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Team Update: Coaching, Secondary Boats, and Rowing Fees

Hello Westdale Rowers & Parents,

It was great seeing everyone again this morning 🙂 After meeting with Mike to discuss the practice schedule & coaching arrangements, we have finalized a few things for both the men AND the women that I outline below. This schedule will also address opportunities for secondary-boat outings. Most importantly, we have finished determining which athletes still need to pay their outdoor fees, and I have provided a list (also below) with the names & amounts owing for simplicity. All chequest should be made a payable to “Westdale Secondary School” with a memo line that reads “[Athlete’s Full Name – Rowing Fees]”.

1) Coaching Arrangements ***NEW***:

The following coaches have been assigned to these crews & practice times:

Mike Roche (Head Coach):
-Jr. Women’s MWT 8+ (Tristan (cox), Maddy, Claire, Sadie, Astara, Sophia, Stephanie, Louise, Katie M.)
-Jr. Women’s 8+ (coxswain*, Lauren, Victoria, Taylor, Rachel, Kyra (SPARE: Samantha Z.), Kate S., Sophie, Katie Y.)

*The coxswain of the Jr. Women’s 8+ will officially be Will for competitions, but Will is only going to be coxing the 8+ during the Sat/Sun weekend workouts. From Tuesday-Friday, the boat will be coxed using a rotation of coxswains that will be updated to this post by tomorrow afternoon. It may ocassionally receive coxing from Mary Rao, an assistant coach & experienced coxswain.

Alessandra Gage (Team Coach):
AM (5:15-7:30am) COACHING FOR:
-Sr. HWT Men’s 1x (Luke Gadsdon)
-Sr. HWT Men’s 4x (Hudson, Max, Erik, Carmichael)
-Sr. LWT Men’s 4+ (Kiri (cox), JJ, Lucas, Nimeash, Philippe)
-Sr. Women’s 4x (Kiija, Brenna, Breanne, Haley)

PM COACHING (4-5:30pm) FOR:
-Sr. HWT Men’s 4x (David, Bogdan, Toby, Evan)
-Jr. FWT Men’s 4+/4x (coxswain**, Tanner, Jake, Will, Talal)
-Sr. LWT Women’s 2x (Samantha Z. & COACH***)

**The coxswain of the Jr. FWT 4+ is officially Tristan W. for competitions, but will vary at afternoon practices depending on who’s available. Mary Rao (assistant coach & experienced coxswain) may ocassionally cox, but we will typically avoid the issue by ensuring that all the flyweights train in a quad. This removes the problem of finding a coxswain for the FWT boat in afternoon practices.

***The Sr. LWT Women’s 2x will not be a racing crew, but will provide a development & training opportunity with a coach or sub in the bow-seat (this will either by Mary Rao OR another athlete – from a different highschool or from McMaster University). If a current Westdale Women’s athlete is interested in taking this second spot for the purposes of training, please speak with me directly.

Peter DeNew (Assistant Coach & LBC Coachboat Lead):
AM (5:15-7:30am) COACHING FOR:
-Sr. LWT Women’s 1x (Jocelyn)
-Sr. Women’s 1x (Madison V.)
-LBC Club Singles (from other highschools, as required)

PM COACHING (4-5:30pm) FOR:
-Same crews as Alessandra Gage (this will be a co-coached session with the help of Peter, Alessandra, and Mary Rao).

Assistant Coaches (Mary Rao, Lexi Ross, Anise Truman, Eben Prevec, Rob Gage): Assistant coaches will help at various practices both AM and PM as required in order to provide the best coaching coverage possible. They will occassionally be coaching in-boat as coxswains or rowers.

