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We will have a HUGE Westdalian presence at the Ontario Indoor Rowing Championships on Saturday March 4th with 26 racing!!!!  The following is a TENTATIVE schedule.  It will be finalized later this week, so please do not treat this as the final version–I’m posting it so you can get a rough idea of when you will race.  You will need to be there at least an hour before your race to check in, meet with your coach, and warm up.  Those racing in weight categories need to weigh in as well.

8:15:  JR HS WOMEN:  Ciara, Kate B.  Fiora, Maura

8:50:  JR HS 150 MEN (Weigh in required):  Ethan

10:00:  JR. HS 165 MEN (Weigh in required) Alex

10:30:  JR. HS 135 WOMEN (Weigh in required):  Sequoia, Kate M, Becca, Julia, Charlotte, Zaiga, Gillian

11:45:  JR HS 145 WOMEN:  (Weigh in required):  Maddy

1:10:  SR HS 165 MEN:  Ben

1:45:  SR HS 135 WOMEN:  (Weigh in required):  Dania, Erin, Sadie

2:15:  SR HS 145 WOMEN:  (Weigh in required):  Susan, Meegan

2:45:  SR HS WOMEN:  Kat, Victoria, Lauren

3:30:  SR HS MEN:  Lucas, Harrison, Kieran

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