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SNRC 2016 – Driving Directions

Some parents have asked about driving directions to SNRC.  Here is a link to the directions:

Click to access snrc-parent-information.pdf

A condensed version is here.

Be aware that if you take the Highway 406 route into Dain City (aka Welland) that the bridge over the canal at the race course is closed to vehicle traffic.  You will be able to get to the parking lot that is at the former John Deere factory (Canal Street) , but this is not the side you want.   You need to take highway 54 around to Dain City.   Use a GPS, or take the Highway 20 route.  The Highway 20 route puts you on the right side.     However the best route is the one that I take and it is Victoria Avenue through Vineland to Highway 3

For those taking Vineland Avenue (Highway 24)

  • take QEW Niagara
  • take Victoria Avenue Exit (highway 24)
  • follow Victoria Avenue all the way to Highway 3 (this is about 25 minutes)
  • take a left at Chambers Corners (there is an Avondale on the corner)
  • this is Forks Road West
  • Take Forks West road all the way until you get to the old Welland Canal
  • The race course is right there,  It cannot be missed.  Seriously you will not miss it.

For those taking HWY 406

  • •I would strongly suggest that you check Google Maps for this one
  • the bridge closure at the canal (aka race course) puts you on the wrong side of the race course where the parents tent will be.

For those taking HWY 20 through Smithville and Wellandport

  • Turn off HWY 27 on to Broadway
  • Cross the canal and turn right (South) on to Canal Bank Street
  • Turn right (West) on to Forks Road
  • The parking lot is on the left as soon as you cross the bridge


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Important SNRC Info (Including Tomorrow’s Practice)

Good evening, Rowers!

I am happy to announce that the (preliminary) regatta schedule has been made available electronically on Regatta Central for the SNRC regatta, so you’ll be able to tell the general time at which you’ll be racing. Schedules are still tentative, so please note that these times are not set in stone. You can find the schedule here.

A few important notes about this weekend, starting with tomorrow’s (Friday) practice:

Practice & De-Rig/Trailer Loading (Friday, May 15th):
Please arrive at 5:15am sharp to set up coach boats and begin your practice. We only have until 6:30am on the water, so we need to maximize our time (let’s try to launch by 5:25AM if possible).

Men’s Team: There will be two practice sessions. The main session will be with the Sr. 4x (Luke, Lucas, Kieran, Max) and the Jr. 1x (Erik). Harrison has a dryland session, followed by the derig of the Justice. The second session will have Lucas/Kieran/Max/Erik/Harrison de-rigging the 4x (Ad Astra) and any other doubles required (Stocks 2x, BrockHud 2x), and Luke will be in the 1x. In total we need to derig & load four crew boats (this doesn’t include the 2 privately owned singles). Plan to be done by 7:45am (if you work fast, we’ll be done before then).

Arrival Times: 
Please arrive 3 hours before your race, but no earlier than 6am (whichever comes latest). If your race isn’t until the afternoon, then we’d still highly encourage and recommend that you arrive in time for the first Westdale race of the day (the Sr. Men’s 2x at 8:42am) so that teammates can cheer one another on. If you need to weigh-in, please see Mike’s post below for the time you need to weigh-in/arrive.

Men’s Team: Sr. Men’s 2x rowers (Luke/Max/Erik/Kieran) must arrive for 6am. Jr. Men’s 2x rowers (Harrison/Lucas/Will/James) should arrive by 8:20am. None of you are required to weigh-in.

What to Bring:
YOUR ID (Student or Driver’s License)
Long-sleeve racing top or similar to keep you warm
Change of clothes
Highly recommended = a tent and/or bicycle (talk with crewmates about pitching a tent to share)

Information – Including Directions – for Parents (and Athletes): SNRC Parent Information

Thanks to Dina Gadsdon for putting the info package together! Dina’s also created an overview of some crew-boat terminology that parents might find useful. See the overview here: Terminology


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Mother’s Day Regatta – Trailer Loading (Sat) & Full Racing Info (Sun)

Hello Westdale!

