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Below are the boatings for Wednesday. The Bennett lightweight four will row on Thursday morning for sure–and hopefully once more this week.
Note: I’ll be staying on land Wednesday morning to take care of some lingering jobs, notably MacGyvering a cox box solution for the Griffith, finishing the job on the Fazari fin, checking the rigging on the Patterson, and if I have any time left-measuring oars. PLEASE GET THE PATTERSON DOWN ON STRETCHERS BEFORE THE ROW AND PUT IT AT THE WEST END OF THE PARKING LOT FACING NORTH/SOUTH SO IT’S OUT OF THE WAY. We will need to put it back at the end of the morning as well. I will leave the men’s 8+ to do this for me with Maura in charge!

For the rest of the week, we will continue putting out as many Bennett crews as we can. Saturday morning, because of the spectacular forecast, we will have a full practice as usual, starting at 7am. Following the row, we will de-rig and load the boats for the regatta. We hope to be finished this by noon.
Sunday is our first regatta of the season!!!!!! (FINALLY!!!) I will publish the draw here, but we will all need to be there a couple of hours before the first race so we can get the boats rigged and ready. Sunday is supposed to be sunny, warm and calm! Bring sunscreen and lots of water to stay hydrated. It will be a LONG day—we’re planning on unloading and rigging boats back at the club following the regatta on Sunday night. There will be no rowing practice on Monday morning.

WOMEN VARSITY 8+ (GRIFFITH)**with Griffiths oars. Maddy B to guest cox (MADISON & GRACE)
WOMEN VARSITY 2X (Maura) (Cherwinski) (PETE & ROCHAN)
WOMEN VARSITY 2X (Gillian) (Propeller) (PETE & ROCHAN)
MEN JV 4+ (Miller) (MADISON & GRACE)

2-Liv (to coach Baoze on how to bow)

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