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A hearty CONGRATULATIONS to Westdale Rowing on a VERY successful Chili Cookoff! We can take pride in the fact that our efforts for Wednesday’s event generated over $4100 for Westdale. This is a gargantuan effort by all, and congratulations!
While it is a fundraiser to which everybody contributes, I would like to shine the spotlight on three people in particular. I have to admit that next year, I will really miss Matt Collins on the mic. Sometimes at events when the host takes the mic, people roll their eyes (at least that’s what I see whenever I grab a mic to speak. Haha!!!!!!!!!). But when Matt takes the mic, it was something to look forward to—the man has a special talent for making people laugh—and his initials “MC” fit perfectly!
And where would we be without the efforts of Brock & Dina Gadsdon? Not only the Chili Cookoff, but BBQs at regattas, organizing tents at CSSRA, organizing food for regattas…the list goes on. Matt asked the parents the other day, to walk up to the coaches and thank us….but I would also ask that, as Brock & Dina’s time draws to a close at Westdale with Lauren’s impending graduation, that the parents walk up to both of them at our upcoming regattas and thank them as well. Many thanks for taking on these gargantuan tasks!!

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