It’s been a while since our last post, so we’re happy to say that we’ve got all sorts of fun info for you in this one!


Info! It's for Mom!

Info for Mom!

First off, THANK YOU to all athletes for being so patient while we addressed equipment changes/availability and boating changes these past two weeks, including changes to race entries. We appreciate that you’ve all been very understanding.

Next here’s everything you need to know for the next two days:

Saturday, May 9th – Practice & Trailer Loading @5:45am at LBC
All athletes should arrive at 5:45am for a final practice before trailer loading. Practice will run from 5:45am-7:30am. Trailer loading will begin at 7:30am, and ALL boats must be fully derigged and loaded by 8:45am. The trailer will leave the LBC compound at 9am.

Sunday, May 10th – Mother’s Day Regatta (THANK YOUR MOM’S)
The Mother’s Day Regatta will be held on Henley Island in St. Catharine’s, Ontario (close to the Port Dalhousie area). Full information about event times and directions can be found here at Regatta Central.

Directions can also be found here on the Westdale Rowing blog, or here on Google Maps. *Directions say 45 min (approx.), but plan for 60-75min just in case you get lost or encounter traffic. This has happened to at least one athlete every year that we’ve coached.*

The Final Race Draw hasn’t been posted yet, but will likely be made available tomorrow on Regatta Central. Based on the Regatta Central preliminary schedule, these are the race times:

Event 6 – Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x – 9:10am (finals at 2:25pm)
Event 7 – Jr. Men’s 72kg 4+ – 9:24am (finals at 2:32pm)
Event 14 – Jr. Women 63kg 8+ – 10:20am (finals at 3:21pm)
Event 15 – Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x – 10:34am (finals at 3:28pm)
Event 18 – Sr. Men’s 1x – 11:09am (finals at 3:49pm *HOTSEAT REQUIRED)
Event 19 – Sr. Women’s 4+ – 11:30am (finals at 3:56pm)
Event 23 – Sr. Men’s 4x – 12:12pm (finals at 4:24pm)
Event 24 – Sr. Women’s 1x – 12:19pm (finals at 4:31pm)
Event 29 – Jr. Women’s 4x – 1:15pm (finals at 5:06pm)
Event 12 – Jr. Men’s 1x – 3:07pm (straight final *QUICK CHANGE REQUIRED)
Event 35 – Sr. Women’s 8+ – 5:48pm (straight final)

“Hotseating” is when an athlete goes straight from one race into the next race, and the boating change is made on the dock.
“Quick change” is when an athlete has a tight turnaround time after their first race, but still has enough time to return the boat before launching in their next race.

Weigh-Ins: There are NO weigh-ins at this regatta. Instead, the regatta runs on an honour system.

A Message for Moms: If your athlete’s crew makes their final and finishes top three, then moms are invited to give the medals to their athletes. Please stick around if you can 🙂

Arrival Times: Athletes in the Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x & Jr. Men’s 72kg 4+ should arrive by 6:30am. All other athletes should arrive AT LEAST 3 hours before your race (or in time for the first Westdale race of the day, which is at 9:10am).

Supervising Coaches: Alessandra will coordinating/supervising the Men’s Team, Eben Prevec & Anise Truman will be supervising the Women’s Eights/Singles/Fours, and Peter DeNew will be supervising the Jr. Women’s Quads. Tom Beshoff will be assisting in the morning.

Rigging Post-Regatta: Please plan to rig boats on Sunday evening when we return to Hamilton. There MIGHT be an option to rig on Monday morning, but this will be dictated by the Club Manager (Steffan Wagner). We’ll let you know as soon as we have information.

