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Womens Cities Seat Assignments and Schedule (UPDATES)

Here is the race schedule for tomorrow.    The crews rowing lightweight and midweight will need to weigh in at 6:30 AM at Leander.   See Coach Allie’s post on times.

I had to make an adjustment to the coxie in event 19 (see below) as Arnaud needs to cox the Sr M 8+.  Also the Sr W 63kg 4+ is not entered (according to the race committee) so you are not racing. Yes, I tried to get an entry.

Race# Event                     Crew                                                      Coxie
2 Jr W 63kg 8+                                                                               Arnaud
2  Jr W 8+                      PM quads                                                Alles
6 Jr W 2X                       Lauren, Victoria
9 Sr W 8+                                                                                          Alles
11 Sr W 1x   Madison
11 Sr W 1x   Jocelyn
12 Jr W 63kg 4+            Katie, Sofia, Samara, Zoe                     Alles
12 Jr W 59kg                  Astara,Sadie,Kenzie,Stephanie           Arnaud
14 Sr W 63kg 2x            Maddy Claire
14 Sr W 2x                      Jocelyn, Madison
18 Jr W 4x                      PM Quads
19 Sr W 4+                     Lauren, Victoria, Allie, Taylor            Alles

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Rowing Swag, City Champs, Crew Dinner

Dear Rowers,

A few updates:

Rowing Swag: Yes! It has arrived! I’m reviewing the order today to ensure that we’ve received everything correctly before distributing to athletes. Jackets and visors are still on their way, but hats are already in, as are t-shirts and hoodies. I’m still checking the status of the 1/4 zip hoodie and other items.

City Champs (General Schedule): 
6:30am – Arrival time for all athletes is 6:30am at Leander Boat Club. Athletes needing to weigh-in must do so immediately upon arrival. All other athletes should set up the coach boats & take out the required blades and equipment.
7am – Row all boats over to Bayfront Park and place on stretchers or grass.
8:30am – Start of races
12pm – Tentative end-time of races
1pm – Awards Ceremony (plus the obligatory post-race ice-cream at Hutches)

Crew Dinner: We’ll be holding a crew dinner following City Champs to celebrate the end of City’s & the start of the final two weeks leading to CSSRAs. Location is between the Mandarin or Boston Pizza or East Side Marios. Preference will be decided via a team meeting tomorrow morning after practice.

See you in the morning,

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Arrival Times & Checking for Ticks (IMPORTANT)

Dear Westdale Rowers,

CONGRATULATIONS on a FANTASTIC day of racing. Mike and I are very proud of all of you. Regardless of whether you made a final, there was a lot of good rowing today and a lot of goals that were reached in terms of technique and comfort level in the boats.

First and most importantly: 
All parents and athletes should check themselves thoroughly for ticks. One of our athletes had ticks on their body after the regatta, and they can carry Lyme disease.
WHERE TO CHECK (everywhere, but especially these spots):
-back of knees & ears
-groin (that region in general)
The tick’s heads buries under the skin, so do not pull a tick off your body directly – you need to secure the tick between your skin & it’s body (do NOT squeeze the tick’s body) and then pull the tick out of your skin. If you have regular tweezers, you need to pull slowly and directly upwards. You should only twist to remove IF you have a specially designed tool to remove ticks that requires twisting to facilitate the process, as seen here.
WARNING ABOUT SOAP/ETC.: Although covering the tick with soap/shampoo/chemicals will cause the tick to suffocate and remove itself from your body of its own accord without any pulling, it CAN cause the tick to vomit into your blood, and if the tick carries Lyme disease then this can result in the disease being passed on. This is the same reason why you should not press/pull a tick from its body (it will likely vomit).

Second, but also very important… ARRIVAL TIMES:
Coxswains: 6:30am
Women’s Jr. 59kg 4+: 6:30am (for weigh-ins)
Women’s Jr. 8+: 6:30am (these girls will later race in their Jr. Women’s 4x)
Men’s Sr. 4x: Arrive at 7:00am
Men’s Jr. 1x: Arrive at 7:30am
Women’s Jr. 2x: Arrive at 7:30am
Women’s Sr. 8+: Arrive at 8:40am (in time for first race of the day) (11am at the very latest)


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Important SNRC Info (Including Tomorrow’s Practice)

Good evening, Rowers!

I am happy to announce that the (preliminary) regatta schedule has been made available electronically on Regatta Central for the SNRC regatta, so you’ll be able to tell the general time at which you’ll be racing. Schedules are still tentative, so please note that these times are not set in stone. You can find the schedule here.

