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May 1-7 Boatings

Hey guys, great job this past week. Below are the Boatings for the upcoming week. A few things to note: 1. Tuesday and Thursday a portion of you will be training in the afternoon instead of the morning. Please reach out ASAP if this does not work for you. 2. Please ensure that you are only taking out one coach boat per group, you are only responsible for the coach boat of the coach taking you out that specific practice.


Workout: 4x1500m (1000@26/500@28)

Wolter – Hannah, Emerson, Claire, Kate (w/ Meegan)

Trojans – Giselle & Yohanna (w/ Meegan)

OFF – Ben, Connor, Michael, Adam, Mateos, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly, Nate, Lucas, Calvin, Alec

Tuesday AM

Workout: 75′ steady state. Every 5′ 20 strokes rate 26

Wolter – Hannah, Emerson, Claire, Kate (w/ Meegan and Cayley)

Jackson – Ben & Connor (w/ Mike)

Wintech – Michael & Adam (w/ Mike)

Tuesday PM

Workout: 60′ Steady state and tech

4+ (Shell TBD)- Yohanna, Giselle, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly (w/ Meegan)

4+ (Shell TBD)- Mateos, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Nate (w/ Meegan)

Wednesday: Time Trials

Workout: 3x2k (ask your coach whether your crew should be at rate 24 or 26)

All high schools together put out a total of 5 coach boats

Myma – Hannah

Gage – Claire & Emerson

Trojans – Kate & Giselle

Patterson – Mateos, Yohanna, Jola, Jaalanne, Tilly, Nate, Calvin, Lucas, Alec

Wolter – Ben, Connor, Michael, Adam

Thursday AM

Workout: 30’@20/20’@22/10’@24/5’@26 no rest

Myma – Hannah (w/ Meegan)

Gage – Claire & Emerson (w/ Meegan)

Wolter – Ben, Connor, Michael, Ada (w/ Mike)

Thursday PM

Workout: 8×3′ (1’@22/1’@24/1’@26)

4+ (Shell TBD)- Yohanna, Kate, Giselle, Jola, Tilly (w/ Meegan)

4+ (Shell TBD)- Mateos, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Nate (w/ Meegan)


Workout: Starts

Myma – Hannah (w/ Meegan)

Gage – Emerson & Claire (w/ Meegan)

OPP – Yohanna, Giselle, Kate, Jola, Tilly (w/ Mike)

Fazari – Mateos, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Nate (w/ Mike)

Wolter – Ben, Connor, Michael, Adam


Workout: goose chase

Number of coach boats TBD, no specific coaches assigned to crews.

Wolter – Hannah, Claire, Emerson, Kate

Patterson – Yohanna, Alec, Lucas, Calvin, Nate, Tilly, Giselle, Jola, Jaalanne

Wintech – Michael, Adam

TBD – Connor

Thank you guys for reading this long post. If there’s any other info you need, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Finally – I am looking to buy 7 Chili Cookoff tickets. I will purchase 1 for the first 7 people to email me offering to sell me one.

See you all soon!


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Chili Cook Off Update

Hi Westdale Athletes,

We are one week away from the chili cook off. This means we really need to know how many tickets everyone has sold and what everyone is able to help out with on the day of. I know we keep sending forms out but I promise these will be some of the last.

Volunteer sign up sheet with time blocks:

*Everyone must sign up for at least 2 tasks. We especially need people for the raffle booth and clean up crew.


Ticket sales sheet:


Food sign up:


At this time we have 9 chilis, 9 desserts and 5 salads. Thank you to everyone who has already signed up! For those of you that haven’t, we would really appreciate if you could sign up under any of the categories! We are hoping for 12 chilis and desserts and 7-10 salads!

Thanks everyone! And again if you have any questions just reach out to either me or Claire!

-Emma 🙂

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Missing Practice(s)

Hey everyone, I know a few of you have told me you won’t be there tomorrow. Can everyone who will not be at practice tomorrow please email me (meegan@westdalerowing.com). Please also email me for any future practices you will be missing, the farther in advance the better.

