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Cycle 4 started last week during the holidays and continues to January 22.  It is posted below.  A few things to note.  Leander Indoors is Saturday, January 14th.  This is our first competition of the season, and represents the novices first attempt at a 2000 metre race.  For those racing, we will be doing some shorter burst speedwork this week.  Not much, because we still need to keep our eyes on the bigger prize of creating our speed through endurance and distance…but just enough speedwork to get you the feel of racing.  Following Leander Indoors, we will go back to distance work for two weeks before resuming speedwork in advance of CIRC (Canadian Indoor Rowing Championships).  Note also, that Quiet Week begins on Thursday, January 19.  The school will be open and we will be there at 6:30 as usual for training.  There is ample evidence that shows taking study breaks to train and getting exercise actually HELPS you re-focus on your academics.  You won’t be exhausted….in fact, you will likely find that your study habits improve.  So, while training is not mandatory over this stretch, it is HIGHLY recommended.


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