A few important notes about this weekend, starting with tomorrow’s (Friday) practice:

Practice & De-Rig/Trailer Loading (Friday, May 15th):
Please arrive at 5:15am sharp to set up coach boats and begin your practice. We only have until 6:30am on the water, so we need to maximize our time (let’s try to launch by 5:25AM if possible).

Men’s Team: There will be two practice sessions. The main session will be with the Sr. 4x (Luke, Lucas, Kieran, Max) and the Jr. 1x (Erik). Harrison has a dryland session, followed by the derig of the Justice. The second session will have Lucas/Kieran/Max/Erik/Harrison de-rigging the 4x (Ad Astra) and any other doubles required (Stocks 2x, BrockHud 2x), and Luke will be in the 1x. In total we need to derig & load four crew boats (this doesn’t include the 2 privately owned singles). Plan to be done by 7:45am (if you work fast, we’ll be done before then).

Arrival Times: 
Please arrive 3 hours before your race, but no earlier than 6am (whichever comes latest). If your race isn’t until the afternoon, then we’d still highly encourage and recommend that you arrive in time for the first Westdale race of the day (the Sr. Men’s 2x at 8:42am) so that teammates can cheer one another on. If you need to weigh-in, please see Mike’s post below for the time you need to weigh-in/arrive.

Men’s Team: Sr. Men’s 2x rowers (Luke/Max/Erik/Kieran) must arrive for 6am. Jr. Men’s 2x rowers (Harrison/Lucas/Will/James) should arrive by 8:20am. None of you are required to weigh-in.

What to Bring:
YOUR ID (Student or Driver’s License)
Long-sleeve racing top or similar to keep you warm
Change of clothes
Highly recommended = a tent and/or bicycle (talk with crewmates about pitching a tent to share)

Information – Including Directions – for Parents (and Athletes): SNRC Parent Information

Thanks to Dina Gadsdon for putting the info package together! Dina’s also created an overview of some crew-boat terminology that parents might find useful. See the overview here: Terminology


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Preliminary Schedule for SNRC for the Women’s Team

Here is a preliminary schedule for Saturday.   It is important everyone be aware of the plan and the need to be at the race course at the times required.  For the rookies it is important to know that you must weigh in with your crew and you must have a coach present with you.  Also important is that you must be wearing your unisuit and have photo id with you.  Please do not forget your photo id.

Weigh-in Times
Saturday    6:30 a.m.   9:30 a.m.
Sunday      6:30 a.m.   9:30 a.m.

Here are the race times and the time at which you need to be at the weigh-ins

15 09:24 Senior Womens 4+                       (weigh-in time for Alles is 7:00 AM)  only coxie needs to weigh-in

19 09:48 Junior Womens 63kg 8+          (weigh-in time is 7:00 AM)

57 14:48 Senior Womens 63kg 1x       (weigh-in time can be 8:30 AM)


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Mothers Day – Photo ID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Unisuits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please see Alessandra’s post on regatta directions and race times.    I want to dedicate this post to two topics.

Topic #1 is photo ids.    Every regatta (except for Hamilton Cities) requires photo id.   You must have it to race.  If you do not bring your photo id there is no amount of pleading or begging with regatta officials that will result in you racing.  You and your crew will not race.  Bring your photo id.

Topic #2 is unisuits.     You need to wear a unisuit and it needs to match your crew mates.   I have a few spare unisuits (all womens) that I will give to Eben just in case.   If you are a womens small and forget yours then you will be in luck.   Otherwise, tight fit.   The best thing is to ensure that you pack your own.



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Mother’s Day Regatta – Trailer Loading (Sat) & Full Racing Info (Sun)

Hello Westdale!

It’s been a while since our last post, so we’re happy to say that we’ve got all sorts of fun info for you in this one!


Info! It's for Mom!

Info for Mom!

First off, THANK YOU to all athletes for being so patient while we addressed equipment changes/availability and boating changes these past two weeks, including changes to race entries. We appreciate that you’ve all been very understanding.

Next here’s everything you need to know for the next two days:

Saturday, May 9th – Practice & Trailer Loading @5:45am at LBC
All athletes should arrive at 5:45am for a final practice before trailer loading. Practice will run from 5:45am-7:30am. Trailer loading will begin at 7:30am, and ALL boats must be fully derigged and loaded by 8:45am. The trailer will leave the LBC compound at 9am.

Sunday, May 10th – Mother’s Day Regatta (THANK YOUR MOM’S)
The Mother’s Day Regatta will be held on Henley Island in St. Catharine’s, Ontario (close to the Port Dalhousie area). Full information about event times and directions can be found here at Regatta Central.

