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SNRC Recap, Training Plan, and City Champs

Dear Westdale Rowers,

Great job this weekend at the SNRC Highschool Invitational Regatta. The regatta has given us some much needed racing experience for all crews, and I’m happy to report that we’ve broken a new record in the history of the Westdale Rowing Team: 

Records broken:
-Highest total number of events (both men’s & women’s) where we’ve achieved medals, with 2 golds, 3 silvers, and 1 bronze (medals in 6 events total).
-First time in Westdale Rowing history where the Men’s Team has achieved medals in every event they entered (5 events total: 2 golds, 3 silvers).

Results Recap (for those that were unable to attend):
-Westdale entered a total of 15 events (5 events for the Men’s team, 10 for the women’s team).
-7 crews raced in 5 events on the Men’s Team, one crew from each event made the final (5 crews, 5 events)
-11 crews raced in 10 events on the Women’s Team, 6 crews made it to the finals in 6 different events.
Women’s Team Finals & Medals:
-Jr. Women’s 2x & Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x both placed 5th in their final
-Jr. Women’s 59kg 4+, Sr. Women’s 8+, and Sr. Women’s 1x all placed 4th in their finals
-Sr. Women’s 63kg 8+ placed 3rd in their final, securing bronze medals for the crew
Men’s Team Finals & Medals:
-Sr. Men’s 4x, Sr. Men’s 1x, and Jr. Men’s 1x all placed second in their finals, securing silver medals for their crews
-Jr. Men’s 2x & Sr. Men’s 2x both placed first in their finals, securing gold medals in their crews

…Congrats, rowers! SNRCs is a great indicator for CSSRAs, as it’s a larger regatta and provides everyone with race experience against a broader (and deeper) field of competition. We still have three weeks until CSSRAs, so there’s still lots that we can work on to better prepare us for our national races.

Training Plan for this Week:
See training plan PDF here – WSS Rowing 2015 Training Schedule (A. Gage – MAY & JUNE)
Men’s Team – you’ll be in the Sr. Men’s 8+ with Arnaud as coxswain on Friday in order to prep for City Champs.

City Champs:
City Champs is this Saturday. Please expect to remain from early morning until mid/late afternoon. We’ll be holding a crew dinner following the regatta (and following the ice-cream devouring) to celebrate the end of City Champs & the start of the final two weeks leading to CSSRAs. Also, because food. When is food ever wrong? Answer: never.

See you all tomorrow morning, bright and early, at 5:15am.


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Training Plan & Lost Items (We Found You!)

Dear Rowers,

Are you missing your favourite yellow-capped water bottle? (Featuring: water! included! FREE!)
How about your beautiful blue water bottle? (Featuring: humid precipitation droplets! included! ALSO FREE!)
Or even your lovely green Thinsulate Woods “Lite-Loft” insulation bag to carry your crucial camping gear? (Featuring: NOTHING ELSE, JUST THE GEAR! what a win! TOTALLY FREE!)

They want to go home. Please, give them a home. They don’t like living with me. Seriously. I’m cruel and leave them alone in the den gathering dust. This is no life for a water bottle or air-mattress carrier.

So, if these are your items OR if you think you know the items’ owners (even if they’re from another school), please contact me so I can return these sad, lonely items to your possession.

In other news, TRAINING PLANS! YAY!
Please see the following PDF for an overview of the training schedule from now until CSSRAs: WSS Rowing 2015 Training Schedule (A. Gage – MAY & JUNE)

See you all in the morning *yawn*,

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City Champs – Event Times & Boat Listings

Hi Westdale Rowers & Parents,

Following with Mike’s post below with respect to arrival times (arrive at 6am), weigh-ins (at 6am), and racing start times (first event begins at 8:30am), I’ve included a link to the PDF with event times & have listed out the Men’s & Sr. Women’s crews that will be racing (Mike has already spoken with his crews/the JRs).

Event List & Start Times: LBC City Champs Draw (includes boat listings, though some are being revised by the LBC Manager)

Event Lists (Men’s Team & Sr. Women):
***PLEASE NOTE: Mike’s already spoken to his crews, so this is just a summary of the crews I’ve entered because I’ve been away sick & haven’t had a chance to communicate the full listings:

Event #1b) Jr. Men’s 66kg 4+: Tristan W. (cox), Will S. (4), Talal A. (3), Tanner H. (2), Jake C. (1) (in Chester Waxman)
Event #3a) Sr. Men’s OPEN 2x: Bogdan C. (stroke), Nimeash D. (bow) (in Cherwinski)
Event #3c) Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x: Lucas A. (stroke), Philippe B. (bow) (in Justice)
Event #4) Sr. Women’s OPEN 4x: Haley H. (4), Breanne H. (3), Brenna L. (2), Kiija G. (1) (in Ad Astra)
Event #8a) Sr. Men’s OPEN 4+: Will S. (cox), Bogdan C. (4), Toby M. (3), Evan W. (2), Nimeash D. (1) (in Chester Waxman)
Event #8b) Sr. Men’s OPEN 4+: Kiri (cox), Luke G. (4), Max M. (3), Erik H. (2), Lucas A. (1) (in Csima)
Event #9a) Sr. Women’s OPEN 8+: Kiri (cox), Haley H. (8), Breanne H. (7), Brenna L. (6), Kiija G. (5), Madison V. (4), Jocelyn M. OR Louise M. (depending on Jocelyn’s back) (3), Katie M. (2), Katie Y. (1)
Event #10) Sr. Men’s OPEN 1x: Luke G. (in Eben 1x)
Event #11) Sr. Women’s 63kg & OPEN 1x: Madison V. (OPEN – Vamosi 1x), Jocelyn M. (63kg – Monaco 1x)
Event #14a) Sr. Women’s OPEN 2x: Breanne (2) & Haley (1) (in Justice), EITHER Brenna (2) & Kiija (1) OR Jocelyn (2) & Madison (1) (in Chuks) ***Steffan was unable to give us three 2x racing spots (we’ve been limited to two)
Event #17) Jr. Men’s OPEN 2x: Erik H. (2), Max M. (1) (in Chuks)
Event #20) Sr. Men’s OPEN 8+: Kiri (cox), Luke G. (8), Max M. (7), Erik H. (6), Lucas A. (5), Toby M. (4), Bogdan C. (3), Nimeash D. (2), Philippe B. (1)

Coxing: As it currently stands, Jake C. will be coxing a Jr. Women’s 4+ & Jr. 63kg 4+. Will S. will be coxing a Jr. Women’s 8+ & a Jr. Women’s 4+. Tristan W. will be coxing the flyweight 4+, as well as her regular boats (indicated by Mike). Kiri will be coxing the Sr. Women’s 8+, Sr. Men’s 8+, and Sr. Men’s 4+ (all open categories).

Due to the high number of races & the limit of three races per athlete (and coxswain), we are requiring all coxing help available in order to ensure everyone can race their events.

Again, a friendly reminder that everyone must arrive for 6am at LBC in order to weigh-in, check-in, and row the boats over to the Bayfront Park beach.