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We will be on the ergs Tuesday and doing a land session on Wednesday.  Tuesday will be either a 30 minute session or 45 minutes, depending on whether you are experienced or novice, with a few 300s thrown in if your group isn’t on the erg.  Wednesday, we will do House of Victory in the hallways!  Thursday and Friday are TBA, but note that I will not be there on either day, as I’m working in Toronto those two days.

I know you aren’t huge fans of the erg.  It is the “Buckley’s Mixture” of rowing—it tastes terrible, but it works!  Just ask anybody who set PBs this past weekend and this morning.  Their improvements….in some cases SIGNIFICANT improvements can be traced to their work done on the ergs.  We are getting better, folks…so it’s time to jump on the PB Express and ride it into the outdoor season!!!!

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