Directions can also be found here on the Westdale Rowing blog, or here on Google Maps. *Directions say 45 min (approx.), but plan for 60-75min just in case you get lost or encounter traffic. This has happened to at least one athlete every year that we’ve coached.*

The Final Race Draw hasn’t been posted yet, but will likely be made available tomorrow on Regatta Central. Based on the Regatta Central preliminary schedule, these are the race times:

Event 6 – Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x – 9:10am (finals at 2:25pm)
Event 7 – Jr. Men’s 72kg 4+ – 9:24am (finals at 2:32pm)
Event 14 – Jr. Women 63kg 8+ – 10:20am (finals at 3:21pm)
Event 15 – Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x – 10:34am (finals at 3:28pm)
Event 18 – Sr. Men’s 1x – 11:09am (finals at 3:49pm *HOTSEAT REQUIRED)
Event 19 – Sr. Women’s 4+ – 11:30am (finals at 3:56pm)
Event 23 – Sr. Men’s 4x – 12:12pm (finals at 4:24pm)
Event 24 – Sr. Women’s 1x – 12:19pm (finals at 4:31pm)
Event 29 – Jr. Women’s 4x – 1:15pm (finals at 5:06pm)
Event 12 – Jr. Men’s 1x – 3:07pm (straight final *QUICK CHANGE REQUIRED)
Event 35 – Sr. Women’s 8+ – 5:48pm (straight final)

“Hotseating” is when an athlete goes straight from one race into the next race, and the boating change is made on the dock.
“Quick change” is when an athlete has a tight turnaround time after their first race, but still has enough time to return the boat before launching in their next race.

Weigh-Ins: There are NO weigh-ins at this regatta. Instead, the regatta runs on an honour system.

A Message for Moms: If your athlete’s crew makes their final and finishes top three, then moms are invited to give the medals to their athletes. Please stick around if you can 🙂

Arrival Times: Athletes in the Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x & Jr. Men’s 72kg 4+ should arrive by 6:30am. All other athletes should arrive AT LEAST 3 hours before your race (or in time for the first Westdale race of the day, which is at 9:10am).

Supervising Coaches: Alessandra will coordinating/supervising the Men’s Team, Eben Prevec & Anise Truman will be supervising the Women’s Eights/Singles/Fours, and Peter DeNew will be supervising the Jr. Women’s Quads. Tom Beshoff will be assisting in the morning.

Rigging Post-Regatta: Please plan to rig boats on Sunday evening when we return to Hamilton. There MIGHT be an option to rig on Monday morning, but this will be dictated by the Club Manager (Steffan Wagner). We’ll let you know as soon as we have information.

What to Bring:
-Long-sleeve top to race in UNDER your unisuit (often requested by race officials if weather is cold, windy, or rainy *the forecast is thunderstorms, so please bring this just in case!)
-Change of clothes (and extra socks – trust me!)
-Student ID
-Water (lots of water)
-Healthy snacks (trail mix, nuts, apples, granola bars, cliff bars, etc.)
-Lunch (and breakfast if needed)
-Rain gear/weather appropriate clothing (*BOOTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

What We Expect of You: You are expected to rig your boat, bring your blades down (when required), and ensure your crew is together. You should also know your race plan & be prepared with water/race-gear/food. Please be & remain with your crew once there’s 1.5h left to go until your race. If you have any questions, please find me (Alessandra), Eben, or Peter and we can assist you. Generally speaking, you should go to your primary coach if you have a question.

Resources for Parents: Our lovely parent reps, Dina & Brock Gadsdon, have kindly put together some informational material for parents planning to attend their athletes (what to expect, how to get there, Henley Island rules, how to avoid heat stroke, etc.). Please see the following documents for useful parent information:
1) Mothers Day Parent Information
2) Heat Stress Awareness Guide

Thanks, folks!

See you in the morning,

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Team Lunch + Mac 2×4 Times and Shirts

Dear Westdale Rowers,

If you haven’t signed up yet for tomorrow’s team lunch at the Mandarin (12:30pm, Upper James location), then please sign up today on the Doodle poll & click “save” so that your response is recorded here: http://doodle.com/wstu5fvupw47xi32 

Mac 2×4 Shirts – If you have not already collected your Mac 2×4 racing shirt, then coach Mike will distribute them tomorrow morning in the racing area (McMaster University Student Center Atrium). If you did not purchase a shirt this year but are racing, then please bring last-year’s racing shirt. All athletes are expected to wear their unisuits & Mac 2×4 shirts for the event.

