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One of the best regatta experiences is upon us this coming weekend! Dina has given me the link to the food sign-up for Welland. Here is is:


There is also an information packet, with the link here. PLEASE get your parents to read it!

South Niagara Rowing Club 2017

Welland crews are now available on RegattaCentral.com. I will post them here as well. Most seniors are racing in four events, some juniors are racing in three and others in two. The idea is to race lots, race hard and put yourselves and your boats into the best possible position for final selection that you can!

I was gutted that I couldn’t be there with you yesterday to see what was, for many of you, your first ever regatta! There were some highs, some lows, and some hits. Special mention goes out to one crew, and one person in particular. One of the Jr 4+s experienced “the worst thing at the worst time in the worst place”…a big boat stopping, sideways turning crab right beside a pylon. Kate Boucher took an oar to the head at race pace and with full courage, actually managed to finish the race despite undoubtedly seeing an entire constellation of stars. It’s very difficult to recover from this, but the wholly novice crew recovered and finished the race. Proud of you guys for that—it’s not the way we envisioned you starting your racing careers….but next week most assuredly will be better!

As for the results, I’ve ALWAYS said that I want the coaches to be REALLY busy late in the day on a Sunday at a regatta, because that proves to me that we’re doing the right things in our training and that we’re putting ourselves in position to race strongly and be counted amongst the best. That’s why making finals has always and will always be my gauge on the success of a regatta.
The raw numbers are: 17 entries, 9 finalists, 4 medals. The four medallists were:
SILVER: Lauren, SW1x
BRONZE: Kat, Sadie, Lauren, Victoria, SW4X
BRONZE: (Cox) Shayda, (S) Becca, (3) Maddy, (2) Sequoia, (B) Serena

I think by any judgement, this was a strong team showing for Westdale Rowing. I don’t believe we have reached our full potential yet…and there is some time to turn those bronze medals into brighter colours, those finalist placings into medals, and those non-qualifiers into qualifiers. Be happy with a job well done yesterday, with an eye towards creating more speed and getting faster!

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