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Weekly Training, Boatings, & Parents Meeting PPT

Dear Westdale Rowers & Parents,

Please find the PowerPoint from Thursday’s Parents’ Meeting here: Spring Season – Outdoor Rowing 2015 PPT. The only details missing from this are the Chili Cookoff specifics, and once I’ve obtained a copy of the Chili-Cookoff Info presentation I’ll post it.

Men’s Team: You can find your training boatings & racing crews here: Men’s Alpha List & Boating Details – WSS Men’s Team (Outdoor 2015).

Erg Testing (6km/2km): All athletes will undergo testing this week. The Women’s Team will be completing their 2km tests, and the Men’s Team will be completing their 6km tests. Testing is a normal part of training and is meant to prepare you mentally and physically for racing. It also helps coaches determine your physical fitness, endurance, and strength (depending on the type of test). All athletes should expect to be tested regularly as part of training, particularly before going on-water (you should all do a 2km, 6km, or both).

WEEKLY TRAINING (Sunday, March 29th – April 4th):

Sunday, March 29th: 12-3pm @Welland International Flatwater Centre
ALL – Arrive prepared for a 3hr training session at the Welland International Flatwater Centre. You must wear rowing-appropriate attire. Practice begins at 12pm and ends at 3pm. Men & women will circulate through the tank, weights, ergs, and gym in shifts. Get directions here.

Monday, March 30th: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Height Measurements, Warmup (suicides/core), 2x25min erg castles (Cat 5), Cooldown & Debrief *Final Movement Screen (Cooper/Evan)
Women – Warmup (suicides/core), 30min run, 3×300 circuit, Cooldown & Debrief

Tuesday, March 31st: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Warmup (10min run), Weights, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup, 2km Testing, Cooldown & Debrief

Wednesday, April 1st: 6:30-8am @Westdale 
Men – Warmup (10min run + dynamic stretching), 6km Testing, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup (10min run), Weights (Day 1), Cooldown & Debrief
***3:30pm @LBC – Women’s Orientation & Rigging 

Thursday, April 2nd: 6:30-8am @Westdale ***OUTDOOR FEES DUE***
Men – Warmup (10min suicides + dynamic stretching), CREW CHALLENGE, Results of Movement Screen Test, Cooldown & Debrief
Women – Warmup (10min run), Weights (Day 2), Cooldown & Debrief
***3:30pm @LBC – Men’s Orientation & Rigging

Friday, April 3rd: OFF

Saturday, April 4th: 9-11am @LBC, CREW BRUNCH, 1pm @LBC (Cox/Bow-Person Clinic)
***LBC session is mandatory for all outdoor athletes***

Sunday, April 5th: OFF

Monday, April 6th: TBD – Weather Pending (ON WATER!!!!)

Bunnies Erging - Easter

See you Sunday,

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Training & Important Dates (Parents & Athletes)

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Welcome back from March Break & to the official start of outdoor season training! 😀

happy minions WOOHOOO OMG WOOHOO


-Wednesday, March 25th, 3-4pm:
SWIM TEST FOR ALL NOVICES @ Dalewood Swimming Pool *mandatory for all new rowers* athletes must wear cold-weather clothing for the swim test in order to mimic falling in the water during the outdoor season – this means LONG SLEEVES & LONG PANTS. Due to the timing, rowers completing the swim test are asked to leave their last period class about 10-15minutes early to give enough time to walk to the pool.
-Thursday, March 26th, 7pm: Parent & Athlete Meeting (Outdoor Season Waivers/Chili Cookoff/Training Schedule) @ WSS Library *mandatory for all*
-Sunday, March 29th, 12-3pm: Tank Session (*mandatory for all*) @ Welland International Flatwater Centre (directions here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZLgb9)
-Wednesday, April 1st, 3:30-5pm: Women’s Team Rigging & LBC Rules @ LBC *women’s team only*
-Thursday, April 2nd, 3:30-5pm: Men’s Team Rigging & LBC Rules @ LBC *men’s team only*
-Saturday, April 4th, 9-11am + CREW LUNCHDocks In @LBC, followed by a crew lunch (whole team). Coxswains & bow-persons will be taken in the coach boat during the docks-in session for a loop around the harbour to observe traffic patterns & safety spots if clear. If required, I can provide a ride for coswains & bow-persons to the crew lunch (if your rides have already left). ***Steffan will also hold a special coxing/bowing clinic from 1-3pm for new coxswains & bow-persons only. I highly advise new coxswains & bow-persons to attend (you can go right after the crew lunch).

NOTE: To the men participating in the MCC exam, I also have my OSCE dry-run on April 2nd at 6pm, so I can bring you all to McMaster Hospital if you need a ride post-rigging at LBC. Just let me know in advance.