Mac 2×4 General Info – I’ve already posted info about the 2×4 below, but here’s a short overview (*waivers NOT required*):
1) All athletes arrive at 7:30am in the McMaster University Student Centre Atrium (Google “McMaster University Student Centre” to find directions).
2) Check-in immediately with coaches & weigh-in if required (weigh-ins open at 7:30am)
3) Injured athletes are encouraged to attend to cheer on their teammates
4) Athletes must bring: water, food (breakfast + snacks), *DUCT TAPE & CARDBOARD FOOTSTRAPS* (coordinate with your team for this part), racing unisuit & Mac 2×4 shirt
5) Schedule of events can be found here: Mac 2×4 Event Information – 2015 Schedule

8:00am = Jr. HS Women & Jr. HS LWT Women
8:40am = Jr. HS Men & Jr. HS LWT Men + Coxswain Race
9:20am = Sr. HS Women & Sr. HS LWT Women & Club U19-JR Women
10:00am = Sr. HS Men & Sr. HS LWT Men & Club U19-JR Men
10:40-11am = Highschool Awards & Trophy Presentations
12:30pm = Team Lunch (All-You-Can-Eat) at the Mandarin (please sign up asap so I know numbers here: http://doodle.com/wstu5fvupw47xi32) Cost is $19.99 (about $25 total when including tax & tip).

This is our final indoor race of the season, but our first team/crew race, so we’re faced with our first racing opportunity to really push together as crews – not just as individuals – against other highschools in the Golden Horseshoe region & GTA/Hamilton-Wentworth. A big part of the race will be determined by how well you work together as a team through transitions and motivating one another, so let’s use this as a good challenge: talk with your teammates, figure out what gets them motivated, and communicate as a team so that you’re smooth on those transitions.

Good luck Westdale!

See you all at 7:30am,

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Training (March 3rd-6th) + Mac 2×4 Event Info

Dear Westdale Rowers,

Thank you for arriving early this morning in your team colours to set up the ergs and prepare for the Mac 2×4 training session with the guest coaches and Cable 14. We’ll be posting a link to the video clip/interviews and news footage on here once we’ve got a copy, so stay tuned.

Please ensure you submit your consent form tomorrow if you haven’t already. Due to the requirements of the HWDSB, we are unable to accept verbal consent alone (we need something signed). Thank you!

Two important things in this post:
-Training this week
-Mac 2×4 Event information

1) Training this Week:
Tuesday, March 3rd: *please bring in your Cable 14 consent forms if you haven’t already
Men – 10min suicides & core switchups in lower gym followed by dynamic warmup; 60min weights (regular); stretching *RAFFLE OF JL SHIRT*
Women – Check-in/roster update; 10min warmup run in gym; Erg; House of Pain; Squat Circuit; Nutrition discussion; Cooldown & Debrief

Wednesday, March 4th:
Men – 15 laps of gym; dynamic stretches; LDR Erg (lactic acid flush); Squat Pyramid; Cooldown/Debrief
Women – 10min warmup; 60min weights (regular); stretching

Thursday, March 5th: 
Men – 20min Fartlek run (3rd floor); 50min weights (regular); stretching & cooldown + debrief
Women 10m warmup; Erg: transition training in teams (10min), + 20min erg @22spm & 20min core

Friday, March 6th:
Men – 10min warmup; Transition training in teams (10min), 25min erg castles; 20min core; debrief
Women – 10min warmup; 60min aerobic weights (light weight with 20reps); stretching

Saturday, March 7th: Mac 2×4 – see below

1) Mac 2×4 Information:

All athletes racing at the Mac 2×4 Event this Saturday, March 7th, are expected to arrive in the main atrium (first floor) of the McMaster University Student Centre (MUSC) by 7:30am. No exceptions. You must be wearing your unisuit. Race shirts will then be distributed at the event, to be worn over top of your unisuit.

Arriving by 7:30am is crucial as we need to check all athletes in & have you complete a warmup before the first race at 8am. 30 minutes is not a lot of time, so make sure you arrive at 7:30am sharp. Last year some athletes missed their races – please do NOT let this happen to you. Make sure you’re all ready to go by 7:30am in the McMaster Student Centre atrium. Injured athletes are also welcome to attend to cheer on their teammates, and should plan to arrive at the same time as the rest of the team. All highschool races and awards will be over by 11am.

Schedule of Events: Mac 2×4 Event Information – 2015 Schedule

*CREW LUNCH TO FOLLOW* – Vote on a location – The Mandarin or Boston Pizza??? Both have all-you-can-eat buffets. YUM. VOTE HEREhttp://doodle.com/wstu5fvupw47xi32