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Important Updates!

The coaches and teacher reps talked this afternoon and we have decided to scale practices back to two a week.   This will be the plan for the rest of the year through the remainder of November and December. For this week it means that the only remaining practice this week is Thursday.

There are a number of reasons for doing this  There is little that the coaches can do to make sitting on an erg in the basement of a high school any more exciting than it is <insert smiley face>.  This is a reality of training for this sport and it can’t be made into anything else.  

The discussion amongst the coaches and teacher reps is that scaling back and focusing our efforts for a smaller number of practices per week will help retain interest amongst the athletes and also the coaches.   If there is enough of a committment we can scale up to three days per week.  However, this would require the athletes to show the coaches/teacher reps that we will see higher attendance numbers. There is limited interest in a five day a week training plan and it would take a very large shift from the coaches to consider it.

The plans for the indoor winter training season is to then follow through on a two day a week training plan through the rest of the year and into the new year. As of February 1st we’ll scale up to 5 practices a week and start the work towards an outdoor season beginning early in April.

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Training Week of October 31st

Here is the training plan for this week.Mo


  • 3 min@23 1 min@26 repeat 10 times
  • 15 minutes stretch and flexibility


4-3-2-1-2-3-4 pyramid 4@23 3@24 2@26 1@28 1 min rest between each


  • Yohanna’s Choice


  • 10 minutes X 6 3min rest – 23 SPM to 25 SPM varied rates


8 X 1K

  • 24SPM for 1st two
  • 26SPM for next two
  • 28SPM for next two
  • 26SPM for next two

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Update to Training Week of October 17th

Please read as there is slight change to our plans for this week. There will not be a practice on Friday. There are various events occuring at the school and many of you are not available to practice.

Don’t forget to register with Concept 2 and record your meters.

Here is the training schedule:


  • 10 minute warmup
  • 1-2-3-4-5-6-5-4-3-2-1 minutes with 2 minutes rest in between
  • SPM is 26 for the 1 and 2 mins
  • SPM is 24 for the 3 and 4 minutes
  • SPM is 22 for the 5 and 6 minutes


  • 4 x 4K 4 mins rest
  • SPM is 22 23 24 23


  • 6 x 10 minutes 3 min rest
  • SPM 22 for first 5 minutes 24 for second 5 minutes

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Training Week of October 17th

This is going to be our first full week of training with the plan to go Monday to Friday. Please pay attention to the blog just in case we are short a teach rep.

Seniors and novices can come out to all practices. It is entirely up to you how may days you come out. I will publish the traing schedule tomorrow. This blog is just logistical points

For practices we need to start right at 2:45 and get a good warm up done. This means a little less standing around and a little bit more stretching and erg warm up. We need to get focused on long rows on the ergs and the more time we spend getting going cuts into your training.

I have set up a team page on the Concept 2 website. The team name is Westdale Rowing Community 2022/2023.

The URL to access is at: https://log.concept2.com/log

I would like everyone to create an account and join this team. Each of you need to record your daily erg meters and post them to the team page. If you want to get technical you can download the Concept2 ErgData app to your phone and link it to the erg you are using. Then you can upload the training session.

At the end of the year a prize will be given to the top 3 men and the top 3 women with the top person overall getting a bonus prize.

The prizes should be a secondary consideration to the goal of recording your meters and being able to track your progress through the indoor season.

See you tomorrow.