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Chili Cookoff – Signup, Ticket Money Collection, Setup/Arrival Times

Dear Parents & Athletes,

A few notes from our parent reps/coordinators for the Chili Cookoff this Thursday:

1) Food Signup – Please, We Need Some More Help!
We are still in need of more people to sign up to offer a food contribution if you haven’t already signed up or contacted Dina. Many of you have mentioned that the Google Doc wasn’t working before, so it should be working now & everyone should be able to sign up here: FOOD SIGN UP

2) Setup Volunteers – ARRIVE AT 4pm
Anyone who signed up to volunteer for setup & initial tasks should arrive by 4pm (or as close to that time as possible). The event begins at 6pm. You can check to see what you’ve signed up for by checking the following sheets (and you can still sign up for a shift if you want to volunteer):

3) Ticket Money Collection – At morning & afternoon practices
Morning Athletes: Ticket money ($160 for each group of 8 tickets) can be submitted to Brock Gadsdon just before your morning practices at Leander. Parents or athletes should see Brock before the practice begins.
Afternoon Athletes: Alessandra will collect your ticket money on Tuesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday afternoon.

4) Wine Donations – Drop Off Location
Morning Athletes: If you haven’t had the chance to bring in your bottle(s) of wine, Brock Gadsdon will be collecting donations at morning practices everyday up until the Chili Cookoff. Brock will be in the parking lot, so parents can drop off the wine with him there.
Afternoon Athletes: Alessandra will collect any remaining wine donations from parents on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon. If parents are unable to bring the wine at this time, please connect with Alessandra for an alternate drop-off option. *please do not send your child with alcohol to school/practice – we request that parents bring the bottle(s)*

5) Food Rules/Guidelines – If you’re bringing chili, salad, and/or dessert
Chili: All chili must arrive hot in crock pots (make sure it’s already been heated thoroughly)
Salads & Desserts: Salads and desserts must arrive already prepared & ready to go (there’s no prep area in the hall)
ALL FOOD: All food items should have a list of ingredients accompanying them (helpful for dietary restrictions)
ALL UTENSILS, PLATES, & POTS (ETC.): Please label all your items so that they can be easily identified & returned to you at the end of the night.

6) Share the Event with Friends, Family, Teachers, Peers, etc. – Facebook Link
A Facebook Event Page has been created so that any & all can share the Chili Cookoff information with their friends, families, and peers (etc.). Please circulate to your networks & encourage people to come. Tickets can always be purchased at the door for $20 if they haven’t already obtained a ticket through a rower. Click here for the event link: Westdale Chili Cookoff Facebook Event Page

…that’s all 🙂 Thanks, everybody!


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Training Dec. 8th-12th & Crew Dinner

Bonjour Westdale,

Here’s your training schedule for the upcoming week (Monday, Dec. 8th – Friday, Dec. 12th) plus info about our crew dinner:

*If you haven’t already signed up for the crew dinner & want to join, please sign up here: http://doodle.com/scrq6v334yayz42y 

Men – 5min run + 5min Dynamic Warmup (from BrockU); Erg Testing (20min or 6km RADAR); 20min run + 5min core; Cooldown & Stretch
Women – 10min run; Cardio Circuit & Weights; Cooldown & Stretch

Men – 5min run + 5min Dynamic Warmup; Weights; Cooldown & Stretch
Women – 20min erg; 300 core circuit; 20min run; Cooldown & Stretch

Men – 5min run + 5min Dynamic Warmup; Erg (30min racing prep erg or Peak Power Test RADAR); House of Pain; Cooldown & Stretch
Women – 10min run; Cardio Circuit (or run) & Weights; Cooldown & Stretch

Men – 5min run + 5min Dynamic Warmup; Cardio Circuit; Cooldown & Stretch
Women – 20min Core Circuit 1; 20min racing prep erg; House of Pain; Cooldown & Stretch

Friday: *6pm Crew Dinner @ BP (Main St. West Location)*
ALL – 2km erg testing (alternating flights of Men/Women; first flight = RADAR)
PLUS: Crew Dinner @6pm at Boston Pizza (1563 Main St. West Location) – For those that were asking, “all you can eat/drink pizza & pop” costs $12.95 per person (when including tax & tip, it’s closer to $17). If you plan to order something else from the menu, or want to add a dessert/etc., then please click here for the other menu options & pricing.

See you all in the morning,

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Training, Team Dinner, Guest Coach & Game

Hey Westdale,

Despite tonight’s bad news, here are a few exciting things this week (and next):

Guest Coach:
We have a guest coach joining us on Wednesday, Dec. 3rd. Please be on-time & ready to start at 6:30am so that Zach can begin the program. Zach Plug is the core strength coach for the Brock University Varsity Rowing Team, so we are VERY lucky to have him coming in to coach you this Wednesday. He’ll be teaching you all the basics of a core strength program called “Rowga” to improve your rowing – this is the same program that the Brock University Varsity Rowing Team uses.

Team Dinner:
We’re having a team dinner, yay! Please mark the date in your calendars: Friday, December 12th, at 6pm at Boston Pizza on Main Street West (near McMaster University). They have all-you-can-eat/drink pizza & pop, among other things. If you plan to attend, please add your name to this poll so that I can book the reservation for the correct number of people: http://doodle.com/scrq6v334yayz42y

Training Plans (Dec. 1st –  6th):
Women – Ergs & Core & Run (20 min switches); stretching
Men – Weights (10min run, 60min weights, 5min cooldown run, 10min stretching & debrief)

Women – Weights (warmup, weights, cooldown & stretch)
Men – Ergs & Core (low-back injury-prevention focus) (10min switchups)

Wednesday: *Guest Coach Zach Plug from Brock University Varsity Rowing Team*
Full Team – ROWGA

Women – 10min warmup, 60min Circuit Training (distributed at practice), 10min cooldown & stretching
Men – Ergs & Weights/Cardio Circuit (in gym, distributed at practice)

Full Team – RELAY

Full Team – Stair Run @Chedoke Golf-Course Stairs (7:30am)

Based on the wonderful facts you all submitted last week, we have a Guess-the-Rower game with a prize at the end: First person to determine the names associated with each fact on the sheet (two facts submitted per person) before Wednesday, Dec. 17th, will win the prize. Bonus points if you can identify the coaches’ facts. Here’s the sheet you need: Guess the Rower Game

How to do it: print off a sheet (3 pages total), record the name of the rower associated with the fact on the sheet, and submit your sheet when you’ve got as many names as you can. You don’t need to complete the sheet, but the person with the most names recorded on their sheet will win the prize (it’s a good prize).

See you in the morning,