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1. Pete will oversee the end-of-season 2K erg tests on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6 at 4PM at Leander for those who wish to see where they truly stand after the on-water season. I will be out of town, but will be checking in with him to see how they go! Note that most of these tests show a major improvement and it’s in your best interests to pull one. Not mandatory, but HIGHLY recommended!

2. I had an e-mail from the school today about athletic awards and the banquet. From my understanding, in order to attend the athletic banquet on June 14th, you will have to have paid a $20 fee to the school? And also apparently, some of you have paid this fee but your names aren’t on the list? If you have paid it, please contact Pete and he will get hold of the athletic department.

3. In tidying up my stuff today, I found an envelope with money and “Coach Tom” written in pink marker on the front….and no indication who it was from. I assume it was for the Bennett Regatta, but I will post a picture of the envelope in the coming days—please ID yourself if it’s your writing.

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And just like that, it’s over. The suddenness of the end of the season always amazes me.

I want to thank each and every one of you for being a part of our program: the athletes, the parents, supporters, and my fellow coaches. At the beginning of the season, we tell the novice parents that “in this sport, you will create lifelong memories and lifelong bonds.” I think we all witnessed how that happens at last night’s year end dinner. As coaches, don’t think for a second that we are detached emotionally from what you guys are doing on a daily basis. Yes, we get grumpy and annoyed at times and yes we can be hardline and harsh at times. But we will ALWAYS have your back and even though we aren’t out there racing with you, we’ve been right there with you on the coldest days, the hottest days, the wettest days, the snowiest days, and the days where you didn’t think you could make it through your workout. In your races, even though we weren’t in the boat with you, we were with you every stroke of the way. Your losses are our losses and your wins are our wins. When things didn’t go your way, trust me when I say that we take it just as hard as you do. Thank you for giving it your all this season, for placing your trust in us as coaches and believing in our program.

I want to thank you all for the GREAT gifts and cards from last night. Patricia LOVED her beautiful flowers and I put my blanket to it’s first use last night as part of a MASSIVE sleep-in! Beautiful hand-made cards with heart-felt thoughts inside that we will cherish forever! We’re actually going out to dinner tonight and I’ll be ordering the biggest steak on the menu!!!! :):):)

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Liv’s Mom, Marie, hosted a yard sale on Sunday with all proceeds going to Westdale Rowing. I’m VERY happy to announce that a total of $500 was raised!!!!!! Well done, Marie…and many thanks from us! I wasn’t able to be there, but I understand the effort of those who were was fantastic and the engagement with the community was amazing. As our athletes have done at Fortino’s, it is due to their enthusiasm in talking to people that we’ve done so well at our fundraisers! Well done!

There is nothing like the love of a mother. And when it comes to seeing your son dye his hair green, well….Mrs. Roche has stepped forward to help ensure it would happen! I’m again VERY happy to announce that Mike’s Mom has donated $500 to the cause of seeing her son with green locks! Many thanks!

The amounts from the yard sale and Mike’s Mom, as well as Ali Gage’s generous donation from the weekend, will be put DIRECTLY towards the purchase of our new rowing shells. Doing this, I believe, will allow us to pay off the boats sooner than anticipated, which is FANTASTIC news humbly and greatly appreciated by ALL of us!

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MAJOR Donation from Alessandra Gage to Westdale Rowing!

As you all know, a VERY generous donation of $4000 by Alessandra Gage, one of our former athletes and coaches, has put us over the top of our goal to raise $15,000 in fundraising…..meaning Coach Mike will be dying his hair GREEN for CSSRA!!!!!

Ali requested that I read the letter from her this morning, a copy of which I’ve attached below. I echo Ali’s words and know exactly of the passion she speaks.

Ali letter

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645 arrival time, please. No new boats being raced due to boat christening. Astra to be rowed over instead of Wolter. Allocations below:

8am: SW4x: Astra (use Wolter sculls)

8:10: JM2x: Justice

8:20: JW1X: Monaco

8:40: Jr and Sr Women 63kg 4+: Stank (Ella) with Csima oars and Miller (Maura) with Miller oars

8:50: JM4x: Astra

9am: SW2x: Justice

9:10: Sw638+: Griffiths

9:40: JM72kg4+: Miller with Miller oars

9:50: JW4x: Bailey

10:10: SW4+: Miller

10:20: JW2x: Trojan (Liv)

Justice (Serena)

Cherwinski (Maddy D)

10:40: SW 59kg 4x: Bailey

10:50: JM1x: Monaco (Liam)

High Maintenance (Owen)

11:20: Mixed 8+: Griffiths

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If anybody has offered to volunteer, Greg will meet with those folks at 6:30. Rowers should be there at 7am to help put ALL coach boats together and row the shells over to the beach. The following rowers/crews will row the following shells

Wolter: Liv, Maggie, Maddie T, Celina

Propeller Club: Owen, Max

Monaco: Owen (who will run back from the beach and take the Monaco over)

Griffiths: Liam, Alex, Ethan, Geon, Meegan, Sequoia, Maddy B, Becca, Molly (guys in bow four)

Bow four guys will run back from the beach and row the Miller over with Ella after helping Owen launch the Monaco (blue and yellow single)

Meegan, Becca and Maddy will run back from the beach and row the Stank over with Maura and Fiora

Justice: Charlotte, Serena

Cherwinski: Maddy/Ryann

Bailey: Kate, Alia, Zaiga, Caroline

No changes to this, please.