TRAINING PLAN MARCH 23rd-29th: *Testing & Movement Screening Week*

Monday, March 23rd:
Men – Team Meeting, 30min Erg (20/22spm) + 10min Tech Erg, Stretching & Debrief
Women – Team Meeting, Warmup Run, Weights, Cooldown & Stretching/Debrief

Tuesday, March 24th:
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Overview of Movement Screening; Weights/Movement Screen; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; Tech Erg Rotations with Core Circuit (300 circuit/25min tech erg); Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Wednesday, March 25th: *Swim Testing @3pm (Dalewood Pool)*
Men – Warmup in Middle Gym, 2km Erg Testing, Core Circuit, Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; Weights; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Thursday, March 26th: *Parents & Athlete Meeting @7pm (WSS Library)*
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Weights & Movement Screening; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; 2km Erg Testing; Core Circuit; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Friday, March 27th: 
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Cardio & Core Circuit; Movement Screening; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; 25min Tech Erg Rotations (run/erg/core); Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Saturday, March 28th: OFF

Sunday, March 29th: *Tank Session in Welland*
ALL ATHLETES – 12-3pm Tank Session at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (directions here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZLgb9)

…see you all in the morning!

Ali 🙂

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Chili Cookoff Parent’s Meeting, March Break Training, and Welland Tank Session

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Three quick notes in this post:

1) Parent’s Meeting – Thursday, March 26th @7pm in the WSS Library

Mark your calendars: Thursday, April 16th will be the night of Westdale Rowing’s Infamous Chili Cookoff! PREPARE YOUR CROCKPOTS. GET READY FOR A SHOWDOWN. EMPTY STOMACHS WILL BE FILLED. The winner is still to be determined…

The parent’s meeting on Thursday March 26th at 7pm in the WSS library will address the Chili Cookoff (which has been organized by the Parent Reps), as well as important outdoor rowing information (fees, waivers, regatta dates, safety requirements, practice schedule/training requirements at LBC).

2) March Break Training – Monday, March 16th from 6-8am @LBC

There will be one official “At LBC” practice held over March break this year. The team practice will run on Monday, March 16th, from 6-8am at Leander Boat Club. The rest of the week will be comprised of workouts that athletes can complete at home on their own time – these workouts will be posted to this blog. If athletes would like additional assistance with technical development on the erg or on the tank aside from Monday’s practice, then they should contact Alessandra with their availability & the name of a partner that would join in the practice (there must be at least 2 athletes for an extra practice to be held).

3) Welland Tank Session – Sunday, March 29th from 12-3pm @WIFC

We will be holding a mandatory tank session for ALL outdoor rowers on the Men’s & Women’s Teams. The tank session is booked for Sunday, March 29th, and will run from 12-3pm at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC). Plan to be there for the entire session, as we will be rotating athletes through the tank & the gym (for information on the facilities available, click here). Directions can be found here, but will also be posted closer to the session date.

See you all tomorrow for the coach-swap,

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Welland Recap, City Champs, and Team Meeting @5:30am in LBC Weight Room

Hello Westdale Rowers,

To begin, CONGRATULATIONS!!! This weekend has been a very positive experience with all of you demonstrating great athletic skills with your crew(s). I’m SO proud of Westdale’s races. Crews from both the men’s and the women’s teams made the finals, and a big congratulations goes out to the Sr. Women’s Pair & Sr. Men’s Quad for their silver & bronze medals, respectively. The SNRC Regatta is a very competitive event, so it was great to see everyone performing so well.

Next weekend is the City Championships, taking place on Saturday, May 24th in Hamilton. More information can be found here: http://leandermanager.wordpress.com/2014/05/19/leander-boat-club-city-championships-2014/, and the full listing of event times can be found here: http://leandermanager.files.wordpress.com/2014/05/city-champs-schedule-2014.pdf. If you are unable to attend this regatta, please let me know by Tuesday, May 20th (tomorrow) at the latest so that Mike & I can enter the crews available for racing.

Team Meeting @5:30am in LBC Weight Room:

Following this weekend’s regatta, Mike & I will be holding an important team meeting tomorrow morning in the weight room, beginning at 5:30am sharp (after the coach-boats have been put together). Please try to attend, as it is a very important meeting. You should still plan to arrive at 5:15am to set up coach boats BEFORE the meeting.

Thank you,

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Sunday Racing – Reminder & Rigging

Hi Athletes & Parents,

A few quick reminders, since I’ve been receiving a lot of texts & emails about tomorrow’s racing:

1) Sunday races can be found on the draw at http://www.regattacentral.com or by clicking on the weekend event list in my previous posts. All athletes should arrive THREE hours before their race, UNLESS they race between 8-9am. If you race within that first hour, then please arrive at 6am.

2) Directions can be found in the posts below, along with parent information.

3) You MUST bring your Student ID (photo ID from the school) in order to weigh in AND in order to race.

