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Time Trial Info

Good Morning everyone and welcome to the first day of CSSRA racing!

A few boats have time trials this morning. Below are the time trial rules/regulations/procedures copied from the CSSRA website:


All events with time trials will be raced as 1500meter head race. Top crews in the time trials will advance to the Semi-finals, depending on the number of entries in the event.

Crews start with intervals of 30 seconds between boats: 1 minute between boats in the same lane

Even number crews row in lane 4, odd number crews in lane 5

Any crew crossing the course during time trials will be excluded

All crews must have their assigned number securely fastened to the bow of the shell


Upon arriving at the starting area, the marshals will direct you either into the chute for your TT or to the warm up area.

It is your responsibility to be in numerical order, staying behind the numbers lower than yours and ahead of the numbers higher.

Every effort will be made by the marshals to send crews down the chute in ascending numerical order, but this can only happen with your cooperation.

When directed into the chutes proceed quickly and safely

As you approach the chute a marshal will be stationed in the middle of the course, between lanes 4 and 5

Odd numbers boats will keep the marshal to their port side and even numbers to the starboard side

Crews shall be responsible for maintaining their proper order at the start, for maintaining the proper interval between the other crews in the chutes, and for staying within the chutes as they approach the starting line.

Crews not maintaining their proper position may be delayed, moved to the end of the starting order, penalized, or excluded.

The starter will tell you that you are approaching the start line

Stay in your lane for the entire race, except for broken equipment or to yield to an overtaking boat.


Move to lane 3 or lane 6 


A crew is deemed to be overtaking another crew when it has moved to within one length of open water of the crew ahead.

A crew being overtaken shall move to lane 3 or lane 6 to allow the overtaking crew to pass

Any crew failing to yield to an overtaking crew will be Excluded

Course marshals will give instructions as set forth in the Rowing Canada Rules of Racing. Should it be necessary to exclude a crew during a race, the marshal will raise a white flag and order the crew to stop. A crew so ordered shall quickly move out of its lane as not to interfere with any other crew.  

You all have worked SO hard to get to today (even if you can’t race this weekend) and I am truly honored to be a part of your rowing journeys this season!

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CSSRA Friday + End of Season Dinner

You’ve finally made it! We’ve arrived at our last regatta of the season. The coaches are incredibly proud of all the hard work you’ve put in so far. Let’s finish the season on a high note.


You NEED to have ID for this regatta. Valid ID includes your current student card, or government issued photo ID. Please triple check that you have your ID in hand as you leave you house each morning.


Tomorrow is going to be HOT. Please bring a dry outfit for after each race you have. For your racing uniform, you MUST be matching your crew. All athletes should have a unisuit, and please decide with your crew whether you are wearing a shirt underneath.

Food, Sunscreen, & Water

However much food you need, double it. Same with water. It is incredibly important that you fuel properly before and after racing. On a similar note, sunscreen needs to be applied multiple times a day. This is a three day regatta, and you do not want to have a poor race Saturday because you didn’t apply proper sunscreen on Friday.

Arrival & Departure Times

Please consult the previous post for arrival times. We’ve asked that athletes arrive between 90-120 minutes before their race time. Anyone weighing in (coxies, lightweights) must be at the course by 8:30am at the latest. When you are done racing and your boat taken care of, we ask that you please leave the course and go rest.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Stay speedy,


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Plan for the Week

Hey guys! We’ve arrived at our final week of the season. Below is the schedule for the rest of the week:


Meet at picnic table at 5:20am to discuss workout as a group.

Jackson – Ben & Hannah

High Maintenance – Connor

Seeker – Emerson & Claire

Sully – Kate & Giselle

Bishop Ryan – Michael & Adam

Kent – Mateos, Nate, Lucas, Calvin, Alec

Waxman – Tilly, Jola, Jaalanne, Yohanna


Meet at picnic table at 5:20am to discuss workout as a group.