What to Bring:
-Long-sleeve top to race in UNDER your unisuit (often requested by race officials if weather is cold, windy, or rainy *the forecast is thunderstorms, so please bring this just in case!)
-Change of clothes (and extra socks – trust me!)
-Student ID
-Water (lots of water)
-Healthy snacks (trail mix, nuts, apples, granola bars, cliff bars, etc.)
-Lunch (and breakfast if needed)
-Rain gear/weather appropriate clothing (*BOOTS ARE HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

What We Expect of You: You are expected to rig your boat, bring your blades down (when required), and ensure your crew is together. You should also know your race plan & be prepared with water/race-gear/food. Please be & remain with your crew once there’s 1.5h left to go until your race. If you have any questions, please find me (Alessandra), Eben, or Peter and we can assist you. Generally speaking, you should go to your primary coach if you have a question.

Resources for Parents: Our lovely parent reps, Dina & Brock Gadsdon, have kindly put together some informational material for parents planning to attend their athletes (what to expect, how to get there, Henley Island rules, how to avoid heat stroke, etc.). Please see the following documents for useful parent information:
1) Mothers Day Parent Information
2) Heat Stress Awareness Guide

Thanks, folks!

See you in the morning,

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Training & Important Dates (Parents & Athletes)

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Welcome back from March Break & to the official start of outdoor season training! 😀

happy minions WOOHOOO OMG WOOHOO


-Wednesday, March 25th, 3-4pm:
SWIM TEST FOR ALL NOVICES @ Dalewood Swimming Pool *mandatory for all new rowers* athletes must wear cold-weather clothing for the swim test in order to mimic falling in the water during the outdoor season – this means LONG SLEEVES & LONG PANTS. Due to the timing, rowers completing the swim test are asked to leave their last period class about 10-15minutes early to give enough time to walk to the pool.
-Thursday, March 26th, 7pm: Parent & Athlete Meeting (Outdoor Season Waivers/Chili Cookoff/Training Schedule) @ WSS Library *mandatory for all*
-Sunday, March 29th, 12-3pm: Tank Session (*mandatory for all*) @ Welland International Flatwater Centre (directions here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZLgb9)
-Wednesday, April 1st, 3:30-5pm: Women’s Team Rigging & LBC Rules @ LBC *women’s team only*
-Thursday, April 2nd, 3:30-5pm: Men’s Team Rigging & LBC Rules @ LBC *men’s team only*
-Saturday, April 4th, 9-11am + CREW LUNCHDocks In @LBC, followed by a crew lunch (whole team). Coxswains & bow-persons will be taken in the coach boat during the docks-in session for a loop around the harbour to observe traffic patterns & safety spots if clear. If required, I can provide a ride for coswains & bow-persons to the crew lunch (if your rides have already left). ***Steffan will also hold a special coxing/bowing clinic from 1-3pm for new coxswains & bow-persons only. I highly advise new coxswains & bow-persons to attend (you can go right after the crew lunch).

NOTE: To the men participating in the MCC exam, I also have my OSCE dry-run on April 2nd at 6pm, so I can bring you all to McMaster Hospital if you need a ride post-rigging at LBC. Just let me know in advance.

TRAINING PLAN MARCH 23rd-29th: *Testing & Movement Screening Week*

Monday, March 23rd:
Men – Team Meeting, 30min Erg (20/22spm) + 10min Tech Erg, Stretching & Debrief
Women – Team Meeting, Warmup Run, Weights, Cooldown & Stretching/Debrief

Tuesday, March 24th:
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Overview of Movement Screening; Weights/Movement Screen; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; Tech Erg Rotations with Core Circuit (300 circuit/25min tech erg); Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Wednesday, March 25th: *Swim Testing @3pm (Dalewood Pool)*
Men – Warmup in Middle Gym, 2km Erg Testing, Core Circuit, Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; Weights; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Thursday, March 26th: *Parents & Athlete Meeting @7pm (WSS Library)*
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Weights & Movement Screening; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; 2km Erg Testing; Core Circuit; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Friday, March 27th: 
Men – Warmup in Lower Gym, Cardio & Core Circuit; Movement Screening; Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief
Women – Warmup; 25min Tech Erg Rotations (run/erg/core); Cooldown & Stretching; Debrief

Saturday, March 28th: OFF

Sunday, March 29th: *Tank Session in Welland*
ALL ATHLETES – 12-3pm Tank Session at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (directions here: https://goo.gl/maps/ZLgb9)

…see you all in the morning!