4) All coxswains & lightweight/midweight rowers MUST weigh in with their crew & photo ID. Weigh Ins open at 6:30am and close at 9:30am.

5) All athletes must remain 1h after the final race of the day in order to help load the trailer. We will then re-rig the boats that same day (Sunday) at Leander Boat Club. Monday will be completely off for all Westdale crews.

Last but not least, there’s a parents’ tent at the grandstand/finish line area. Parents & family (and rowers) are welcome to stay there to watch races if they’re not required at the trailer or in-water.

Please remember: due to the high number of races this weekend, I will only be coordinating the men’s team & women’s 4x/singles. Mike is responsible for all the women’s eights, so please ask Mike if you have a question regarding those races.



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Saturday Racing Info – Men, Women’s 4x & Singles

Hey Athletes,

Some info for tonight & Saturday:

1) Single Rowers – please be ready to assist in the loading of your singles this afternoon at 4pm (at LBC), if this was requested by either me and/or Eben. Eben & Anise will be taking Jocelyn & Luke’s singles at 4:30pm. I will be taking Hudson’s single at 4pm.

2) Weigh Ins (Jocelyn & Hudson) – please be ready to weigh-in with unisuit & student card by 7am. If you prefer to weigh-in at 6:30am, let me know & I can bring you early.

3) Rigging – Please begin rigging the singles, Ad Astra (4x), Fazari (4+), and Jackson Stocks (2x) immediately upon arrival (each crew takes care of their own boat). The Justice is first being used by St. Mary’s as a double, so please do NOT rig the Justice.

4) Mud & Rain Warning – The ground at Welland is currently swamped, which means that everything will be muddy. Please bring appropriate footwear. A tent for shelter is also recommended, in order to stay warm. These can be pitched off to the side of the trailer, around the outskirts of the trailer grounds.

5) Saturday PM Practice – I am requesting that the following crew boats practice Saturday evening when the course is open post-racing (i.e.: at 5:30/6pm): Sr. Men’s 72kg 4+ (Kiri, JJ, Hudson, Philippe, Lucas), Sr. Women’s 2x (Haley, Breanne). Singles racing on Sunday are welcome to join (Jocelyn, Luke, Madison). Mike’s crews are also welcome. The Sr. Men’s 4x will not be practicing on Saturday PM; instead, they can practice on Sunday AM between 5:30-6:30am, if desired.

General Notes: Saturday should be calm water. Athletes that aren’t racing on Saturday are still advised to join in order to support the crews by cheering at the finish line (near the parents’ tent), or by assisting at the trailer & with hot-seating. For those racing, see the posts below for your race times (here: https://westdalerowing.wordpress.com/2014/05/15/rigging-info-race-times-weigh-ins-arrivals/). Give yourself about 75min to drive there (min. 60min).

See you all in the morning (remember to bring lots of food!),
Alessandra 🙂

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Entries & Information for SNRC Regatta (Plus Coxing & Bowing Materials)

Hello Westdale Rowers & Parents,

The SNRC Regatta is fast approaching, and there’s a lot of important information to keep track of before you head off to the regatta. In order to keep things clear, we’ve included the following key items in this blog posted:

1) Parent Information Package:

New to rowing? Not sure what the regatta’s about? Looking for directions to the course? Search no further – please click here for a parent information package, including the must-knows of heat-stroke and what to do to ensure your athlete is well hydrated & safe: SNRC 2014 – Parent Information Package

Heat stroke information: Heat Stroke & Heat Stress – Signs and Symptoms

2) Must Bring Items:
-Change of clothes (hot & cold weather)
-Boots (it tends to get muddy!)
-Student ID ***this is a requirement for racing – without it, your crew will be unable to race.
-Fold-up chair or tent (recommended)

3) Event List (with athlete names):

Please see here for a full list of events with athlete names: SNRC Entries – ALL CREWS

Times will be posted once the official draw has been listed online. Once the draw is finalized, you’ll be able to find the race times by clicking on this link: EVENT & RACE TIMES VIA REGATTA CENTRAL – CLICK HERE

Some of you are ONLY racing on Saturday or ONLY racing on Sunday. If you are only racing on one of the two days, your attendance at the non-racing day is optional, but I highly recommend coming to support the team & other rowers. Watching this regatta as a spectator is often a fun event, as you can settle in at the parents’ tent by the finish line and can enjoy some high-quality racing from crews around the province.

4) Coxing & Bowing Materials:

Coxing and bowing is INCREDIBLY important in rowing. You are the coach in the boat and are relied upon to guide a crew through practices and races until the finish line. Given this responsibility, it’s easy to become overwhelmed OR to feel as though your crew isn’t responding to your calls. The following booklet offers some advice to coxswains and bow-people with respect to making calls & motivating a boat: Coxing & Bowing Package – WSS 2014 Ammended

See you all in the morning (or this afternoon),