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Still waiting on the following entries for the Leander Indoors. Please take care of this as soon as possible. The category you should enter is below.

Charlotte (Event 32)
Ethan (Event 31)
Maddy B (Event 33)
Matt (Event 35)
Nate (needs to weigh in on Monday to determine which racing category)
Baoza (Event 26)
Jerron (Event 27)
Sawyer (Event 26)
Caleb (Event 26)
Maddy D (Event 28)
Rochon (Event 27)
Arjun (Event 26)
Ivor (Event 26)
Seta (Event 28)
Grace (Event 29)
Daniella (Event 28)
Quin (Event 26)
Vaishala (Event 34)
Manvendra (Event 26)
Kai (needs to weigh in Monday to determine what category)
Gillian (Event 32)
Fiora (Event 33)
Celina (Event 32)
Maddy T (Event 32)

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