Fuse – Hannah

Wolter – Claire, Emerson, Connor, Ben

Sully – Kate & Giselle

Jackson – Michael & Adam

Kent – Mateos, Nate, Lucas, Calvin, Alec

Waxman – Tilly, Jola, Jaalanne, Yohanna




If crews are interested, there is the opportunity to practice on the Henley course. Your entire crew MUST be in attendance if you wish to go out for a row on the course. Please email me (meegan@westdalerowing.com) if you are interested.



9:00am – Sr 63kg W2x (Kate & Giselle)

9:40am – Sr M1x (Connor)

10:50am – Sr M4+ (Mateos, Nate, Lucas, Calvin, Alec)

11:40am – Sr M2x (Adam & Michael)

12:30pm – Sr W2x (Claire & Emerson)


8:21/8:28am – Sr 63kg W2x Semi Finals

9:45am – Mixed 2x (Ben & Hannah)

10:20am – Sr W4x (Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Giselle)

12:05/12:12pm – Sr M1x Semi Finals

1:01pm – Sr 63kg W1x (Hannah)

1:22/1:29pm – Sr M4+ Semi Finals

2:32/2:39pm – Sr M2x Semi Finals

4:03/4:09/4:15pm – Sr W2x Semi Finals

5:03pm – Mixed 4x (Claire, Emerson, Connor, Ben)


8:20am – Sr 63kg W2x Finals

9:02am – Mixed 2x Finals

9:34am – Sr W4x Finals

10:34am – Sr M1x Finals

11:16am – Sr 63kg W1x Finals

11:46am – Sr M4+ Finals

12:38pm – Sr M2x Finals

1:50pm – Sr W2x Finals

4:42pm – Mixed 4x Finals

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Cities Draw

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are some details for cities:

Be there for no later than 6 am.

First race starts at 8 am so please be ready.

What to bring:



-Multiple changes of clothes



-Water bottle




Launch will take place on the beach!!!

EventEvent numberTimeLane 1Lane 2Lane 3
8:00SeniorsSt. Mary’sWestdale Novices
4+ against novicesBrandon/Atticus/Maddie/Mia/Olivia/Isabella/Jenna/Nicole/EllaJola, Jaalanne, Tilly, Yohanna, Nate, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Mateo
mens 1x8:10SaltfleetWestdaleMac
mens 4x+8:20BTWestdale
James//Aiden/Madison/ tessa/coxieNate, Lucas, Alec, Calvin, mateos
womens 1x8:30WestdaleSt MarysWestdale
mixed 2x8:40BTSt. Mary’sMixed
mixed 2x8:50St. MarysMixed
womens 4x9:00WestdaleMac
mens 2x9:10BTWestdaleSt. Mary’s (LWT)
Womens 2-9:20St. MarysSeniors
Harley BeeSeeker
Womens 2-9:30WestdaleSt.Marys
mens 4x9:40BTSTM/saltfleet
Womens 4+9:50WestdaleWestdaleSt. Mary’s
womens 2x10:10St. Mary’sSt. Mary’s LWT
womens 2x10:20BTWestdaleWestdale
Mens 4+10:30WestdaleMac
Mixed 4x10:40St. MarysWestdaleWestdale
8+11:00SeniorsLBC Juniors
8+ against juniorsBraden/Ben/Sam/Elizabeth/Claire/Hannah/Emerson/Emma/Giselle


-Emma 🙂

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CSSRA Entries

Event 3: Sr 63kg W2x (Kate/Giselle)

Event 7: Mixed 2x (Hannah/Ben)

Event 10: Sr W4x (Giselle/Jaalanne/Jola/Yohanna)

Event 16: Sr M1x (Connor)

Event 20: Sr 63kg W1x (Hannah)

Event 23: Sr M4+ (Mateos/Nate/Lucas/Calvin/Alec)

Event 28: Sr M2x (Michael/Adam)

Event 35: Sr W2x (Emerson/Claire)

Event 40: Mixed 4x (Claire/Emerson/Connor/Ben)