2) Practice Schedule ***NEW***:

All morning crews of Alessandra, Mike, and Peter will be training Tuesday-Friday from (5:15-7:30am) and on Sat/Sun from 6-8am. Monday will be OFF (no practice).
-The Jr. Men’s FWT 4+ will train in the PM from Tuesday-Friday (4pm-5:30pm). Sat/Sun/Monday will be OFF (no practice) because Will is needed for coxing the Jr. Women’s 8+ on weekends.
-The Sr. Men’s HWT 4x will train in the PM from Monday-Friday (4pm-5:30pm). Sat/Sun will be OFF (no practice).
-All secondary crews will train in the PM only if requested by athletes OR if recommended by a coach.

3) Rowing Fees:

The following list of people owe their outdoor rowing fees as of Friday, April 25th. They are due tomorrow (Saturday, April 26th). The amount owing is indicated next to each name & the fees correspond to the position (cox/fwt; rower):

Women with Fees Owing:
*Sophie – $225
Sadie – $225
Rachel – $225
Madison V. – $225
*Kiri – $110

Men with Fees Owing:
David – $225
Philippe – $225

If your name has been highlighted in RED it means that you still need to register with RCA (list provided below). If your name has an asterisk (*) beside it, it means that we are missing your emergency contact information (along with any additional athletes listed below) and require the white & pink sheets to be signed and returned asap:
White athletics form only – Lucas, Haley, Sophie
Both white & pink athletics form/contact info sheet – Kiri, David L.
RCA registration required for: Jake, Toby, Kiri, Sadie, Taylor B.

Hopefully the wind settles down so that we’ll be out on-water this afternoon & tomorrow morning.

See you at practice,

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LTR Instructor Clinic for Highschool Rowers, Outdoor Fees, and RCA Registration

Hello Westdale Rowers,

I hope you’ve all been having a successful training time on-water and on-land (depending on the weather), and that the crews have been working out thus far. I’ve heard that the Chili Cookoff was a success, which is great news, and thank you VERY much for the lovely coaching gift (the flowers). I will be flying back to Canada tomorrow morning & will be back to coach at practices as of this Friday morning.

Three important things:

1) Learn-To-Row Instructor Clinic for Highschool Rowers keen for a Summer Job

Steffan Wagner recently emailed all highschool rowing coaches to pass along the following information about a “Learn to Row Instructor Course” that will enable highschool rowers to coach Learn-To-Row as a summer job, if you’re interested. Please see his message below (copied & pasted) for full details:

“Hello High School Coaches,

A final reminder to encourage your athletes to register  for the LTR Instructor Clinic hosted by Leander BC on April 26 and 27. This is a great opportunity for your athletes to learn more about the sport and is a requirement for summer jobs at Leander. Registration is found here; this is also an opportunity to train future coaches for your team!!!

The link for registration for the upcoming learn to row instructor workshop at Leander is here: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/learn-to-row-instructor-hamilton-april-26-27-tickets-11270982813
Steffan Wagner
Rowing Manager, Leander Boat Club
Head Coach, McMaster University Rowing
Office: 905-527-7377

2) Outdoor Rowing Fees

As Mike has mentioned, please ensure that you submit your outdoor rowing fees (and/or any outstanding Chili Cookoff tickets money) by Saturday, April 26th. His post about total costs & details can be found here: https://westdalerowing.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/2014-outdoor-rowing-fees-needed-by-saturday-april-26th/

3) RCA Registration Requirements

At least five athletes are still unregistered & need to complete their RCA registration this week. Please see Mike’s initial post here about registration details: https://westdalerowing.wordpress.com/2014/04/11/rca-registration-required-before-we-can-go-on-the-water/. The five athletes I currently have listed as unregistered are: “Taylor, Sadie, Jake, Toby, and Kiri” (the list sent to us by LBC Manager, Steffan Wagner). If you have any difficulties, please let us know and we can assist you.

I’ll see you all very soon, and I hope that the winds stay down so we can get some good water mileage.


PS – I leave you with a photo of rowers in Firenze (Florence), Italy, rowing in the Arno river under the Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge):

Rowing in the Arno