Ali 🙂

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Chili Cookoff Parent’s Meeting, March Break Training, and Welland Tank Session

Dear Athletes & Parents,

Three quick notes in this post:

1) Parent’s Meeting – Thursday, March 26th @7pm in the WSS Library

Mark your calendars: Thursday, April 16th will be the night of Westdale Rowing’s Infamous Chili Cookoff! PREPARE YOUR CROCKPOTS. GET READY FOR A SHOWDOWN. EMPTY STOMACHS WILL BE FILLED. The winner is still to be determined…

The parent’s meeting on Thursday March 26th at 7pm in the WSS library will address the Chili Cookoff (which has been organized by the Parent Reps), as well as important outdoor rowing information (fees, waivers, regatta dates, safety requirements, practice schedule/training requirements at LBC).

2) March Break Training – Monday, March 16th from 6-8am @LBC

There will be one official “At LBC” practice held over March break this year. The team practice will run on Monday, March 16th, from 6-8am at Leander Boat Club. The rest of the week will be comprised of workouts that athletes can complete at home on their own time – these workouts will be posted to this blog. If athletes would like additional assistance with technical development on the erg or on the tank aside from Monday’s practice, then they should contact Alessandra with their availability & the name of a partner that would join in the practice (there must be at least 2 athletes for an extra practice to be held).

3) Welland Tank Session – Sunday, March 29th from 12-3pm @WIFC

We will be holding a mandatory tank session for ALL outdoor rowers on the Men’s & Women’s Teams. The tank session is booked for Sunday, March 29th, and will run from 12-3pm at the Welland International Flatwater Centre (WIFC). Plan to be there for the entire session, as we will be rotating athletes through the tank & the gym (for information on the facilities available, click here). Directions can be found here, but will also be posted closer to the session date.

See you all tomorrow for the coach-swap,

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Ontario Indoor Champs – Full Info

Dear Westdale Rowers,

Based on our team debrief this morning, you’ll find all the information regarding Ontario Indoor Champs included in this post. This includes race times, recommended arrival times, directions, what to bring, what to expect, and what’s expected of you.

Race Times: 2015 Ontario Erg Draw (online version available here)
*WOMEN’S TEAM: If you are concerned that you have been entered into the wrong weight/racing category, then please contact Mike immediately

Arrival Times: See your event listings below for your arrival time in red. Lightweights should arrive early for weigh-ins, particularly if you want to test your weight before weighing in. The lineup to weigh-in can be long. Weigh-ins are open from 7:30am up until the time of your race. If you’re able to arrive to cheer-on athletes in the first events then that is preferred, but the times listed below are based on the LATEST arrival time you should have based on your own personal race & category.

8:15am – Jr. HS Men (Heat 2 – Erik H) & Jr. HS Women (all heats) *arrive by 7:30am
10:05am – Jr. HS 150 Men (Heat 5 – Talal A.) *arrive by 8am
10:20am – Jr. HS 165 Men (Heat 1 – Lucas A. & Harrison M.) *arrive by 8am
10:50am – Jr. HS 135 Women (all heats) *arrive by 8am
12:10pm – Jr. HS 145 Women (all heats) *arrive by 9am (or earlier if concerned about weigh-in)
1:45pm – Sr. HS 165 Men (Heat 2 – Evan W. & Cooper W.) *arrive by 12pm (or earlier for weigh-in)
2:00pm – Sr. HS 135 Women (all heats) *arrive by 12pm (or earlier if concerned about weigh-in)
3:00pm – Sr. HS Women (all heats) *arrive by 12pm
3:35pm – Sr. HS Men (Heat 1 – Luke G. & Kieran G.; Heat 2 – Max M.) *arrive by 12pm

