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Parent Feedback Survey – It’s Here!

Hello Parents,

The feedback survey has been officially approved & is now ready for your input. Please find the survey by clicking this link, and we recommend that you be as specific as possible if you’re writing comments (it’s helpful in identifying which specific things are good/which things needs change): https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/X2NCTBM

Your feedback is highly valuable and will be used to improve the program for next year. All feedback (athlete & parent) will be reviewed at the end of June by the teacher rep & coaches. We can also provide an update afterwards to indicate how the review went & what types of changes will be made.

PLEASE NOTE: The survey is focused on the 2014 Outdoor Rowing Season only. If you’d like to add input/feedback about the indoor season, then you are able to add that in the comments section of the last question (which asks for any additional notes/etc. you may want to list). The survey focuses predominantly on the coaching, training, and communication – as experienced and perceived by you, the parents – during the outdoor season. A separate survey, compiled by Lori Prevec, will be offered at a later time and will be focused more on fundraising feedback (e.g.: Chili Cookoff, Ergathon) and parent-run initiatives (e.g.: CSSRA food tent, etc.)

ALSO IMPORTANT: This survey is athlete/coach specific for the purposes of better analyzing the feedback. It’s anonymous – don’t worry (your athlete won’t be identified, nor will you – but you are required to select the category your athlete rowed/coxed and the athlete’s main coach. If you have TWO or more Westdale rowers in your family, please complete one survey per athlete, as they may have had different coaches.

If you have any questions or concerns before completing the survey, just send me an email & I’ll be happy to clarify things 🙂

Thanks for taking the time to do this, we appreciate it!


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Athlete Feedback – Survey for 2014 Outdoor Rowing Season

Hello Athletes!

Now that you’ve had a few days to recover from your final races of the outdoor season (but while the season is still fresh in your minds) we’d like to invite ALL athletes (Jr/Sr/Men/Women/AM/PM/injured) to provide feedback on the training, coaching, and general thoughts on the outdoor season.

Please submit your feedback by completing the survey found here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QGHYT2Q

This survey is intended for athletes only because a separate survey/feedback form will be given to parents & will be collected separately. This will help us in effectively analyzing the feedback. The parent feedback survey will be posted within the next few days (this week) – thanks in advance for your patience.

I highly encourage everyone to respond because this is our way of determining what’s working & what needs to be changed and it’s very useful for improving the program. Be sure to have your voice heard by completing the survey 🙂