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Assuming the school is open on Wednesday, we will convene at 7am, given that likely icy conditions and temperatures with wind chill will make it too cold to run outside.

A reminder that Rudenkrieg entries and payment ($17) are due Friday morning.

Entries for Ontario’s are due in about a week and a half online at RegattaCentral.com (the same place you entered for Leander Indoor Champs). There are no Westdale entries yet, so who wants to break the ice and be the first??? Novices who did not compete at Leander Indoors should get their entries in well before the deadline. The entry system is problematic and I would prefer to not be trying to deal with it at the last minute.

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It’s not going to be a nice day tomorrow. As always, please check the blog–I will post as soon after 6am as I can if the school is closed. And as always, if school IS called off, please take care of snow removal for your parents and elderly friends/neighbours/relatives! It’ll be a good weights workout–snow should be nice and heavy!

The Swim Test date has been set! Sunday, March 3 from 4-5PM at the Dundas Community Pool. ALL NOVICES MUST DO THIS TEST UNLESS THEY HAVE BRONZE CROSS CERTIFICATION. If you have the certification, please text me a picture of the card. It cannot be expired.

EXPERIENCED ROWERS WHO DID NOT DO THE TEST LAST YEAR, MUST ALSO DO IT. Testing is now every two years. Again, bronze cross certification will suffice, but you need to send a picture of it to me.

Testing involves treading water while dressed as you would for rowing, and being able to put on a lifejacket in the water. We will not allow anyone to row in our program if this test is not passed. No exceptions.

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Well, math was never my strong suit! We didn’t have four wins out of six entries, we had five wins out of seven entries! For some reason, I left out the Sr Women’s crew of Becca, Chloe, Serena and Sequoia! Sorry about that! GREAT day yesterday, everybody!

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Well done on Saturday, everybody! We had 6 crews competing. Four of them won their category. The Jr Lightweight men’s crew of Liam, Alex, Geon and Lachlan were very close to setting an event record in an impressive win. The Jr Men Open weight crew of Max, Quin, Jerron and Davin were only a couple of seconds off the pace of the previous record, but unfortunately ran into a Ridley crew who BEAT the record by 5 seconds–a strong second place finish. Good wins by the Jr Open crew of Ryann, Grace, Maddy D and Daniella, and by the Jr Lightweight crew of Emma, Maggie, Liv and Celina. Our fourth win of the day came in the Mixed High School crew where Gillian, Charlotte, Ethan and Geon brought home the prize. Overall, the women’s team took home the top overall prize! And we were second in the men’s competition—a great result considering we had no senior men’s crews! Well done!

Our next indoor regatta is RUDENKRIEG in Grimsby on February 23rd. Entries are $17–cash or cheque made out to Westdale Rowing. ENTRIES ARE DUE THIS FRIDAY.

The next cycle’s program will come out later today or Monday. Wind chill is supposed to be minus-13 Monday, so please arrive for 7AM warmed up and ready to go. We are going to split the teams up into men and women this week. Men will be on the ergs Monday and women doing core circuits. Tuesday could possibly be…..you guessed it….a snow day! We will let you know.
I am REALLY encouraged with where we are right now. Numbers are pointing towards some significant PBs at Ontario’s in St. Catharines. The basic mode of training for the next couple of weeks will be: this week and most of next week will be trying to re-establish a solid aerobic base. We will do one, maybe two days of speed work leading into RUDENKRIEG. RUDENKRIEG is a great prep regatta for Ontario’s. It’s where we want to test our race strategy so that there can be no doubt the following weekend! The week between RUDENKRIEG and St. Catharines will be almost entirely speed work heading into Ontario’s.

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Race teams and times were posted a few days ago. Please be there at least 45 minutes before your race time to register, weigh in if you have to, and warm up.

VENUE: If you type in McMaster University Students Centre to google maps, the location will come up for you. It’s at the main campus at 1280 Main St W, Hamilton, ON L8S 4S4.

See you there, and race hard!

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We will meet at 7am Friday (hopefully, as long as the school is open!). Be warmed up and ready on arrival. Predicting a flash freeze overnight, with temps going from 12 at midnight to -10 wind chill by 6.

1. MAC 2X4 MATERIALS. Holding on to hope there WILL be a school practice on Friday! If so, I would like experienced rowers on each team to organize the materials required for Mac 2×4. Becca, can you help Jack, as his team is the only all-novice team?

2. RUDENKRIEG. Following Mac 2×4, our next event will be Rudenkrieg, the indoor regatta at Grimsby SS, on Saturday, Feb. 23. $17 cash or cheque made out to Westdale Rowing, please. Note: This entry is NOT done through RegattaCentral.

3. ONTARIO INDOORS. One week later, on Saturday, March 2, is the Ontario Indoor Rowing Champs at Ridley College in St. Catharines. We expect all our rowers to compete at this event. Entry is done online at RegattaCentral.

4. SWIM TEST. Date TBA, but likely either just before, or just after March Break. Note that ALL NOVICES and likely ALL ROWERS and coaches will have to take one this year.

5. RCA & LEANDER REGISTRATION. I will let you know when this window opens up. All rowers must be registered with RCA (Rowing Canada) and Leander BC prior to being allowed on the water. A reminder that these registrations do not happen instantly and there is often a few days lag time between when you register and when it’s confirmed. Once the window opens, get it done asap, please.

6. SPRING PARENTS MEETING. There will be an upcoming meeting, date TBA, for parents and rowers in advance of the on-water season. This meeting is especially important for novices and their parents. At that time, we’ll be presenting our budget for spring fees.

7. SPRING BREAK CAMPS? There will likely be no southern camp–there has been no word on this from the club coaches, so I expect the idea is dead. I haven’t heard of any local camps yet, but will forward the information if I hear. This would only be open to experienced rowers.

8. LEANDER DOCKS IN DAY. It’s too early yet, to determine when the docks will go in. When the word comes out, I will pass it along. We will need as many of you there as possible in order to complete the many tasks required in order to get on the water!

9. PRE-SEASON RIGGING. As we get closer to the dates, we will be organizing rigging parties for our various boats. Stay tuned!

10. “WHEN ARE WE ON THE WATER?” For experienced rowers (I believe this includes those who rowed just the high school season last year), we will try to get you on the water as soon as possible. It’s all dependent on weather—I believe last year we got on around March 20? As last year, this will be exclusively 8+s, 4+s and 4xs. No small boats in the pre-season. All novices must wait until at least April 1, although it MAY be possible to do some dock-side instruction if the weather is good.

11. HOW DO WE GET TO LEANDER FOR 5:10AM IN APRIL? For novices, car pooling works very well among those who live in the same area of town. Please talk to your friends and parents and arrange amongst yourselves. I’m open to discussing the possibility of rowers cycling to the club in the mornings, but with a number of safety restrictions (MUST be in a group starting from a single location, MUST not be cycling alone at any time during the morning, MUST have proper lights, Group MUST be accompanied by an adult, etc). If any parents/rowers are interested in implementing this option, let’s discuss. (Note: discussion only. Not a policy yet).