Directions: (From WEST) From the QEW, exit at 406 South.  Go 4 km to Fourth Avenue exit and turn Right at top of ramp.  At 2nd Traffic Light, turn Left onto Louth Street.  Go 1 km and turn Left on Ridley Road (before crossing train tracks).  Take 1st Left into Ridley parking lots. (Online directions can be found here)

What to Bring:
WAIVER FORM (MANDATORY): Ontario Ergometer Championships Waiver (online version available here)
-running shoes
-change of clothes (to stay warm afterwards)
-water bottle (with lots of water and/or sports drinks)
-food (LOTS OF HEALTHY FOOD – think breakfast, lunch, and snacks)

What to Expect:
-Lots of athletes, coaches, and spectators (more than at previous regattas)
-Vendors (clothing, pogies, food – though the food is usually NOT healthy and NOT very good… please bring your own!)
-University Scouts (talent recruits from Canadian & American universities)
-Warmup Ergs
-Racing Ergs (section is closed off to coaches & spectators – coaches & spectators must remain behind a line of tape)
-Podium for Medals (given out at odd intervals throughout the day)
-Your teammates & coaches to cheer you on 🙂 Your coaches are here to support you, so please talk to them to discuss your goals and race plan.

We expect all athletes to arrive on time, ready to race with their waiver & unisuit, and adequately prepared (food/hydration). You must check-in with your coach upon arrival. Find them when you arrive (they will be busy, so please scout them out!).


Remember: this is just another race. The important thing is personal improvement. You’ve trained for it and you can do it. So let’s do it.

See you all tomorrow,

PS – Athletes that are injured are still encouraged and welcome to join & cheer on the team.

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Arrival Times & Racing: Friday

Dear Rowers,

This is it! CSSRAs are here. Thank you to everybody at today’s St. Kitt’s practice for unloading the trailer, rigging the boats, and assisting with blade & pin measurements. We had an effective 2 hours on-water and all crews should be ready for tomorrow’s (or Saturday’s) races (depending on your crew). Please find the information you need for tomorrow’s races, including arrival times, racing times, and important road directions.

1) NEW Directions due to construction:

-From the QEW Niagara: Drive PAST 7th Street Exit (the exit normally used) and take the Ontario St. Exit instead (due to construction).
-Turn LEFT at Ontario St. and continue until you hit Lakeport Road.
-Turn LEFT onto Lakeport Rd. and follow it through the town of Port Dalhousie (it’s a bit windy & you’ll see the race course to your left-hand side).
-Turn LEFT at stoplights (near the Tim Horton’s & Regatta Sport store) onto Lock St., and turn LEFT at the first stop-sign onto Main St. (shortly after the stoplights).
-Turn LEFT onto Henley Island Drive
…or just click this google link for directions from WSS to the island: https://goo.gl/maps/689dY

2) Arrival Times (including Weigh-Ins for coxswains & rowers):
Please arrive 2-3h before your race, unless told otherwise by your coach. Please remember your PHOTO ID STUDENT CARD. Failure to bring the student card photo ID will result in your race being scratched. Coxswains & rowers weighing in (Jr. Women’s 4+ coxswain & Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x) must weigh in BEFORE 11am, because weigh-ins close at 11am. Weigh-ins must occur in full unisuit & racing gear (no extra clothing) and you must have your student card/Photo ID. Weigh-in rules can be found here: http://www.cssra.ca/#/weigh-in-rules/4564679539


In order to make things easy for everyone, I’ve included arrival times beside the boats racing on Friday. For those of you with TWO races (i.e.: Jr. Men’s 2x, Sr. Women’s 1x, Sr. Women’s 2x), I’ve only listed your earliest race because that’s the earliest time you need to arrive by. Here are your arrival times, by the (earliest) boat you race:

Jr. Women’s 4+: arrive at 8am (race at 10am)
Sr. Women’s 63kg 1x: arrive at 8:45am (race at 10:45am)
Sr. Women’s 4x: arrive at 9am (race at 11:06am)
Sr. Men’s 72kg 2x: arrive at 9:55am (race at 10:55am) – UNLESS you want to weigh-in early, in which case arrive earlier
Sr. Men’s 1x: arrive at 10:51am (race at 12:51pm)
Sr. Men’s 4x: arrive at 12pm (race at 2:08pm)

***Please note: The Jr. Women’s 59kg 4+ and the Jr./Sr. Women’s 8+ will race their first race on SATURDAY, not on Friday.

