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2015/2016 Indoor Rowing Fees and Unisuit Order

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If any of you have trouble with paying the unisuit cost or racing fees then please see me (Coach Mike).    I will work with Carolyn Craven (teacher rep) to accommodate you.   No athlete will be prevented from rowing due to financial issues.

It is time to order the team racing unisuits and I will be collecting details from each of you this week (namely size).   The unisuit is the only mandatory item of clothing you need.   You will need to wear it each of the regattas both indoor and outdoor. I do have sample unisuits to verify size.   Not a lot of women’s unisuits so for some sizes you may need to guess.

In the New Year we’ll be collecting fees for the indoor racing season.    So you do not have to pay for regatta fees until after Christmas.

However, I will request that if you indicate that you need a unisuit then please ensure that you are firmly committed to racing.   I will be asking each of you to provide me with a cheque (or cash) for the unisuits.    The team has been left with a number of unclaimed (and unpaid) unisuits which represents a big hit to our reserve funds.    You can pay me between now and the Christmas break.

I am also arranging with RegattaSport for optional clothing such as tights, long sleeved shirts, rowing jackets, etc.   The details will be posted when I received them.

The team is scheduled to attend 4 indoor regattas (dates to be published next week) and each of the regattas has entry fees.   The fees are in the $10 to $15 dollar range.    There is also an additional cost for the planned indoor tank sessions in March.    Here is a breakdown of costs for the regattas.

Canadian Indoors – $15

Hamilton Indoors – $10

Ontario Indoors – $15

McMaster 2×4 – $10

Total regatta fees are approximately $50.

The rental fees for the tank are approximately $30 per person.   This brings us to $80.

This means $85 for racing fees plus $85 for unisuit .   Total is $170.    For those with unisuits already the cost is $80.   Some of you will ask if you can prorate the racing fees which means that you only want to attend certain regattas.   This is okay but please ensure that the coaches are aware.      I will strongly encourage everyone to plan on racing at the Hamilton Indoors and McMaster 2×4.  These are both held locally and the McMaster 2×4 is an extremely fun but highly intense regatta.



One thought on “2015/2016 Indoor Rowing Fees and Unisuit Order

  1. Hi mike

    Can you send the dates so we can put them in our calendar?



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