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As you all know by now, we are in the midst of a coxie shortage. It’s not yet a crisis, but until we have a solution, it’s heading that way.

Maddie T is on the shelf until at least mid-May, with a possibility that she may not be able to race this season. Obviously, we’re hoping for the best case scenario and that she returns healthy and in full voice for the remaining two weeks! However we need to investigate ALL options for ALL possibilities.

1. The regattas up to and including Cities are OK. There is no cap on the number of entries an athlete can race or a coxie can cox. So expect that what we’re doing at Bennett will continue through Cities….that if you are free for a period during the day, you may be called upon to coxie as well as race.

2. Where this gets tricky, is for CSSRA. Everybody–coxies and rowers—are allowed only two races. Our preliminary estimate on the number of coxed races we will have…..is seven. If Maddie is able to come back for the final two weeks, she will take two races and we will have a roster of rowers who will race once and coxie once. We will be speaking with those rowers in the next few days.

If Maddie is not able to come back, then we’ll need to explore different options, one of which might be for you to try to recruit one of your friends for the remaining month? We have a small window where it’s not too late in the season to train somebody.

This is a rather unusual season. At one point, believe it or not, I thought we might have TOO MANY coxies! But the tide changes, and we roll with it. And I think addressing it now, instead of three days before CSSRA, will hopefully create a solution.

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