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Docks in Day Start of Outdoors

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Leander is putting the docks out on Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. Everyone should plan on being down at 8:00 AM as the Leander junior coaches are looking to have an overview meeting.

LOCATION: Leander Boat Club is at:

50 Leander Drive

What does “Docks In” mean and what does it entail.

Docks In is when the rowing club physically takes the docks from the dry land storage and puts them back in the water. It signifies that the start of our outdoor season and the ability for us to train on the water.

As part of Docks In all of the boats that are used for training are brought out of storage and the riggers bolted back on and the seats put back in the shell.

All of you will be part of the boat rigging effort. This is one of the first tasks that you will take on in your rowing development. If you row for any period of time you will find that you will be rigging a boat. Before regattas, at regattas, after regattas. Repeat for every regatta.

You will also be learning how to carry a boat, lift a boat, put it on stretchers, lift it off stretchers, and put it back in the boat house. This is something that you will do every day you are practicing. Proper boat handling is a mark of accomplishment.

I’m asking all of the experienced athletes to ensure that you divide yourselves across all of the boats so that the novices see how this is done. Show them the mysteries of the 7/16 wrench. The 7/16 wrench in the Rowers Guide to the Galaxy is the equivalent of the towel in the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. You need to know where your wrench is at all times.

We’ll talk more on Friday.

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