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Saturday – CSSRA Times & Recap

Dear Westdale Rowers & Parents,

Today was a tough day of racing: the first day is when we meet our competition (from across the continent!) and determine conditions for our heats. The changes in wind direction (from tail to cross to head) definitely tested our crews, but everyone pushed despite the weather.

We have two crews from today’s races that have proceeded to Saturday’s Semifinals: the Sr. Men’s 1x and the Sr. Men’s 4x. We had some close calls as well, with a few boats missing the semis by just 0.6 seconds or 2.6 seconds, but we pushed hard and we’ll now look forward to doing our best tomorrow and cheering hard for other crews that are just starting their competitions.

Without further ado, here are Saturday’s Racing Times: 
Sr. Women 63kg 8+ – Heat 1 @9:52am
Jr. Men 1x – Heat 1 @10:55am
Jr. Women 63kg 8+ – Heat 2 @11:44am
Sr. Men’s 1x Semifinal – 12:40pm OR 12:47pm (TBD by draw)
Sr. Men’s 4x Semifinal – 2:04pm OR 2:11pm (TBD by draw)
Jr. Women’s 4x – Heat 1 @3:42pm
Sr. Women’s 8+ – Heat 2 @5:27pm

Women’s Arrival Times:
Mike has already spoken with crews about your arrival times. Coxswains and Midweight crews must arrive earlier to weigh-in with Mike. Women’s crews that race later in the day should either arrive in time for the first race (9:52am) or at least 3 hours before your race if you’re racing at the end of the day (Sr. Women’s 8+).

Men’s Arrival Times:
Jr. Men’s 1x (Erik) – 8:55am
Sr. Men’s 1x (Luke) – 9:40am
Sr. Men’s 4x (Max & Kieran *others already there) – 10:45am

Athletes that aren’t racing on Saturday should plan to arrive by 9:30am in order to cheer on the team in the first race of the day.

See you all in the morning,

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Training Plan & Lost Items (We Found You!)

Dear Rowers,

Are you missing your favourite yellow-capped water bottle? (Featuring: water! included! FREE!)
How about your beautiful blue water bottle? (Featuring: humid precipitation droplets! included! ALSO FREE!)
Or even your lovely green Thinsulate Woods “Lite-Loft” insulation bag to carry your crucial camping gear? (Featuring: NOTHING ELSE, JUST THE GEAR! what a win! TOTALLY FREE!)

They want to go home. Please, give them a home. They don’t like living with me. Seriously. I’m cruel and leave them alone in the den gathering dust. This is no life for a water bottle or air-mattress carrier.

So, if these are your items OR if you think you know the items’ owners (even if they’re from another school), please contact me so I can return these sad, lonely items to your possession.

In other news, TRAINING PLANS! YAY!
Please see the following PDF for an overview of the training schedule from now until CSSRAs: WSS Rowing 2015 Training Schedule (A. Gage – MAY & JUNE)

See you all in the morning *yawn*,

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Boating Lineup until CSSRAs & PM Practices (Men & Sr. Women)

Hello Westdale Rowers,

This post is for the Men’s Team & the Sr. Women’s crews & contains an overview of the boating lineups from now until Schoolboys. It also provides information about the timing of next Thursday’s practice in St. Catharines.

IMPORTANT: If you are listed in a “recommended” PM practice crew, I highly advise you to attend that day’s PM practice with that specific crew. You can discuss whether this is possible as a group, but I recommend it in order to ensure you have a decent amount of time in both your primary and (if applicable) secondary boats. Please try to attend, if possible.

Here’s the daily lineup & full Henley Island practice information: Boating Lineups until CSSRAs (Schoolboys) – WSS Rowing 2014
For a reminder of the workouts from now until CSSRAs, please enlarge the image below:

Last Week Training (CSSRA prep & taper)
See you all in the morning,

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CSSRA “Schoolboys” Regatta: Food Signup & General Information (PARENTS)

Dear Parents,

With our biggest international regatta fast approaching, we are now preparing details for the June 6th/7th/8th weekend (including Friday!) with respect to food & a parent’s tent.

Dina Gadsdon, a member of the WSS Rowing Parents Committee, has prepared a Google Document so that families can sign-up to contribute to the food at the parents’ tent. The instructions and a full overview of the CSSRA food/parents tent can be found here: WSS Rowing 2014 – CSSRA food

The link to the Google Document can be found here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HVJfTu3LJp4X3Od6rgN8oKqDBn2-lmUedm1yyW_xy7I/edit?usp=sharing <—BE SURE TO CLICK THE LINK TO UPDATE & SIGN-UP.

Any questions concerning food & the parents’ tent should be directed to Dina Gadsdon (contact info available in the informational document posted above “WSS Rowing 2014 – CSSRA food”), so please do not ask questions about food/parents’ tent via the blog OR by asking me/Mike – we won’t know anything about it. Dina’s the person to contact.

Information concerning a practice in St. Kitt’s (St. Catharine’s) on Thursday will be discussed later this week. Students will be released early from school on Thursday, June 5th, and will take a school bus to Henley Island in order to practice on the course. Full details will be provided once Mike Roche has returned.

Thanks folks,