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Temporary Pause Due to Strike Action

Hello folks!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we just received an e-mail saying that there will, in fact, be a strike tomorrow. Unfortunately, this means that there will be no practice at Westdale until things are settled. It’s hard to say how long that will take, but we have been told at least until the 11th.

I know this is disappointing as you’ve all been working hard, and I’m sorry that you have to miss out on training on the ergs for a bit.

That being said, get outside for a bit of cardio while the weather is still nice!

We will update you as soon as we know more.

-Ms. Duncan

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SNRC 2016 – Driving Directions

Some parents have asked about driving directions to SNRC.  Here is a link to the directions:

Click to access snrc-parent-information.pdf

A condensed version is here.

Be aware that if you take the Highway 406 route into Dain City (aka Welland) that the bridge over the canal at the race course is closed to vehicle traffic.  You will be able to get to the parking lot that is at the former John Deere factory (Canal Street) , but this is not the side you want.   You need to take highway 54 around to Dain City.   Use a GPS, or take the Highway 20 route.  The Highway 20 route puts you on the right side.     However the best route is the one that I take and it is Victoria Avenue through Vineland to Highway 3

For those taking Vineland Avenue (Highway 24)

  • take QEW Niagara
  • take Victoria Avenue Exit (highway 24)
  • follow Victoria Avenue all the way to Highway 3 (this is about 25 minutes)
  • take a left at Chambers Corners (there is an Avondale on the corner)
  • this is Forks Road West
  • Take Forks West road all the way until you get to the old Welland Canal
  • The race course is right there,  It cannot be missed.  Seriously you will not miss it.

For those taking HWY 406

  • •I would strongly suggest that you check Google Maps for this one
  • the bridge closure at the canal (aka race course) puts you on the wrong side of the race course where the parents tent will be.

For those taking HWY 20 through Smithville and Wellandport

  • Turn off HWY 27 on to Broadway
  • Cross the canal and turn right (South) on to Canal Bank Street
  • Turn right (West) on to Forks Road
  • The parking lot is on the left as soon as you cross the bridge


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CIRC Waivers

Everyone under the age of 18 must have a waiver form completed  to be able to compete this Sunday.   This is an online form that must be completed by a parent or guardian.

The form can be found at:  https://waivers.regattacentral.com/circ2016/athleteSearch.jsp

If you have trouble completing this form it is likely that I have transcribed your birthday incorrectly, or you have given me a nickname or short form name.  Please send me an email (coachroche@bell.net) with your name and correct birthdate.  I will update the roster.  Please do not leave this till Saturday, complete it by Friday.

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CIRC Entries – Need ‘Em

I have very few confirmed entries for CIRC and the entries are due Friday, January 29th 2016 at 5:00 PM EST.   This means that if I do not have the entry in the system by that time you will need to make a late entry the day of the regatta.   This also means that I need your entry by Thursday, January 28th.

I am asking each of you to confirm your racing entry.   If you are not racing then please do NOT email me.  I only need confirmations from those racing.

I need an email sent to coachroche@bell.net with the following standard format:

Subject: <insert your name here> confirmation for CIRC

Body of the email must contain:
Name: <insert your name here>
Event: <one from the list below>
Date of Birth: <insert your DoB>

Please ensure that you give your name.   It  speeds the process.  Many times I have no idea who an individual is solely from the email address.

Note:  Jr B is essentially grade 9 and 10.  (16 or under as of December 31, 2016).
Junior A is grade 11 and 12.  (18 or under as of December 31, 2016).

9am/915am: Jr B Lightweight girls (135 and under)
9:30am:  Jr B Lightweight Boys (165 and under)
9:45am:  Jr. B Girls
10am:  Jr. B Boys
10:15am:  Coxwains
11am/11:15am:  Jr. A Lightweight girls (135 and under)
11:30/11:45am:  Jr. A Girls
12/12:15pm:  Jr. A Lightweight boys (165 and under)
12:15/12:30pm:  Jr A boys

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LBC Indoors 2016 – Details

Over the next few days I will be asking each of you whether you are committed to racing at the LBC Indoors.  The list of race categories are given below.  These are based on age and weight.   The Junior (Jr) category is generally grades 9 and 10 and Senior (Sr) is grades 11 and 12.   However, I will need birth dates to confirm what you can enter.