3) Must-Bring Items:

-Student ID (with photo – must be photo ID)
-Unisuit & racing gear (socks, sandals/shoes, etc.)
-Extra clothes to stay appropriately warm OR cool
-Food (the Parents’ Tent will have food, but please bring some extra HEALTHY food for snacking between races or before a race)
-Water bottle (the Parents’ Tent will have water, courtesy of Mr. Castellana, but you should bring a water bottle to fill up & some extra just in case)
-SUNSCREEN (please wear it…)

***QUICK NOTE FOR PARENTS RE: FOOD: Please sign-up for three food items (if possible) on the google document, if you haven’t already by clicking here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HVJfTu3LJp4X3Od6rgN8oKqDBn2-lmUedm1yyW_xy7I/edit?usp=sharing

4) A little message before your CSSRA race(s), and some homework…

As a Westdale coach, but more importantly as a former Westdale rower, I’d like to share two videos that have become ‘tradition’ to a certain extent in the rowing community (particularly at Westdale and Leander Boat Club). Before I share these videos, I’d like to start by saying that I realize I’ve only coached some of you on-water. Despite that fact, I’ve had the priviledge of seeing both those that I coach regularly AND those that I don’t normally coach improve SO much this season. You’ve all come so far from where we were during the indoor season. It’s been thrilling to see you learn and push together as athletes. Now’s your time to “drain the tank” and “leave it all on the race-course”. We’re at our final race(s) of the season. Enjoy every minute of this weekend. Every minute of your race(s). Have fun. Row hard. Leave everything on the water. And, of course, take a moment to watch these two videos tonight before you arrive at Henley Island tomorrow.

Video 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1fmZmKsL5eE

Video 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LccxeBMLibY

I will miss coaching you all so much, but I know that it’s time for you folks to take this season & make it your own on the water this weekend. You CAN do it. Just believe.

Good luck,

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All the CSSRA info in one place :) (food, practice, crews, races, party)

Dear Westdale Rowers,

CONGRATULATIONS! We’ve made it to the pinnacle of our outdoor rowing season: SCHOOLBOYS. Or, more correctly known as the “Canadian Secondary School Championships” by the “Canadian Secondary School Rowing Association” (CSSRA).

Now that those races are just two days away, I’m posting (and reposting) some very important information. To begin, here are a few things for the parents:

1) Food Signup:
Dina Gadsdon has been coordinating the food signup for the Parents’ Tent, but we still require more families to sign up. She’s created a document giving an overview of how things work for food & the parents’ tent (along with some other tidbits of information), so please click here to check it out: CSSRA Food Signup & Other Info

Please sign your name up to three items each on the food list by clicking here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HVJfTu3LJp4X3Od6rgN8oKqDBn2-lmUedm1yyW_xy7I/edit?usp=sharing

2) Driving & Parking Info, Spectator Info, Year-End Party Info:
Lori Prevec has arranged a document that covers everything you need to know concerning driving & construction notices (when getting to CSSRAs), parking costs, general regatta (and spectator) details, and information on the year-end party. Please click here to view the document and to obtain full details: All the CSSRA info needed (parking costs, spectators info) PLUS year-end party info from Lori Prevec

3) Parent Committee Lead
Lori Prevec has been a long-time leader of the Parents’ Committee, but this will be her final year as her athletes are finishing (or have finished) their time as students & rowers at Westdale. As such, we will be looking for a new Head of the Parents’ Committee. More information will follow – including a description of the main responsibilities – but please keep this in mind & contact me (Alessandra) if you are interested in getting involved in this capacity. Lori has done a FANTASTIC job over the years & we will all miss her, but I’m certain that this will also be a great opportunity for some of the new parents to get involved & see what it’s all about.

