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Leander and RCA Registration 2023 and Training this Week 03/27

There is a lot of content in this email. Please read carefully and thoroughly.

Training is Monday Wednesday and Friday

Here are the details on registration for both RCA and Leander Boat Club

Registration Steps:

Register on RCA:

Watch the RCA Safety Video:

Review the Leander Boat Club Safe Sport Policy Manual. Review and return the Image Consent Form.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  I am working on getting electronic copies of this form for you to complete.   Do NOT panic because it is not available.

Under the age of 26: Complete and return the Concussion Code of Conduct – Athlete and Participant Form.

  • PLEASE NOTE:  I am working on getting electronic copies of this form for you to complete.   Do NOT panic because it is not available.

E-Transfer membership cost to leander.clerk@gmail.com clearly noting the participants name associated with the membership(s).

Email leander.clerk@gmail.com identifying which membership you are joining, required forms, and any applicable start dates.

Docks in day is Sunday April 2nd at 8 AM at LBC. Please attend and help out.

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Swim tests will be offered Monday March 27th and Wednesday March 29th at 6:30 am at Westmount pool. Located at:

Westmount Recreation Centre 35 Lynbrook Dr, Hamilton, ON L9C 2K6

Please come dressed in shorts and a tshirt. You can where a swimsuit underneath.

If you have Red Cross Bronze Medallion, or are a certified lifeguard, you are exempt. You must show proof.

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Parents Meetings, Swim Test and Important Dates for Next Week 03/20/2023 and 03/27/2023

We have a couple of important milestones next week. I’m strongly encouraging all of you to attend one the meetings. You only need to attend one of them.

The club is holding two Parents/Guardians Meeting next week. Please attend one of them. The location of the meeting is the club room at Leander Boat Club (directions below). The dates are:

Tuesday, March 21st at 6:00 pm

Thursday, March 23rd at 6:00 pm

At the meeting details on the spring rowing season will be provided.

Location: 50 Leander Drive Hamilton Ontario

The next extremely important milestone to mark on your calendars is the Swim Test. You must do the swim test to be able to go on the water for the spring season. If you have RedCross Bronze or higher certification then you do not need to attend. It is mandatory. I will provide details on what you need to do at the swim test next week. The date of the swim test is:

Thursday, March 30th at 6 AM at Valley Park Rec Centre in Stoney Creek.

Training next week is only two days Wednesday and Friday. Please attend these training sessions

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Cancelling Practice Friday March 10th Inclement Weather

I’m cancelling practice for today. The weather is very iffy out there and I’m going to err on the side of caution,

I can feel the angst in not being able to do the schedule erg test but we’ll do that after March break.

Please read the blog as there are a lot of milestones and deadlines coming up

Shovel your driveway. Shovel your neighbours driveway. You have the energy with not having to do the tests.

Stay safe and we’ll see you on March 20th.

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Training Week of March 6th

We are going every day this week.  I’m looking to have a team meeting on Wednesday to discuss what needs to happen over the next 3-4 weeks.   The current plan is to be on the water the week of April 3rd.   This is under 4 week away.


3 x 15 minutes REST 90 seconds SPM 24-25


2 x 20 minutes REST 2 minutes SPM 23 to 24 5 mnute warmup focused on proper technique


Team Meeting – followed by erg session – time dependant based on length of meeting


1 x 40 minutes SPM 23-24-26 – each 2 minute cycle stroke rate up and then down


500 m test

1000 m test

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Training Week of February 27th

We are 4 days this week.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  No practice on Friday.

The days to being on the water are ticking by and it won’t be long before your breathing that morning air.   In the meantime we are indoors on the erg preparing.


7 x 6 minutes rest 1 minute.   SPM 23,24,25,26,25,25,24 Cat 3 to 4


4 x 10 minutes rest 1 minute SPM 24 to 26 your choice Cat 4


1 m 2m 3m 4 m 5m 4m 3m 2m 1m x 2 – rest 30 seconds SPM 25 Cat 3 to 4


Team Thursday Competition

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Update: Training Week of February 21st

We are Tuesday,Wednesday, and Friday this week.


  • 6 x 5 minutes 1 minute rest SPM 23,24,25,26,25,24,23
  • CAT 4


  • 4 x 10 minutes 2 minutes rest SPM 24-25
  • on a minute cycle drop 500 split by 5 seconds then back to normal
  • CAT 4


  • need 6 volunteers preferrably novice to do a functional movement screening
  • no erging for the ones doing FMS
  • otherwise, 12 x 2 minutes rest 30 seconds SPM 26 CAT 4

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Reminder: Outdoor Rowing Season

Everyone that is committing to the outdoor season needs to send an email to headcoach@westdalerowing.com.

I need to be able to get an idea as to what training plan will need to be in place and what our numbers will be. We have almost a 50/50 split of experienced and novices which will mean different training plans for each.

If you have any friends that are interested then please bring them out to practice.

For any of the experienced athletes from last year that we have not seen yet, please consider coming out. We are down to one coxie and we’ll need two most days. Also will need a novice coxie. So if you can interest anyone than bring them out.

The next few weeks are going to start to be hectic. We are weeks away from being on the water not months. There is a lot to go over between now and the end of March.

Also be prepared that there a few mandatory meetings that will be done in the next week or two.

One is the mandatory rowing safety video. We’ll dedicate a practice to this which means no erging that day,

Second is the mandatory swim test. Anyone with current Bronze Medallion certification is exempt. Provide a photo of you certificate.

This test must be done for you to get on the water. So please do not miss it when it is scheduled.