Race Date: Saturday January, 16th
Entries Due: Wednesday January 13th.   Please note this date.  I will need confirmation the morning of Wednesday the 13th

If you are under 18 you must have a parent or guardian sign an Informed Consent Form and bring it to the race.   Just select the link in the previous sentence.

Here is the list of events.   The number in the categories are the weight required in the event.   You must be under that weigh to race in the event.

Junior HS Men
Junior HS Women
Junior HS 150 Men
Junior HS  165 Men
Junior HS  135 Women
Junior HS  145 Women
Senior HS  150 Men
Senior HS  165 Men
Senior HS  135 Women
Senior HS  145 Women
Senior HS  Women
Senior HS  Men
Coxswain’s Crawl (1000M)

The final race schedule will not be available until next week.



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Westdale Team Clothing and SWAG!!

Hey Westdale Rowing hipsters, scenesters and ergsters!

Have you been wondering when you could order off-the-hook Westdale Rowing hoodies, jackets, hats, shirts, and other odd and assorted articles of clothing?

OF COURSE YOU HAVE. Well, wait no more! The time has come!  Rowing “swag” refers to the extra items that promote the team, but that are not mandatory items for racing (they are completely OPTIONAL).

The order process is a little different this year.  You order (and pay) directly from Regatta Sport.  The order deadline is January 31st, 2016.    All orders will be completed and delivered at or around the time of the Ontario Indoor Regatta (beginning of March)

Interested in checking out the rowing swag?  You can see what is available at:  http://www.regattasport.com

Once you are the Regatta Sport website, select the iTeam Login link.   Once into iTeam page select WESTDALE_HS and the password is WHS15.   This brings you to the Westdale apparel landing page and from their you can select your gear.  You will find that the broadest range of items are under Team Gear.   Here you will find unisex tights, long sleeves, hoodies, soft shells, etc.

Regatta Sport has indicated that they need a minimum of 8 units per style.  This means that if you really want an item then ask your crew mates if they are also ordering it to ensure that you get what you want.

We realize that this is an incredibly quick turnaround time for athletes & parents to review the swag and make decisions, but we are doing our best to meet the deadlines set by Regatta Sport in order to bring you your swag faster.

If you need any questions answered then email coachroche@bell.net

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2015/2016 Indoor Rowing Fees and Unisuit Order

If any of you have trouble with paying the unisuit cost or racing fees then please see me (Coach Mike).    I will work with Carolyn Craven (teacher rep) to accommodate you.   No athlete will be prevented from rowing due to financial issues.

It is time to order the team racing unisuits and I will be collecting details from each of you this week (namely size).   The unisuit is the only mandatory item of clothing you need.   You will need to wear it each of the regattas both indoor and outdoor. I do have sample unisuits to verify size.   Not a lot of women’s unisuits so for some sizes you may need to guess.

In the New Year we’ll be collecting fees for the indoor racing season.    So you do not have to pay for regatta fees until after Christmas.

However, I will request that if you indicate that you need a unisuit then please ensure that you are firmly committed to racing.   I will be asking each of you to provide me with a cheque (or cash) for the unisuits.    The team has been left with a number of unclaimed (and unpaid) unisuits which represents a big hit to our reserve funds.    You can pay me between now and the Christmas break.

I am also arranging with RegattaSport for optional clothing such as tights, long sleeved shirts, rowing jackets, etc.   The details will be posted when I received them.

The team is scheduled to attend 4 indoor regattas (dates to be published next week) and each of the regattas has entry fees.   The fees are in the $10 to $15 dollar range.    There is also an additional cost for the planned indoor tank sessions in March.    Here is a breakdown of costs for the regattas.

Canadian Indoors – $15

Hamilton Indoors – $10

Ontario Indoors – $15

McMaster 2×4 – $10

Total regatta fees are approximately $50.

The rental fees for the tank are approximately $30 per person.   This brings us to $80.

This means $85 for racing fees plus $85 for unisuit .   Total is $170.    For those with unisuits already the cost is $80.   Some of you will ask if you can prorate the racing fees which means that you only want to attend certain regattas.   This is okay but please ensure that the coaches are aware.      I will strongly encourage everyone to plan on racing at the Hamilton Indoors and McMaster 2×4.  These are both held locally and the McMaster 2×4 is an extremely fun but highly intense regatta.