All the best, Meegan

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eTransfers for Chili Cookoff

Hopefully everyone has read the blog and listened to the conversation from this morning. One item that I forgot to include in the blog posting was how to get the ticket money back to the fundraising team.

The process is to sell the tickets to your friends and family. Once you have done that you can get the raised funds back to the team in one of two ways:

  • eTransfer $250 to leander.clerk@gmail. Please ensure that you provide your name in the eTransfer. Otherwise, tracking becomes difficult
  • $250 cash to the Leander Junior head coach, or to your Westdale coaches.

Please also sign up for chili, salads, deserts. The more the merrier.

The fundraising team will be posting the sign up sheet hyperlink.

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Chili Cookoff Tickets

Hopefully this blog post clarifies why we are selling tickets for the Chili Cookoff. First a bit of history.

The Chili Cookoff has been an annual event on the Westdale Community rowing calendar since at least 2010 and a believe a bit earlier. We’ve held it annually at the start of the spring rowing season as a means of fundraising. The impact of COVID was that we lost 3 years of this event through 2020, 2021, and 2022. This has had a very adverse effect on our finances.

In each year that we have held the fundraiser the monies raised served two purposes:

  • cover entry fees for regattas in the upcoming racing season
  • any surplus would go into a boat fund that would accumulate over the years. Or in some years new ergs for indoor training.

This formula had been very successful as we were able to cover entry fees without athletes enduring additional costs plus acquire new racing shells. In one year the athletes took on additional fundraising to meet a very ambitious goal that if met would result in their coach dying his hair green. Goal achieved. Hair dyed green.

The impact of this fundraising was entry fees were covered and a number of new boats were aquired which we are still using.

  • Griffiths
  • Ad Astra
  • Waxman
  • Propeller Club 1939
  • Wolter
  • Justice
  • Cherwinski

I will be open, honest, and transparent on the challenge we face with the upcoming racing season. Entry fees in the 2022 spring season approached $3000 for the 24 athletes that took part in the program. We are a smaller number this year but I would expect that we would still be north of $2000.

Last year we missed a chance to do fundraising and this necesitated the coaches approaching all the athletes with a request to cover their entry fees which only covered the first 3 regattas. Only through a generous donation we were able to cover entry fees for our major regatta (CSSRA)

This year we have an opportunity to do the Chili Cookoff and if we sell the 160 tickets that have been distributed to the athletes we will go a long way towards covering entry fees. If we can sell the 200 total tickets that are available then we have covered entry fees and we have a surplus that can go towards the future

As you can see you from this history lesson you are part of a long line of athletes that were engaged in making the Chili Cookoff a success. Their success allowed the crews to race regattas and for the crews that came after them access to quality racing shells.

Please do your best to sell as many tickets as you can.

Your coaches (M, M, E, and K)

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Week of the 17th-22nd

Hi Westdale Athletes,

Here are the boatings for this week:


Sr men’s 4x:

Connor, Ben, Michael, Adam

Boat: Wolter

Sr women’s 4x:

Emerson, Claire, Kate, Hannah

Boat: Jenny


Sr men’s 4x:

Connor, Ben, Michael, Adam

Boat: Wolter

Sr women’s 4x:

Emerson, Claire, Kate, Hannah

Boat: Jenny

Novice 8:

Jola, Jaalanne, Matilda, Nate, Lucas, Alec, Calvin, Giselle or Yohanna

Coxie: Giselle, Yohanna or Mateos (you guys can alternate, we just need 2 of you everyday.)

Boat: Patterson

Coaches for the week:

Mike, Kalen, Emma (I will only be coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays from now on as I will also have practice in the mornings )

Please note:

Each coach is now assigned a specific motor so please make a coach boat with motor assigned to your coach.

The motors for the Westdale coaches are:

Mike- B

Meegan- 10

Kalen- 11

Emma- S


-Emma 🙂