Now, for the parents AND the rowers:

1) Preliminary Race Draw:
The preliminary race draw has now been posted. For a copy, please click here: 2014 Preliminary Draw – CSSRAs
This draw WILL change before CSSRAs begins on Friday, so check the main website for any updates: http://www.cssra.ca/

2) Weigh-Ins & Race Procedures:
Weigh-in times for coxswains & lightweights can be found here: http://www.cssra.ca/#/weigh-in-rules/4564679539
Race procedures and course patterns can be found here: http://www.cssra.ca/#/cssra-rules-of-racing/4564680197

3) Thursday Practice:
All athletes racing CSSRAs are expected to attend Thursday’s practice, unless otherwise discussed with a coach due to availability. All athletes should meet me (Alessandra) at 9:45/9:50am at the entrance to the football field at the back of Westdale Secondary School. We will then take attendance & board the bus. I’ll be supervising the bus ride, and the other coaches will meet us there.

You must bring:
-food (bring a lunch & snacks, please!)
-change of clothes
-workout/training clothes (ideally NOT showing Westdale colours – it’s a tradition to wear non-school clothing so that other crews can’t tell which school you’re from until the day you race 😉 )
-yourself, on time (9:45/9:50am)

***Note: if you are missing any swag OR if you’ve ordered a hat, please speak with Jocelyn or me & we can obtain the swag/hats/etc. from Holly***

Practice rules & regulations can be found here, but I’ll review them with all crews before the practice: http://www.cssra.ca/#/practice-times-procedures/4564679972

4) LAST BUT NOT LEAST… Rigging Details!
The earliest day we can derig is Wednesday morning (tomorrow!). Please discuss with your coach which day you will be derigging.

For my crews (Men & Sr. Women): (names listed indicate the last people to practice in that boat)
The following boats can be derigged & loaded on Wednesday AM:
-Chucks (Erik & Max)
-Gadsdon (Eben) 1x (Luke)
-Monaco 1x (Jocelyn)

The following boats can be derigged & loaded on Wednesday PM (after practice):
-Vamosi 1x (Madison)

The following boats can be derigged on Thursday AM (from 6:30-7:30am):
-Ad Astra (Haley, Breanne, Brenna, Madison)
-Justice (Haley, Breanne)

If you’d rather derig all the boats on Thursday morning between 6:30-7:30am, then that’s a-okay with me, but the times above list the EARLIEST time that you can derig & load those boats. All singles have been accommodated on the trailer (thank goodness!).

Cheers, folks!

PS – OMG it’s almost Schoolboys THIS IS SO EXCITING!!! 😀

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Entries & Information for SNRC Regatta (Plus Coxing & Bowing Materials)

Hello Westdale Rowers & Parents,

The SNRC Regatta is fast approaching, and there’s a lot of important information to keep track of before you head off to the regatta. In order to keep things clear, we’ve included the following key items in this blog posted:

1) Parent Information Package:

New to rowing? Not sure what the regatta’s about? Looking for directions to the course? Search no further – please click here for a parent information package, including the must-knows of heat-stroke and what to do to ensure your athlete is well hydrated & safe: SNRC 2014 – Parent Information Package

Heat stroke information: Heat Stroke & Heat Stress – Signs and Symptoms

2) Must Bring Items:
-Change of clothes (hot & cold weather)
-Boots (it tends to get muddy!)
-Student ID ***this is a requirement for racing – without it, your crew will be unable to race.
-Fold-up chair or tent (recommended)

3) Event List (with athlete names):

Please see here for a full list of events with athlete names: SNRC Entries – ALL CREWS

Times will be posted once the official draw has been listed online. Once the draw is finalized, you’ll be able to find the race times by clicking on this link: EVENT & RACE TIMES VIA REGATTA CENTRAL – CLICK HERE

Some of you are ONLY racing on Saturday or ONLY racing on Sunday. If you are only racing on one of the two days, your attendance at the non-racing day is optional, but I highly recommend coming to support the team & other rowers. Watching this regatta as a spectator is often a fun event, as you can settle in at the parents’ tent by the finish line and can enjoy some high-quality racing from crews around the province.

