looking a bit below our threshold for training outside, so prepare for the likelihood we will be indoors Thursday and possible Friday as well.

Good work this morning. There’s some good, vigorous work being done outside, and I’m encouraged by some decent quality on the ergs. Keep it up!

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Just had two newsworthy items come across my computer screen that are worthy of mention.

1. We have purchased another erg. Not brand new, but very lightly used. And a good bit easier on our budget than purchasing one at an indoor regattas! It should be in the “fleet” by the end of next week. For the novices and their parents, our goal is to try to add two per year, while maintaining the ones we have for as long as we can. We are slowly getting there.

2. Experienced rowers will be happy to note that our brand new quad is now in the boathouse. You will recall that the one we had last season was a loaner from Fluid Design because the first attempt at our shell didn’t turn out as they wanted it to. Well, we now have our permanent “Claus Wolter”–and it’s 10kgs lighter than last year’s quad. Now all we have to do is pay it off!!!!

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For Friday, we’ll be putting 14 experienced rowers on the ergs and the rest outside for running and Ultimate frisbee. As mentioned last week, we’re going to squeeze out as many days outside as we can before we’re forced indoors for a majority of the time. Those of you yearning for House of Victory, The 300 and weights will have PLENTY of those days to come soon enough. Let’s get out ad enjoy the fresh air while we can!

Almost at the end of week 2. We started with 31 weeks to CSSRA, we’ll be down to 29 starting Monday. Well done. Remember–keep pushing the limits and pace yourselves to finish what you start.

Your body will take you a lot farther than you THINK it will take you—all you have to do is ask it to.

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A reminder that Thursday is THEME THURSDAY (“Tight & Bright” is this week’s clothing theme!)

14 novices will be on the erg. The rest of the squad will go outside for a brisk 25-30′ run, followed by a game of Ultimate! Remember, when it’s cold outside, Layers + Activity = Body Warmth!! So please…..


NOTE: The days have changed around on the program for this week. Friday will now be experienced rowers on the ergs. Also, we will be starting to have chats about erg targets with the experienced rowers and what you should be aiming for this season in your 2Ks.

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14 experienced rowers will erg on Wednesday. It will mostly be those who erged on day one, but if you haven’t done one yet, expect to be called. The rest will be heading outside Wednesday for roughly a 30′ run around the track, followed by a 30′ game of Ultimate. DRESS WARMLY!!!! I can’t wait to see how the winds affect the frisbee!

We will have our first THEME THURSDAY of the season. For the novices, Theme Thursday is a clothing theme. Our senior rowers are in charge of this, so if you have any ideas, please let them know! This Thursday’s theme is TIGHT & BRIGHT, which means running tights that are really bright and colourful! Most of us will be outside again Thursday morning, so be sure to wear warm clothing along with the bright suff!!!

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Everybody will be indoors on Tuesday. While it’s supposed to be mild, it’s supposed to be raining pretty heavily. Wednesday through Friday is looking promising for outdoor work, and even a game or two of Ultimate!

Pete and I will take 14 novices who didn’t get on the ergs on Friday and put you on the machines. The rest will do a stairs/House of Victory combo with Mike.

We’re going to start learning the names of our rather prodigious group of novices! If I see you, chances are I’m going to ask you your name. If I forget and have to re-ask a few times, please be patient….learning 40 new names is a challenge!