4) Coxing & Bowing Materials:

Coxing and bowing is INCREDIBLY important in rowing. You are the coach in the boat and are relied upon to guide a crew through practices and races until the finish line. Given this responsibility, it’s easy to become overwhelmed OR to feel as though your crew isn’t responding to your calls. The following booklet offers some advice to coxswains and bow-people with respect to making calls & motivating a boat: Coxing & Bowing Package – WSS 2014 Ammended

See you all in the morning (or this afternoon),

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Mother’s Day Regatta – Full Information (Directions, Arrival Times, Rigging)

Hi Westdale Rowers,

Thank you for all being patient this morning during the trailer loading. In addition to the regatta directions that Mike already posted (below), I’ve compiled some information to prepare you for tomorrow. This includes a link to Mike’s directions & a google maps link; a full race draw; arrival times; a list of must-brings; and rigging options post-regatta.


Google maps directions from Westdale Secondary School to Henley Island can be found here: https://goo.gl/maps/JgcWe
Mike’s directions (for those exiting closer to Victoria & Burlington St.) can be found here: https://westdalerowing.wordpress.com/2014/05/10/directions-for-mothers-day-regatta/

Directions say 45 min (approx.), but plan for 60min just in case you get lost. This has happened to at least one athlete every year that I’ve coached.

Final Race Draw:

With the exception of an extra Sr. Men’s 4x (Bogdan/Toby/Evan/David) and the Jr. Men’s 66kg 4+ still being listed, all other entries are correct. To quickly find your race, do a CTRL + F and search for your last name OR for “Westdale”. This will highlight the team’s races. Please click on the race draw here for details: https://www.regattacentral.com/cms/uploads/st._catharines_rowing_club/files/Mothers%20Day%20Final%20Draw%20R1.pdf

Arrival Times:

All athletes should arrive 3 hours before their earliest race OR by 6:30am (whichever comes later). The only people to arrive with less than 3h before their race will be those racing between 8:30am – 9:30am (i.e.: Madison & the Sr. Women’s 4x). Everyone else will be arriving a full 3h beforehand.


-Long-sleeve top to race in UNDER your unisuit (this is ocassionally requested by race officials if weather is cold & windy/rainy)
-Change of clothes (and extra socks – trust me!)
-Student ID
-Water (lots of water)
-Healthy snacks (trail mix, nuts, apples, granola bars, cliff bars, etc.)
-Rain gear/weather appropriate clothing (*recommended)
-Sunscrean (*recommended)


We can either rig DIRECTLY after the regatta on Sunday evening & then take all of Monday off (no morning or PM practices), OR we can rig on Monday morning (you’d arrive at 7am for a rigging of the boats). Please think about your preference and a majority-rules vote can be made at the regatta tomorrow. Mike & I are fine with either decision.

General Notes:

You are expected to rig your boat, bring your blades down (when required), and ensure your crew is together. You should also know your race plan & be prepared with water/race-gear/food. Please be with & remain with your crew once there’s 1.5h left to go until your race. If you have any questions, please find me or Mike and we can assist you. Generally speaking, if you’re part of the women’s crews, ask Mike if you have a question. If you’re part of the men’s crews or the Sr. Women’s 4x, you should generally ask me.

You’re welcome to ask either of us, but Mike will be most knowledgeable about the women’s races, and I’ll be most knowledgeable about the men’s races, because that’s how we’ve divided the coaching. Assistant coaches will also be available. Eben, Lexi, Mary, and Anise will all be at the regatta.

BTW – There are NO weigh-ins at this particular regatta. It’s based instead on the honour system.

See you in the morning,